Friday, June 1, 2012

Seven Reasons Why Russian Soldiers Now Inside the US Should Stand Down and Go Home.

It is an honor to wear the uniform of the country born in to preserve the cultural integrity and dignity of the people. A soldier must answer to his conscience on what is right and what is wrong. He must realize that what he does right or wrong carrying out orders from his command will come back on them many fold. Everyone has the free will to do good or evil. Every soldier has the responsibility to verify what information is given to them is correct or lies.

If Russian soldiers are here to murder Americans and go after the guns wearing US uniforms and using weapons issued to the American military. They have to determine whom are they doing the bidding of.  What is the end game and what do they get out of it. The consequences are going to be deadly if they carry out immoral orders to murder innocent people because they are told to do so. In the eyes of our Creator, murder is murder, there is no such thing as "I was just following orders". What about the very people asking them to carry immoral orders out and who they really are in charge? How do they really think of them? I will answer them.

Here are seven reasons why Russian Soldiers should disobey the orders to go after the American people's guns and murder Americans. Why they should not be cannon fodder for the bankers and tyrants.

1. Their duty is to Russia first preserving the culture and the people. To preserve Russia's national sovereignty for generations to come. Coming to America to take them down does not benefit Russia at all. It is the Russian soldier's moral obligation to defend Russia and to protect the people from foreign armies from invasion. Not to serve under any other flag or colors for immoral reasons.

2. The American people are well armed that exceed 100 times the size of the Russian, and Chinese armies combined. There will be a gun behind every blade of grass. Chances are they will not make out alive. American people will become brutal savages and hunt them down once they find out they are Russian and they murdered mothers and children too. The Russian soldier who attacks the American people regardless if they are women, men or children attacks his own family also will not be allowed to go unscathed.

Gun sales are up here in record numbers that outnumber the ranks in the Russian Army many times over

Remember what happened in Afghanistan, the Soviet Army could not conquer an armed Afghan people.

3. The remaining soldiers who will survive, chances are will not make it home alive. They might be killed in a helicopter crash or a plane crash. The soldiers will know too much and the system cannot afford them being alive to talk about what really happened. Remember what happened to Seal Team Six. Russian airborne troops should be reminded of what their first real duty is to and what their real moral obligations are… They are expendable to the globalist.

If they survive that, the soldier might face a Nuremberg style trial "I was just following orders" will not be a strong defense against any war crime charges.

If they get lucky not delivered to a court to face war crimes allegations in a tribunal. They might not return to Russia with honor, the faces of all they murdered will haunt them to their dying day. That is not the way to live out the rest of their days with blood on their hands haunting their conscience.

4.  The people who want these Russian soldiers to murder Americans are the same people who were behind the Red Terror after the Bolshevik takeover. The very people asking these Russian soldiers to murder the American people financed Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky to killed tens of millions of their own people by firing squads and famines.

5. The very people who are agents of the Rothschild and Rockefeller interest, President Putin threw them out of Russia are the ones dispatching these Russian solders under the UN/NORTHCOM command to carry out an Eugenics policy who wants to wipe out 90 plus percent of the world's population. That means even the Russian people they want to kill also.

After 70 years under communist rule the Russian government is now paying people to have children because the eugenics policies by the oligarchs. Now they want Russian soldiers to oppress the American people who financed the murder of their own people during the Red Terror and the Stalin's purges .

6. It is a divide and conquer game to get Americans to hate Russia and Russians to hate Americans. The Bankers and globalist want Russia and America at war with each other while they sit back and see us try to kill each other. Russia and America where once strong allies before 1913 way before the Federal Reserve Bank came into existence funding both sides of the conflict.

7. If the globalist succeed in murdering tens of millions of Americans taking this once good republic down. Russia is next in the sites of the very oligarchs who sit on Wall Street and the City of London. The very terror they plan to use on the American population will come back to Russia 10 fold. It could be the Russian soldier’s family that will fall prey to the Eugenics plan. It could be their wife, mother, sister, daughter, mother, brother, father or son. Think of the long term consequences following immoral orders on any people might bring back on them and their own people.

