Thursday, June 14, 2012

All Political Power comes from the Barrel of a Gun

I have to thank God for the Founders for recognizing the right to keep and bear arms. It was put there for a very good reason. The right for a person to defend himself and his family is his right to life and the rights of his family to exist as a free people. Criminals have always conspired and plotted to take from those who worked hard for themselves without making the honest effort. The author of the Bill of Rights recognized the right to own guns is a natural right and not a government granted privilege. Tyrants and freemen know guns in the hands of the people is the equalizer and preserving a balance of power protecting the people from the government's abuse of power.

Criminals and control freaks always gravitate towards government positions. In Soviet Russia, NAZI Germany and other tyrannical regimes emptied out the prisons and put criminals in charge of the Police and shock troops. In this process, while the criminal class takes over government. They turn on the propaganda machines to demonize gun ownership in the name of gang violence and for the children's safety. They will use every means to con us into turning in our firearms for some bogus reason. Today, the public is no longer suckered by the gun control mantra no matter what sob story the put out in the mainstream media machine.

With the creation of the Internet, having access to history not taught to us in the Classroom of the Public Fool system. We have learned what happens when the governments disarm the people. We have seen Stalin's red terror and Cambodia’s killing fields. We have witnessed what happens with gun control in New York City Washington DC and Chicago when no one has the right to own guns. Government corruption and crime is worse in these places because when guns are outlawed from the law-abiding citizen. Only the outlaws have the guns who do not obey the law. Places where gun ownership is encouraged, crime is low and corruption in government is not as bad.

This week was good for the right to self-defense. First in the State of Indiana that had a major victory keeping state power in check. When the State Supreme court ruled which resulted in a pubic backlash. The court ruled the police can unlawfully enter a person's home with no probable cause with a search warrant and the owner has no right to defend himself or herself against illegal entry by Law enforcement. The Indiana state legislature passed a bill and the Governor signed it into law declaring the people have a right to defend themselves when the police act outside the law.

The second thing that makes it a good week for the right to self-defense was a man came to the aid of his daughter. The father heard the cries of his daughter being molested by an illegal alien. The father did not use a gun, but killed the predator with his own hands. The people in the town say the father has done right. The Sheriff will not even press charges. I just wish this father was at the airport were to TSA molest passengers with impunity. We could have used him to strangle one of these perverts in the TSA. He would definitely become an American hero over night. The moral right to defend ones family using lethal force with a gun or bare hands is respected.

Mao Tsa Tung was right about one thing" All Political power comes out of the barrel of the gun". This Chinese dictator who murdered millions did have a monopoly on deadly force to show his political power while the people were left defenseless. In American this truth still hold true not the way the tyrants want it. This means the people and not the government still hold the power over total government control. The right to keep and bear arms is a balance of power between the people and the government.

The power of the people using force might be necessary to put government in check when we see the White House through the regulatory process bypassing congress to shut down small family farms, raiding roadside fruit and vegetable stands, fine farmers thousands of dollars for hay dust, raiding raw milk dealers and organic food stores, roadside TSA checkpoints groping motorist doing illegal searches on the side of the road, Agenda 21 shutting down all forms of production nesseary to sustain a community with the baisc needs and nesesities, drones eavesdropping on people’s yards and farms without warrants, when the Obama starts to implement the National Defense Resource Preparedness to seize private property and when the President sends out the Military to starts arresting activist and patriots without charge, with no right to the writ of Habeas Corpus to challenge being detained or a trial for an undermined period.

The American people in the past demonstrated that power in the past. The first was the battle of Lexington and Concord and the war of Independence. The Shays rebellion and the Whiskey rebellion when the government tried to tax the people to pay for war reparations to the British for a conflict we won. The Battle of Athens Tennessee  in 1946 was about taking back the elections from the political class trying to commit voter fraud when their power was in jeopardy. Those examples in our young history says political power when push comes to shove will come from the barrel of the gun when the people take up arms to correct an injustice by a hostile take over or the show of force

When push comes to shove, the American people will say enough of this tyranny. Political power will come from a barrel of a gun and the US government will find out the people know they outgun them I guess about 200 to 1. This is why the right to keep and bear arms is necessary to the security for a free state.  When tyranny tries to rear its ugly head to oppress the people. The consent of the governed will come for the barrel of a gun if the government does not back off.

Citizen militias are forming in massive numbers nationwide that is outside the government's control. Firearms and ammunition sales are at a record number as never seen before. In the surveys, why people are purchasing guns is distrust of the government.

