Monday, June 11, 2012

12 Reasons Why We Are Not Bound to the Rules of Civility Dealing With Tyrants Who Show Us No Respect

What is the point being nice anymore to people who do not value liberty and human dignity. Why are we the ones who have to compromise and give up something? The other side does not concede or give up anything. They try to make us feel like the bad people because we say no to any form of tyranny over a problem they created and freedom had nothing to do with the real cause. The other side’s failure is what causes the crisis in the first place not following the law.

Why be respectful, reasonable and compromise our freedoms and our future anymore. They never liked us to begin with, they never will like us no matter what we do and never will keep their word to us when it comes time for them to deliver. We are stabbed in the back. So why show them anymore respect? They do not deserve it nor are we required anymore to give it. We cannot no longer be nice. We need to start bringing canes to political events like those that the founders once did.

There is no sense being nice and civil anymore when they do not play by the same rules they expect us to follow nor stand for the will of the people. There is no sense showing anymore respect in either party over the following:

1. When they steal elections from Ron Paul and candidates who are really for the people with the Diebold voting machines? They are now our adversary because they committed a high crime by carrying out voter fraud. Why show any common decency to cheaters?

2. Why be nice when we win by the rules and the call in the thug police to arrest people and beat up delegates? They expect us to be graceful when we lose, but think when they lose they roll out the thugs to beat us into submission when the rule do not work in their favor.

3. Why be nice to a group of people who are silent on the TSA groping our crotches?

4. Why act civilized, when they are sending us into wars against nations not a threat or attacked us. What is so civilized about wars of aggression?

5. They do not deserve our respect when congress acts like a potted plant while the President breaks the law of the land declaring the UN has to powers to make war when it is our children that might go fight them.

6. Why should we be calm about when they plan on taxing us into oblivion with Obamacare and Carbon taxes?

7. Why show the establishment any respect when they sold out to the money junkies and special interest that want to steal our freedoms and attack our economic liberty.

8. Why show them any reverence as public servants and political party officials when they do not show any respect to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights?

9. Why act civilized to appease a group of people that want to oppress us?

10. Why concede to their anointed candidate Mitt Romney who is no different from Obama? They both wined and dined with George Soros. They both are for gun control; they are both for socialized Healthcare. They are both for open borders, the NAU, the UN and cap and trade.

11. Why cooperate with hacks who work for Wall Street to allow another false choice on the November ballot?

12. Why should we show any common decency to a group of people who are for the Patriot act, the NDAA, TSA on the highways and highway checkpoints?

For Ron Paul delegates and true conservatives who are for the Constitution and limited government. Do not accept their false choices to you nor accept their man to be the presumed nominee. They are now our adversary and our enemy. Take no prisoners, nor give any quarter to these traitors acting like patriots. There is no shame in having a hostile take over of the GOP when the republic is in deep trouble.

We do not have a monetary crisis. We do not have a economic crisis. We do not even have a constitutional crisis. We have a leadership crisis because the people in power do not respect the rule of law and fair play. They do not uphold the constitution or respect the law. At this point, there is no sense in playing by there rules when the deck is stacked against us every time.

The Republican Party needs a hostile takeover, not for Ron Paul or his son Rand either. They blew it bowing to the dark side thinking it will give them a long-term political advantage. We should still takeover the GOP leadership dealing with them head on. They are not just our opponents. They are our adversaries now. I do not care if Ron Paul gets left behind and we give the nomination to someone who never ask for it, nor ever thought about it and does not want to job. But if asked will go and serve because the people asked them. We give the nomination to the person who will uphold the Constitution and restore the rule of law.

Why be nice to these people? Why care what the establishment press thinks about us anymore? They sold us out long ago, neither do they care what we think. If they are not dealt with, they will steal our freedoms and have us confined in FEMA camps being led to the slaughter. What they plan for us is not nice, nor is it civilized or humane. They show no respect to no one. So why should we care either? Hell with the rules of civility they can always use against us. There is no shame in being angry any more when we have been burned many times with empty promises with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barrack Obama. They promised us change would come. The only change we have now is the coins in our pockets after the taxes and hyperinflation.

After being lied to so many times that, change is coming. There is no sense being nice when their policies they plan on us nothing is civilized at all about it. SO why care about them when they never cared about us. No more Mr. Nice Guys. Any more thoughts you can add.


  1. In what way are you acting nice to these people? In what way are you being civil?

    When "they" steal elections, how are you being nice or mean or anything in response? Who are "they", and how do you react to them now?

    Name five They. List your reactions to them before, and your reactions to them now, after you've decided to no longer be civil. What's the difference?

  2. And yet, some folks still think that, A. Our vote really counts, B. that we must vote for the GOP in order to save our country. And C. That voting for the lesser of two evils is the best thing to turn it all around.

  3. You know we should treat them the way we want to be treated, I just think what would Gandhi do... hmm fasting, yeah that is not going to work, if we do a strike, they will just say oh unemployment has soared... oh what a dilemma

  4. Once again, elections are NOT real. Never have been, never will be. They are an illusion created to make people think they have a choice, when in fact they have none. You will take what you are given and that is that.