Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bearing Arms is More then Just a Human Right,Gun Ownership Is A God Given Right and Duty to Preserve a Free State.

The Chinese General calling private gun ownership is a human rights violation. How is it a human rights violation for people to have the right to self-defense? To protect themselves from criminals and tyrants trying steal kill and destroy innocence. Despots and tyrants do not have a right to commit crimes against humanity. Therefore, the American person protecting themselves from tyrants like the Chinese is a human rights violation in this Chinese General's mind. The reality is tyrants are just criminals using the force of government to victimize the people. Talking about human rights violations of the Chinese, they are no angels either. Mao Tsa Tung murdered millions of people who did not resist them. The Communist in China disarmed the people before they brought terror on the people.

A least with my right to keep and bear arms is preserving my God given liberties or as they say my human rights:

I still have the right to worship God to the dictates of my conscience. I do not have soldiers and secret police raiding peaceful with my creator.

I still have my right to life, the right to be left alone and my right to speak freely.

I want to keep and secure a Free State. Private gun ownership is keeping a red terror just like what happened in Russia right after the Bolshevik take over of the Russian government. Before the Checkist or Checka was able to inflict mass murder on the population with little resistance. They had to disarm the people first so they had no means of defense against a hot tyranny hell bent on murder.

So what is a human rights violation, people's right to self-defense from a criminal government or licking the boots of the thug soldiers being at their mercy?  As long, I retain my right to keep and bear arms, tyrants will not hold the keys of life and death over us. Being deprived life and the basic human dignity is the most egregious violation of Human rights.

Forced abortions and a one-child policy have not come to America yet which is a human rights violation denying the right couple to procreate. I wonder how gun in the hand of the common person a human rights violation.

I am not saying American is perfect, we are guilty of Human rights violations with torture and denying the right of due process under the NDAA. What is keeping the government going completely hot with a terror or any foreign force from invading us by keeping arms in the hands of the people? It is our right to keep and bear arms that is the power restraining the tyrants murdering us.

That Chinese General is a coward who cannot stand the idea standing against a freeman armed resisting his advance. There is a reason why the remake of the Movie of Red Dawn was kept from being shown in Theaters. Because it would revive the reason for why we have the right to keep and bear arms. Even Admiral Yamamoto said" If we invade the United States, there would be a gun behind every bladed of grass"

The logic behind that statement says the common people owning firearms is a human rights violation is the sign of desperation trying to demonize the second Amendment. Human rights violations are committed because people are being denied the right to self-defense by despotic governments, not by people bearing arms protecting themselves.

I say more guns in the hands of the people; we will have more liberty and less crime. Do you agree?


  1. The problem with naming human rights as "god given rights" is that not everyone believes in your god.

    In China, where your god is as foreign a concept as anti-gravity, rights assigned by an invisible god can be revoked when that god is revoked.

    By individual rights- human rights- cannot be taken away. They rely on no fictional daddy in the sky to grant them.

    You call yourself a free man? You've simply exchanged one fascist for another, one tyrant for another. For you, you reject the government, but you chain yourself willingly to a different higher power.

    Most people can't live without an authority figure in their lives, whether it be a government or a god. Those that can live without them, are called "grown-ups".

    1. Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?
      First, because a person doesn't "believe" in something doesn't mean that something does not exists. Your logic bewrays your ignorance or intelligence (lack thereof). Human rights are those that for sure can be and are taken away daily, every minute. Stating they cannot be taken away, because they are "human" rights granted by "humans" is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard. (read in this case)
      Miserable people like you hold on to a false sense of superiority and intellect, living in a world of delusion. In reality you're probably the best argument for evolution.

    2. Stop being silly, and equivocating!

      Every culture, worldwide, ACKNOWLEDGES a SUPREME Spirit or Being of some kind! This is true from the American Indians to Africa to India. It doesn't have to be of the 3 major religions.

      Of course, officially, in China they're not supposed to believe in such, inwardly, in secret, they still do.

  2. As Mao Tse Tung said, "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun." The people with political power don't want to share it.

    Self defense is the most basic right of all living things. If you let it be taken away from you then you can expect to and deserve to die.