Sunday, June 3, 2012

Has the Establishment Over played Their Hand Cheating Ron Paul?

There is a time to advance and a time to back off even for the corrupt. Even some corrupt officials have some discipline not to rock the boat either to keep the gravy train going. Even some crooked politicians I knew growing up made a lot of money knew better not to push people's buttons too much. I am not for corruption in government at all. I am just saying even corruption has to rely on people to produce to sustain their operation. They know better not to kill the goose that lay the golden eggs. They know their limits or they are crushed if they push too far.

The people who are attending the Bilderburger meetings are raving lunatics who feel they have no limits and they can get away with anything, including murder. They feel invincible and untouchable never to be accountable for their crimes. The super wealthy in high places in their criminality has trickled down to the lower minions doing their bidding. Now the people in government and the politicians are now thinking nothing will happen to them no matter what they do. It can be high treason and sedition violating the Logan Act. They feel they will not be convicted or have to answer to the people. Have the table finally turned against them?

We all know the RNC is not full of patriots, the Globalist, Mitt Romney, controls them and Barrack Obama are both controlled by the same powers behind the curtain. Mitt Romney is as far as it seems getting a free ride by the media. Ron Paul is a thorn in their side. Ron Paul has won many primaries and caucuses. The State Republican establishments have cheated him. They openly admit regardless if Ron Paul wins, they will not give him the victory. They will cheat and openly admit it not caring what the people think. They always say," Pride comes before the fall"

I am not ready to count my chickens before they hatch, I am not ready to give the victory to Mitt Romney being the nominee until the convention in Tampa convenes this August. I am not ready to allow the establishment to have their way ;there is so much work we can do to frustrate the other side denying them what they want. Mitt Romney and the Establishment have the media illusion. They do not have the grassroots behind them. They do not have the numbers and most of the republican voters who are stuck in Limbaugh Land stayed home because there is no excitement in Mitt being a candidate. We have the numbers to break the illusion and the monopoly on the rigged system.

Never underestimate people who are committed to see Ron Paul as the nominee. I firmly believe the year 2012 will be the year of the American people will have a clear choice to return to a constitutional form of government or a big government that steal freedoms away from the people and taxes people out of the labors. I do not believe we will have a false choice this November. I believe the committed Ron Paul people will not accept "no" for an answer when they try to pull dirty tricks or change the rules in the middle of the game to get a desired result.

The Bilderburger and their establishment puppets are on the ropes. Their meeting's agenda has been exposed and people seen their plans. It is going to be hard for them to try to implement what they want. What was whispered in ears in secret are shouted from the rooftops. Their sin has found them out with the light of truth has been exposed. We all know Gov. Romney and sitting Governor Mitch Daniels are the presumed GOP ticket by the ruling elite. Now since this is exposed with the light of truth. We run with the information to use this against the enemies of freedom.

It is not August yet in Tampa. The Establishment, which now is a term used in the media, which was never used before until recently regardless if they are establishment Republicans, or Democrats. They are both being exposed as working for the same special interest and the same agenda. They are in trouble more then they will reveal to us. They are scared for a good reason because there is a good chance they might lose. The march for freedom if gaining momentum faster then the other side can keep up. No weapon they are using against us is prospering. They have over played their hand openly cheating Ron Paul, now this August they might be rewarded being ousted out of the leadership. It is not August yet.  What are we doing today  working today to defeat Romney and the political establishment. I am not ready to hand victory over to a bunch of cheats. We have not begun to fight. I believe fresh sunlight will finally shine down revealing all for the people to see. No better place to see this happen then in Florida, the Sunshine State


  1. I've said it before, I'll say it again. If the vote is being stolen, if there is vote fraud, then why are you voting at all?

    If the system is as corrupt as you say, why be a part of it?

  2. Good luck. Once you get away from internet sites like this and speak to real Americans you realize it's hopeless. Most people still think Ron Paul is some nutty old guy and they can only support "real" candidates like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

  3. You get Obamney or Jeb Bush in a brokered convention. Good luck with that. The platform for liberty is established for the florida gig. Going to be interesting to say the least!

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