Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Obama Trying to Unhinge Occupy Wall Street With Agitators

              I can tell it is a struggle for the hearts and minds of the people participating in Occupy America. There are many factions trying to co-opt the movement. It is a very diverse group of people there for many reasons. Many want to see it as a leaderless effort. One the other hand many are trying to capitalize on this for their own gain. Occupy Wall Street now has a 501c3 status with some cash in the bank tax free. I would like to know who is behind giving this movement non profit status. There are forces at work to turn a peaceful movement into an angry mob like the French Revolution was started.

                When we see the media showing banners of the Communist Party calling for the end of capitalism and taxing the rich as a solution, They are calling for bigger government polices to deal with Wall Street corruption.When we see the government workers unions in force too, The AFL-CIO and the Teamsters in some cities protesting. We have a bunch of mindless useful idiots out there I call Obama's children calling for a second term for this failed President who is very unpopular. We see Obama wants this to be his tea party movement which is not working as he wanted to. We are seeing slowly but surely the end the Federal Reserve ,abolish the IRS and no more wars. We are seeing opposing to big government policies and crony capitalism starting to take hold of the movement. Now a card has to be played by the Foundations who control the Obama Administration,The states are high, this is a movement they started that can start to turn against them.

             We can see police send in agent provocateurs to destroy property and cause trouble, Obama is using class warfare tactic to anger a segment of the crowd to go after the producers who create the jobs and spend money keeping the economy afloat. They can stage many events like inciting riots to demonize the movement if it is not going their way. We can see some elements of the tea party and the end the Federal reserve movement start to take over the movement. This is why they have to try to demonize the movement. They are desperately try to unhinge the movement if the occupy American turns into a anti Federal reserve movement. They will try something to make them look bad. It is noting new, it has been tried and succeeded. It is our duty to make sure they fail trying to co-opt the movement. We must not allow the peace movement to stay that way. Also, not allow Obama and any foundation hacks try to unhinge it as an excuse to bring in martial law.





  2. The grammar and punctuation are atrocious. Clearly the rantings of a Right Wing tea-bagging fear monger. Obama had NOTHING TO DO with the beginnings of OWS, except for maybe his mistake in going too easy on criminals, but the way the tea-baggers of the Koch Industries co-opted what started as a legitimate complaint of a few honest people who were simply reacting to the lies of FOKKKS and other right wing nonthinking religious fakers, I can see why you would "think" Obama might use your own tactics to "control" the OWS crowds, if he could. I haven't seen Obama toasting any rabble as the Republican politicians did as the tea crowds marched on the Capitol, toting their assault rifles and spitting on congressmen. Why don't you try checking that out for yourself. Although you tea-baggers, most of whom are associated with Dick Armey, the Koch Brothers and other criminal elements wouldn't know honesty if it bit your noses off, as dishonesty, selfishness and hatred are ingrained into your pores.
    I kind of wish Obama WOULD use your tactics against YOU because then he'd know how useless it is to try to "make friends" with haters like you and just give that up.
    What IS it with you people who PREACH about "supporting the troops" and then plot to take away their health care after they've been wounded on YOUR killing fields or celebrate the harm you've done to one vet who's only crime is to disagree with billionaire thieves?
    Obama is not the kind of person to "use" agitators but for sure YOU are, YOU, the tea-bagger, assault weapon hugging types like your buddy who murdered a 9 year old girl and 5 others and shot a congresswoman in the head. YOUR KIND.
    With your numbers down to less than 25 percent, your only hope of "winning" is by cheating, lying and stealing elections. But that's ok. We know your tactics now and how you use county clerks to tamper with votes and sell your cheat machines. We'll be watching you. Next election your blame game will turn on you and you will be caught and I will be the first one to wave a flag of victory as your paddy wagon takes you to your cell.

