Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rand Paul Making A Deal WIth the Devil Will Bear No Fruit.

The freedom movement is now up to us. What Rand Paul declared on Sean Hannidy’s show was a knife in the back not to his father, but to the millions of supporters who put their blood, sweat, and tears into the cause of freedom. What was Rand Paul thinking throwing his support behind Romney? What did he gain in the advance of liberty? In hindsight, it will bare no fruit preserving this great republic. Every time a person compromises thinking they will get what they want in a deal made always will get the shaft.

What was Rand's motivation backing Romney? I do not think it was for malicious intent. I think it was a very bad judgment he made that will come back to bite him right now and down the road. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The junior Kentucky Senator extending an olive branch trying to please the pro Israel lobby, voting for wars and backing Mitt Romney will come back to haunt him. Has he learned that making a compromise only prolongs the establishment's reign. They will still hate Rand and his father after it was all said and done. Sen. Henry Clay who was proclaimed as the Great Compromiser actually prolonged slavery in the southern states. Compromising does not do any good. The great heroes in American history never compromised.

The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence never compromised prolonging the kings reign on the colonies

Close to 200 men died at the Alamo did not compromise with the Mexican Army when they had the chance to vacate the old Spanish mission.

President Andrew Jackson did not compromise with the Second Bank of the United States even with numerous attempts to take his life. He did not concede to the bankers, he shut them down.

There is no such thing thinking making a deal with the devil without a consequence. For Rand to think the establishment will concede certain things for his support for Mitt Romney is really a bad move. The neo cons will not like him any better for what he did. This was an attempt to derail the freedom movement and slow down the momentum. Rand was bluffed by the party hacks over an illusion. Why back a man who is winning by voter fraud who stole the victory away from his father? The will of the people is not behind the GOP's choice, so why tow the party line. He will get a rude awakening when he compromised. He prolonged the abuses and injuries on the American people. He will not make any friends on either side. The neo cons will not like him any better. He really screwed up.

Making a deal with the devil is no deal at all because Satan never keeps his end of the bargain. Rand compromising, the hacks will have him kicked the curd by the Republican Party after he has been used for their purposes and no longer needed. He will not be welcomed back by those who supported him because this endorsement has alienated his support base backing a candidate who stands for everything that is destroying us.

People are fed up with leaders compromising and caving into the establishment when it was not necessary. People will not forget what Rand did. I will not forget it either.

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  1. Yep, he just lost the folks who voted for him and he became a one term senator. The GOP will not back him for re-election. His tea party base will make a lesson of him and find someone else to vote for. The knife in his back is of one of his own hand. If you can't be a good example you will be a horrible reminder. The only question is how his betrayal will fall on our country.