Saturday, June 9, 2012

Future 'VP?' Rand Paul Comprimized by NWO Puppets Robama aka Obomney? Time4Real 3rd Party?


  1. It's "Compromised" not "Comprimized".

    Here's a suggestion: Do all your writing in Microsoft Word. If you see a red squiggly line beneath a word, it means the word may potentially be misspelled. Correct the spelling of the word, if necessary, then cut and paste your article into your web building software.

    Please double check all spelling BEFORE you post. Your more intelligent fans would like to think you are at least as smart as they are.

    1. Microsoft is a 100% NWO-run company, founded by Bill Gates who is also a heavy investor in Monsanto.

      Please don't advocate or use their products - get LibreOffice ( instead - it does all MS Office does, it's free, and it can run on any operating system, reducing your dependency on NWO companies like Microsoft or Apple even more.

  2. Good video. Don't worry about spelling, as long as the reader will understand which word you mean. Memorizing spelling of words has nothing to do with higher intelligence.