Friday, June 8, 2012

The Real Power Restoring Liberty is with the Government Closest to Us, It is Not Putting All Our Faith in Ron Paul

Hearing Sen. Rand Paul endorse Mitt Romney on Sean Hannidy tells me they are throwing in the towel. Just because they are given into the lies to the dark side conceding to a sell out who deserves nothing. Our success is not determined by who is in the White House. It is not there we take back our liberties with who is the next President. The real power is not in Washington DC, It is not in the two dominate Political Parties. We been deceived too long by over looking our state and local governments thinking everything is solved in Washington DC.

We have allowed the real power to be displaced putting into the hands not delegated by the Constitution to a distant power not familiar to the people. The real authority is much closer to us then in a distant Washington DC. Government cannot be out of our reach as it was in the past. I know many people are feeling discouraged with Sen. Rand Paul the son of the Liberty Icon Congressman Ron Paul endorsing the reincarnated Benedict Arnold candidate former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The fight for freedom is not over. We should never put all our eggs in one basket or all our faith in one person. That is not where the real power is or where it really resides. Washington will never see the error of its ways violating our Bill of Rights. Do not even bother trying to change Washington, the distant out of touch city. We are better off changing the government that is closest to us.

We need to start putting people in City Councils, County Commissioners, Sheriffs, Mayors, State Legislators and Governors who will obey the will of the people. People who will uphold the Constitution of the nation and the state they reside in. This is the place where we can hold our elected servants accountable when they co-opt with Homeland Security or sign onto Agenda 21. This is where we can go back to paper ballots, being rid of the Diebold Voting Machines so we can have honest elections. The government closest to us is where the real power is. We must rebuild from the ground up and not the top down.

Do not risk everything on one endeavor counting on Rand and Ron Paul to save the nation. They are human, they will fail us always intentional or not. It will not come from the top down. It will have to happen from the ground up at the grassroots level. We cannot bring fundamental change from the top down as we are led to believe all these years. The march of liberty still moves on with or without Ron Paul, Instead of trying to fix things at the top. We need to rebuild from the ground up rebuilding our community cohesiveness, from there we can put people in who have integrity into local post and who are responsive to the people.

I just think we have to refocus our energy and our efforts to our city, county and state governments. At this point, it is madness trying to fix things at the top. We have a better chance changing our local government, which are closer to us rebuilding the greatness of our nation from our hometowns then try to fix a broken political machine beyond repair so far away. Whether we have freedom and liberty does not come from who is in the White House. It will only happen changing the politics closest to home. Do you agree?

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  1. Agreed.

    Start locally, build your base, and expand from there. Do not build your castle on the shifting sands.