We will see the guns in the hands of the people represent a balance of power serving as a great equalizer between tyranny and being free. The founders who write the second amendment knew that when the second amendment will be necessary is when they try to come for the guns by force. I believe there are a large number of people ready when it happens to defend themselves and their families. Political power does come from the barrel of a gun. The people are ready to show that political power with force soon if there in no intervention by peaceful means.

The people will send message one way of the other by possessing arms, the people will have the political power. The government may again fear the people when they are staring down the barrel of a gun. The political power the authoritarians do not want us to have. This is why the right to keep and bear arms is necessary for the security of a free state because political power the people have does come from a barrel of a gun regardless if they fire a shot or not.


  1. All branches of our government were designed with checks and balances between them, the second amendment is the people's check and balance with the government.

  2. Want to know exactly when most Americans wake up? (Note: some, of course, will not) When the FedGov makes firearms ownership illegal, and begins confiscation. THAT is when the courage we hope most Americans still have will show itself. THAT moment will show who the patriots are and who the cowards are.

  3. Guns should be as easy to buy as a candy bar from your local convenience store.

    (No, I'm not being sarcastic with that statement.)

    Every thug from governmental, all the way down to your local gang banger has felt a sense of "power" once they've gotten their hands on a gun mainly because they know that most people don't have one themselves. The illusion of "most people being unarmed" would be instantly squashed if firearms were so readily available and easy to buy that you could get them from your local convenience stores or super markets - age restrictions not withstanding. Just like anything, when the market is flooded with something the value of that something plummets not just economically but psychologically as well (weep for your poor local gang banging thug, he just got his pseudo-nuts cut off), which would drive down the price of the product, thus buying a brand name 9mm pistol for $59.99 would be possible. There are two obstacles in the way that keep something like this from happening...

    1) The most obvious is that the establishment and its governmental attack dogs would never allow something like this to happen for there power hinges on a subservient and defenseless population.

    2) Some gun manufacture out there would need to take the initiative and start mass producing cheap low cost firearms to flood the market with. Their quality doesn't have to be all that great either, just good enough that a few rounds can be fired without jamming.

    Yes, this would reduce the value of firearms all across the board but that is entirely the point. 'Cost' is also one of the methods in which the establishment rules over the population. They love to drive up the cost of something so that that something will not be readily available to the masses (this might be what is occurring with the 450 million rounds of ammunition being purchased by the government). So how do you counter this tactic? You simply produce so much of something that the dirty tricks of the government could not possibly keep the price of that something from falling - much less drive it up.

    In the end you can only serve ONE master. If you're interests are entirely about making money then you can and most likely will unfortunately be used by the power elites to help keep humanity enslaved - it's just that simple. But if you're about restoring the republic and helping humanity achieve true liberty and unprecedented freedom, you will see the methods used to keep humanity enslaved and you will make the necessary moves to counter those methods, even if that means the value of the products you produce as a whole will take a big hit, because in the end you will gain and help others to gain something that has value far greater than anything humanity can possibly conceive.

  4. In Soviet Russia, NAZI Germany and other tyrannical regimes emptied out the prisons and put criminals in charge of the Police and shock troops.

    That's not true. That's just plain, factually not true.

    See Realman, this is the "real" problem I have with you. It isn't the 4th grade English skills, the lack of reasoning and logic, or a thousand other of your silly beliefs.

    The problem I have with you is that you are exactly the kind of person they are trying to create.

    You sir, are the mass man that Engles dreamed of creating. A man that is- above all else- malleable by the government. Moldable. What the government says, you believe. Not just believe, deeply believe.

    You actually think that the Nazis released prisoners to run their police, don't you? You actually believe that Hitler banned guns. You really believe- deep in your soul- what you were taught, don't you?

    What you believe isn't true. Hitler didn't ban guns. That is just plain historical fact. But you think he did. Correction. You believe he did. With no actual knowledge to back it up, no ability to do your own research and no desire to do so anyway; you are simply an empty vessel. Ready to be filled with whatever the government wants to pour into you.

    It's an old technique. That guy is evil, and he does X, so X must be evil. You don't want to be evil, do you? Then don't do X.

    Propaganda. Control. Control of the masses. That's why the government does it. And you, Realman, you fall for it. But have you ever considered why?

    Have you ever considered who is asking you to believe these untruths about National Socialist Germany? What is it about that country that this current government doesn't want you to know?