It is my prayer and hope that Russian soldiers will think for themselves individually and collectively of what they are being told. It is my objective to encourage them to do what is right and what is moral. I want them to know the truth before they are given the orders to oppress the people to decide beforehand to do well or do evil.

There is no honor in following immoral orders, which is the moment they cease being a soldier and now is a war criminal if they murder unarmed innocent people. This is not good for them or for the glory of Russia. American soldiers who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who carried out immoral and illegal orders are messed up in the head because the faces of the innocent people they were ordered to kill haunts their memory. Why, because they did something that had no honor by killing innocent people wherever they are in the world.

Russia is a great country because the people are good. Be a good Russian and stand for what is good for Mother Russia even it means saying “no” commands that are wrong. A good solder is not remembered for following orders without question. A good soldier is a man who questions authority when morality is in question when it goes against his conscience.  He carries out his duty by his conscience even when he stands alone. The man who stands by what is good and honorable demonstrating the true character of the nation they represent. A good soldier knows there is a higher duty then pleasing the people above him. History will remember him as what makes Russia great because they did well by his own people and in the eyes of our Creator who reigns supreme over us all.

This is a notice, to every soldier who wears the uniform serving under any flag in the world. There is a higher duty we are accountable to that is above politics and borders. Our duty is always to our Lord first before all else. Do not forget that. We all have the choice to do good or evil. Just following orders will not be an excuse. Remember the glory of Russia resides in her people. Bring no dishonor to her people or her flag nor taint her national character. There is no victory or honor in oppression. It does not benefit Russia, this only helps the bankers who carried out the Red Terror decades before in their own homeland. Do not dishonor Russia like American Soldiers dishonored my flag and my nation for what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are no winners doing the will of the bankers hiding in the shadows. I hope the Russian soldiers here keep that in mind. If they love Russia, they will do what is good in the eyes of God.


  1. Please give us a single verifiable or reliable source about Russian troops in AMerica and I will stop laughing at you

  2. Knowing that anyone can understand how the money dealers can make people in uniform desparate enough to kill strangers after seven days of not eating should cause one to stop and note your above true observation. Make that 8 reasons.

    For a DOD reference for Russian troops doing exercises in the U.S., don't be a slug. Google or yahoo! search "Russian troops in the U.S." and don't be a pest.

    1. Well, I decided to look it up. Here's what I found.

      This was originally a Huffington Post piece. It was a reprint of an AP story about Russian troops training at Ft. Carson.

      Twenty two of them.

      That's right Realman. You got this worked up over 22 Russian soldiers, that are here for two weeks of training.

      That two weeks is up, by the way. They left June 1.

      Of course, Realman wouldn't know this. Probably because his "research" consists of receiving an email about the latest conspiracy before he even types the subject line into google. Because if he did that, he would have seen the original AP article, or the HuffPo article.

      He would have seen the silly assertion that "100,000 Russian Troops Scheduled To Arrive In America Within The Next 7 Months!!!" and been able to refute it.

      Had he done his research, he never would have written this ridiculous article.

      So thank you, apeman. It was your insistence that I look into this, and it was quite enlightening.

  3. Sir, please keep your personal religious beliefs out of these discussions. And, above all, you need to recognize that mankind has "natural rights" by the very fact of being born. No god nor Bible has ever given us a Bill of Rights...literate, intellectual men enunciated those rights which the Constitution merely recognized. Delusions of stating what is 'right' in the "eyes of God" is nonsense.

  4. What ?.... What honor can it be to belong to an army that is constantly invading other countries that have not done anything at all to deserve it ?. You are totally blind to the facts. Being a member of the US Army can never be an honor of any type. Wake up !. You are speaking sheer nonsense.

  5. A excellent enthusiast knows there is a greater work then attractive the individuals above him. Record will keep in mind him as what creates Italy excellent because they did well by his own individuals and in the sight of our Designer who rules better over us all.

  6. The eugenecist, fascist, and globalist are coming! Get 3 bullets ready!

    Russians have been training here for quite some time. How are they any worse than Mexican or Indonesian troops?

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  8. educate yourselfs. Russian troops are here to help remove the dark cabal from power...that's the owners of the fed reserve amongst others.