Monday, June 18, 2012

Rand Paul or Not, The Revolution is ours to WIn

After watching Ron Paul latest video, the overall message I got was it is ours to win if we want it bad enough. We have to value personal liberty, to have a free country for our children and our grandchildren. It is ours to win. The establishment has been use to winning with no effort and never having to put up a fight. What it shows me they do not know how to go by the rules when they are applied. It will be a very interesting convention this August in Florida.

Why do I believe the delegates must prevail is because the polls have shown with the independents. Ron Paul is the only person who can beat Obama. Mitt Romney cannot beat Obama no matter how much they try to skew the polls. I do not think 70 percent of the people in Texas and 60 percent in Ron Paul's 14th District really voted for Romney. I have not seen one Romney Poster or bumper sticker in the Lone Star State. Romney is just an illusion wagged in our faces. To see conservative Republican voters getting excited voting for Mitt Romney is like a person with a bad case of hemorrhoids going to see the proctologist to get an anal exam with a rubber glove.

I do not think it is political suicide for the delegates to take over the convention and nominate Ron Paul as the Republican nominee. There is plenty of evidence of voter fraud at the state party level all the way to the RNC to prove Ron Paul has been cheated. Mitt Romney being seen at the Bilderburger Meeting proved the fix was in to push for Romney. Sen. Rand Paul endorsing Romney was a bonehead move on his part that caused a rift in the movement. This action by Rand may have kicked the movement in the gut knocking the wind out of many people, but did not stop it. There is so much to lose if we stop now after all many people have done to advance the cause of liberty.

All we have to today to work towards making an impact at the convention in August in Tampa. The over all message from the Texas congressmen is that we hold the fate of the republic in our hands. If we want him the White House, it is up to us to make it happen. There have been many interesting things that have transpired with the delegates taking the RNC to court. The delegates want to select a candidate based on their own conscience who is best to beat Obama and lead the nation out of this economic crisis and tyranny. They do not want to be bound to vote for Mitt Romney who is just as the same as Obama.

We have the moral high ground and we have no choice but to move forward. We have no place to retreat and maybe no mid term election in 2014 beyond November 2012. While we can still travel freely, while we can still speak out and do activism. We have to make the best of what we have. We have no choice but to win. Failure is not an option anymore to chose, the luxury is gone. It is either we are free or we will be slaves. Ron Paul or the republic is gone. We have no choice; it is ours to win if we want it bad enough.

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