Friday, June 1, 2012

To the People Attending Bilderburger Meetings,Our Rights and Constitution are not Negotiable.

There is a reason why the soldiers in the Continental army had the battle cry" No king but King Jesus!" The reason why is because the people saw our Creator, through the teachings of the bible taught that God is the source of our rights, not the discretion of man. They have seen King George III as illegitimate to govern them when he ignored the Magna Carta. The Declaration of independence is deeply rooted in the Magna Carta. It was not act treason to sign such a document. The King was the traitor and the founders knew it. They seen freedom is not negotiable, they tried all peaceful means possible. There pleas were where responded with repeated injuries. The final solution was secession from England because liberty was nothing to compromise anymore. Liberty or death, they rather die then be slave to the King and the Bank of England.

What we were dealing with back in the day of the war of Independence and what we are dealing with today is the same people. The same bloodline from the very decedents that waged wars on us back in 1776.These very people think the average person is stupid and unable to think for themselves. They think they know better then us. They are narcissist, who thinks they are Gods on this earth who know better then us what to do.

Nothing has changed today then as it was in 1776. The King and the Bank of England thought they knew better then the people on what was best for us. Once we threw off the shackles of the King and the Bank of England being free from British rule. When freedom unleashed the individual, this nation prospered. We produced more wealth and prosperity then any nation in history. Government did not make this happen; it was personal freedom and economic liberty that made this nation great.

When a person is free from heavy taxation and burdensome regulation that restrict productivity, great things happen, the sky is the limit on what a person can do when they are given the freedom from government interference in every facet in their lives. This is a threat to the bankers and the ruling oligarchs. A free nation is much better then being under the rulers of control freaks. When the individual proved he could make choices better then a bureaucrat can. It is a threat to the control freaks.

Now these ruling elites and their puppet politicians are meeting in Chantilly Virginia. Regardless of who is there meeting in secret scheming to bring this nation down and how to take away our liberties. Our freedoms are not up for negotiation. The American people will be the final check on power in government. It will get ugly because many of these people in government and ruling elite have been insulated from real life in America. This will be their demise.

As these oligarchs scheme and plot trying to implement gun control, agenda 21 and carbon taxes. Still our rights are non-negotiable. Our source of our rights comes from our Creator. Our rights to eat healthy food, to grow our own crops, the right to be left alone, to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience are not subject to another man to decide. Not to be harassed by government agents working for the Bankers to eat out our substance and deprive the people the fruits of their labors. This is the year of no compromise. We are not retreating from evil just to let tyranny overrun us.

No man who is wealthy with his ill-gotten riches by fraud and deceit cannot conquer the human spirit in the end. The will to survive to see their decedents live on in a free society is a much powerful force then bullets and bombs. We must be the no compromise people who will not surrender our rights for some food and security. There is no sense being reasonable with these people coming to an agreement. Our God given rights, our Constitution are non negotiable.

They are exposed now more then ever thanks to the Alternative media and citizen journalist. People know what these people are about, criminals and tyrants. This is why we must defeat them and bring them down as the people of Iceland did. The people of Iceland did not reason with the Bankers and Politicians because liberty is non-negotiable. We have to moral high ground now, we do not need to compromise anymore because freedom is everything.

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