Friday, June 15, 2012

Is Ron Paul Surrounded by the Wrong People?

I do not question Ron Paul's integrity as a congressmen and his consistent stances going against the status quo. When his son who is the junior Senator from Kentucky endorsed Mitt Romney. Many in the patriot movement felt like they just got the wind knocked out of them when Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor is a sell out and has shown to govern much like Bill Clinton.

I just have the impression I sensed for a long time that there is neo con operatives inside the Ron Paul Campaign and the Campaign for liberty. All the indication show they have shifted from endorsing libertarian ideas now supporting neo conservative candidates with an ideology alien to our constitution. I do think it is Ron Paul completely. I believe he is surrounded by the wrong people working to sabotage and undermine all he has worked for serving as a member of Congress.

One of the things Ron Paul should done in the beginning of both times he ran for President to vet his top advisers and screen all the staff working the campaign.  There is a concerted effort by the political establishment to derail and bog down the momentum of the Ron Paul campaign. We have been focused on the media blackout and the lack of time speaking in the debates. We failed to look at the internal workings inside the Campaign for Liberty and his Presidential Campaign.

I have noticed this kind of sabotage with the Iowa caucus when a face book message came out after the head of the Rom Paul campaign said on national TV we need volunteers to come to Iowa to watch the polls. At hack in his campaign office told the willing volunteers to stay out of Iowa we have it all taken care of on Ron Paul's Facebook page. There are Republican party plants dispatched to undermine the Ron Paul campaign.

There is even reports from listeners from the Alex Jones show who were giving to Ron Paul campaign when he had his money bombs. I was hearing the people taking the donations were making snide comments to the donors who are part of Alex Jone's audience. There are operatives trying to drive a wedge between Ron Pail and his support base. The campaign is highjacked by the neo cons. Jesse Benton is public enemy number one.

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