Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Putin's Challange to Preserve Russia From Banker Intrusion

The people of Russia voted overwhelmingly to place Vladimir Putin back into the President office for six more years. This is something the western European Banking oligarchs do not want. While the west says, the KGB is back in the Kremlin. What the media does not tell us and knowing from first hand account from many people in Russia told me was" Putin brought stability to Russia, prior to Putin becoming President. We lived in fear what kind of government we would wake up to because the many factions fighting inside Russia because the economic uncertainty under the Yeltsin years.

When President Putin was sworn into office for a third term. He started the unpopular task that the western press decried as human rights violations. In actuality, it is not, Putin started arresting the Oligarchs and Bankers working for the Rothschild and the Rockefeller clan. The people who were plundering the Russian people through their agents with fraud and deceit. The Russian Federation is a wild card in the Globalist agenda because they are outside the International Banking control.

We hear of Putin trying to curb protesters stifling free speech by raiding the homes of the leaders organizing the protest. What I hear for some people who are witness on the ground they do not tell the press. These protesters are disrupting business, attacking the Police and destroying property. These protest are funded by George Soros and other globalist foundations trying the start a color revolution like in Egypt. It is hard to say if they are agents being provocateurs to either demonize Putin on the international stage for banning public demonstrations or the police trying to demonize the protesting. It is hard to say who the blame is. There is no question that international globalist foundations are making plans to destabilize Russia with color revolutions to attempt to overthrow the Russian government.

The Last Bilderburger meeting last May in 2012, Three Russians were invited to attend the meeting with the world's most wealthy and powerful. They are desperate to bring Russia under their control because President Putin is not a puppet leader. He is pro Russia and pro Russian sovereignty. Russia for all its corruption and faults they may have, they are not under the Oligarchs control completely, which drives the globalist crazy.

They want to checkmate Russia because they pose a threat to the bankers. Russia has prevented a war with Iran and holding fast in Syria. If Russia can prevent the war of aggression by NATO for the bankers to avert destruction. The economic collapse of Europe will not have the distraction of a war to divert people's attention away from the looting the oligarchs want to do in the EU. Everyone's eyes are now looking past the puppet leaders staring right at the real power ruling behind the curtain.

President Putin right now has to take some bold actions even if they are unpopular to find the operatives being the agents of the international banking cartel trying to circumvent the Russian Federation. He has to arrest them, there is a difference demonstrating for redressing grievance to implement reforms and working to overthrow the government for foreign interest to plunder the nation to set up a feudalistic system that impoverishes the people. These organizers are committing treason and sedition against the Russian people and the country trying to put the Russian citizen under debt slavery or back to serfdom. This is why Putin must be bold.

The Banking Cartel will try to take Putin's life to get him out of the way if they can pull it off. This is why he needs to issue Letter of Marque and Reprisals against the Bankers and those pulling the strings out outside of Russia trying to overthrow the government. If he does not deal with the problem, he will be menaced by these Robber Barons until they have control of Russia. Seeing these three people invited to Bilderburger who are from Russia. They are serious trying takeover Russia. Putin better show he will push back, if he does not. He will have a problem bigger then he can solve. These Bankers are ruthless, Putin needs to more ruthless, or Russia falls. Putin needs to be a leader doing what is unpopular now taking a little heat then see Russia live in a hell on Earth for one century. Putin, Kick some banker ass, take no prisoners and giver them no quarter.


  1. Putins Russia Rocks

    I love the Man

    the globalist one world goverment agenda has hit a roadblock

    the Roths and their bankster associates are a satanic cancer upon humanity !!!

  2. Tyranny: It's ok when we do it!

    Realman, you would not allow Obama even one tenth of the power you praise Putin for taking.

  3. Roland you are an idiot and a troll for George Soros