  3. Anonymous, your writing is atrocious. You blundered by the 2nd sentence. It's ranting, not rantings, and the sentence has no subject. It should be something like, 'YOUR WORK IS clearly the ranting of an Obama drone.'. Tea-bagger is a media cliche'. The tool of a loser. But it gets worse. A genius, when they use that tool, they call their movement PRO-LIFE. The idea was, they 'set the stage' so they trap their enemy into defaulting into PRO-DEATH; this is a very cunning move. Tea-bagger comes from 1st person shooting games. A Tea-bagger is an elite killer, who KILLED YOU, a person who hunted, killed, and then SHAMED you because your friends are as big a pussy as you are, so he had time to camp your face with his balls unconcerned about retaliation. Yes, I KNOW - you are too stupid to understand; that's the joke. You named yourself - 'The pussy who gets killed and the master camps your face with his balls.' You named your enemy, the MASTER WHO CAMPS YOUR FACE WITH HIS BALLS. I am a Tea-bagger! Moron! I do slaughter you casually and camp your face with my balls. I do.

    As far as Obama goes, the man is an ass clown. Example: You would say, "He got the peace prize!" To which we would lol and say, 'Yes, the Peace Prize is now officially as real as Obama's prize." He shamed the prize off the scene. The prize is now a political joke, a phony prize given to any idiot for not doing anything.

    Obama's promises were not kept. He kept NONE OF THEM.

    Next, you use the common idiot blunder, of 'angry winning'. What is angry winning? Well, it is something an idiot does. In the real world, when you win? You are HAPPY. Are you happy? No. You are in an angry state of panic. You are trembling in terror and blathering madly. It is called losing. Things are going very badly for you. One term Obama has you upset. Fast and Furious has you upset. NEOCON PRO WAR Obama has you upset. Obama brought no change, has you upset. Obama is a FAILURE.

    Since you can't write, stop giving writing advice.
    Since you are upset Obama is a failure, continue having a tantrum; I enjoy it.
    Since I am a Tea-bagger camping your dead bitch ass face with my balls - keep calling me Tea-bagger; that part is true. I AM CAMPING YOUR MOUTH WITH MY BALLS. That was accurate.

    Sorry, son, you got owned.

  4. Obama is my teapot, short of clout.
    Wall Street his handle, lies from his spout.
    Unzip my trousers and hear me shout,
    Brew our tea in his big soft mouth.

  5. Occupy movement is Obama's worst nightmare come true. This sock puppet president has out-Bushed Bush in every aspect. He is so tied into the corporations that put him into office fraudulently that he can do nothing. His political career is finished. That being said, expect infiltration by his pimps to discredit the demonstrators. EXPECT IT. And dont believe the media BS when the pimps execute their plan to destroy the movement. Also, cut the partisan shit people. Democrats AND Republicans are nearly the same crap now. They are corrupt from top to bottom. Vote Libertarian, Independent, or for any party that promotes the Constitution, innovation, protection of American industry and jobs, abolishment of the FED RESERVE, and that supports a flat tax instead of the corrupt system we have. Also, vote for 3 year term limits for ALL political offices and a ban on lobbying. Otherwise, it will be the same old same (SOS).

  6. The first theree coments were by the same person. Ya, I spelled wrongedly on purpose. Spread your message of OWS= end the fed, less government, now wars, end of corruption. I understand your message.

  7. Vote Ron Paul 2012
    He is only one that will bring us back to Constitution gov

  8. No. The 1st three comments are different people. It is rather obvious that you assumed that since all three used CAPITALS. Clearly you are wrong. You are not wrong because it is impossible. You are wrong because humans exist for motive. Motive drives all humans. There are no potential motives in arguing in such a way. Conspiracy does exist. A conspiracy to accomplish nothing in any form? I doubt it.

  9. What criminals do is not a basis for taking away people's rights. Cops kill people. Let's get rid of cops. More importantly, I will demand we get rid of cops. Some crazy person shot someone? Population of the USA is what? 300,000,000? The cause of such a dumb idea as taking away rights from 300mil people because 1 person is bad, is caused by being uneducated and watching tv, nothing more. Lots of people die on the highway. Let's make the highway illegal. But of course, in your tv life, that 'one guy' was so drama! It made you so emo! Oh my God! You were in drama overdose! Let's reconfigure the nation because someone died. Lots of people died. I don't care if a judge or cop dies daily. Why would I? It is so drama? Crime is part of life. Only uneducated fools thinks crime no longer exists when you have enough government. In actual practice, the scientific real world, the reverse is true. Gun violence. Gun violence is so low, Obama and the other government scum, staged a false flag event of actually supplying the guns to Mexican drug lords to manufacture the crime they wanted to stop. Real Americans won't actually perform the crime in the real world. They had to manufacture it to point at it. It is just like Nazis. There has not been a real Nazi in decades. The FBI and ADL apply for their own parade permits then bus in their own actors to be Nazis on parade. No real Nazis exist for them to battle. Honest intelligent people need to make laws, not criminals. What happens when another pro-Israeli murders kids like in Norway or whatever? He runs into school kids with his car? Will you like he is a redneck racist and ban all cars? Shifford or what's her face was shot by a Jewish kid, a leftist. But, I'm not an idiot. I am not blaming Jewish kids or leftists or video games or heavy metal music. The guy was some nut case who shot people. That's life. As an expert on human nature, by far the most dominant factor in shootings is bravery. Yes, you are trained to think it is cowardly to kill people. It's not. It is a vary daring adrenaline junky asshole thing to do, like bank robbery, or other dangerous pursuits. The common regular person is too much of a coward to act out on their violent fantasies. Crazy people do crazy shit. Yes, it is very emo drama on tv for the mental underclass. You care nothing at all for a 1,000,000 dead Arab women and kids. You care nothing at all for tens of thousands dead on the highways. One dipshit dies real drama on tv, and you are ready to write a new constitution. Criminal nut cases with 1 in 100,000,000 rarity acts are not a basis for a system of law. If you don't like guns, move to the UK. The American country has guns BY LAW. No one cares if you don't like them. You get no choice.

  10. I have never even met yet a real person who believed in gun control. Oh, they think they do. They don't. When questioned, what comes out is that they are two things, one a peasant, and two this kind of Ancient Roman Catonian. There thinking is just like feudal Japan. They are not saying it is wrong to chop off heads with a Samurai sword. They are saying someone of the serf class should not rise above being a serf. The overlord ruling class gets more guns. They get automatic military guns. Gun control means the slaves get no guns. Guns don't protect people? Let's disarm cops first. Oh, they cry, the cop is part of the ruling class. A burglar would be a fool to rob the cop's home because the burglar will get shot. What they are saying is that you slaves, you serfs, you plebeian class people don't get protected by guns. Guns magically can't pretend the homes of slaves, yet they work magnificently in the hands of the ruling class. The truth of gun control is - more guns. They want more guns. They want a submachinegun pointed at you, on every street corner. Just only the Samurai Patrician Ruling Class is pointing more guns at you - and it would be bad if you could shoot back.

  11. NobodysaysBOO!:
    WHY no names? Are you proud of your country and your jobs?

  12. Why no names? I am a refined human being. But it is interesting, you I mean. Notice how we are opposite beings. I give of myself. I ask for no credit. Just on the off chance, it was the most brilliant idea you ever came across; it is my gift to you. Take it for yourself. The argument that not having a name is a conspiracy, is fake. You can't defend it because it has no substance. To argue that some name makes an idea a conspiracy, is retarded. If I get a choice? Please, never use a name. I consider you more real without a name. Without a name, I can feel that you are not acting out of a petty vice like pride. If you have a gift of knowledge for me? A gift asks for no reward. If you need credit or to be thanked, that is not a gift. That is a trade, a bargain, an exchange. My thoughts are truly a gift for you to really do as you please. Steal it for your own or dismiss it entirely. It is your gift after all; do with it as you please.

  13. The name scam reminds me of something. Let's say I hand you an old paper. On this paper is a recipe for chocolate chip cookies. At the bottom, it is signed by, the Easter Bunny. Then let's say you were to argue, "That is a forgery!" To me, I don't even understand what that means. It is a recipe for cookies. You follow the directions, mix it in a bowl, bake it in the oven - then you do or do not get cookies. The only issue is, "Can you bake these cookies? Yes or no?" But so many people I encounter actually believe, they really believe, the cookies can never be baked and eaten because there is no Easter Bunny. A recipe is a forgery? A recipe works or it don't. The name you sign it with really means nothing. For me, I have never ever cares if Jesus wrote the applied philosophy of Jesus. I never cared if Shakespeare write the plays. Why would I care? The product is real. The ghosts of ancient people mean less than nothing to me. The Protocols of Zion are a recipe you bake for world domination. Notice how when you ask if the recipe can be followed or if in fact someone is already baking it right now, they will answer, 'It's a forgery!' I have bad news; ideas bake just fine, perfectly well, no matter what name is signed at the bottom. Names are for fools. Recipes are for intelligent people.

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