Monday, October 17, 2011

Seeing the America That Was Through the Art of Norman Rockwell.

         Looking at portraits of Norman Rockwell that were published in the Saturday Evening Post. Do you think if he were alive today be politically correct? The American of the day of Norman Rockwell and the USA as it is today. Even if this great artist was to rise from the dead. I think he would be sad to see how far we have fallen, But I thank God for him to remind us of a time when things were simple and wholesome.

Innocent crush. Now the school will give him a condom without the parents permission teach and them things they are not ready to learn, Still the School will ask the parents if the child can take an aspirin.

  In the above photo we see.Today this could be considered sexual harassment by the feminist culture today

 Do you remember when they taught the boy scouts something before Political correctness took over. That has changed. Now they have been taken over by Homeland security to be spies for them and go after disgruntled Veterans.

                Now the post office now spies on us for Homeland security and is inefficient as is

        Children respected their elders, The old people use to be looked up to by the youth. Now they get thrown into Nursing Homes. Children no longer look after the parents. Now the Government does.

  When Healthcare was not under goverment control. It was less inexpensive and there was a real Doctor patient relationship. Now we have the goverment and insurance companies making choices doctors should make. Who needs Obamacare? I rather go back to a country Doctor making house calls who is affordable.
                           Families no longer have time at the dinner table like they used to.

                 I use to have fun on family roads trips, Now with a seat belt law, road trips are no fun because kids are strapped down and cannot see out the window they are so small. Daddy will get a big fine if the kiddies are not wearing their seat belt.

                 Public Schools at one time were the best,we lead the world. Now they are indoctrination centers. A High School Dropout is smarter to then the teacher today.A Teacher back decades ago had high standards of moral conduct who were upstanding people. Today Teachers have sex with the students and cannot teach basic reading because even with a masters degree from Yale ,they still can't read or find Texas on the Map.

         Now this woman will have CPS called on her and she will sit in a jail for child abuse.

This man will get beat up by the Police today standing up in a city council meeting speaking out in Quartzsite Arizona. Free speech still is a cherished right we must preserve.

           The Beginning of the end of racial segregation and the integration of the races.

           When police were peace officers, Today would be tazerd for even disturbing him during his lunch hour

         When girls were girls and dressed well being feminine. They never wore pants. Now they act like men and dress like men.

          This final picture is because a commenter complained I had no Asian, no Negros, no Hispanics and no native Americans because the pictures were all white people. Well I do not take a goverment grant, so I am not obligated to meet any racial quotos. To be politically correct I will post a picture of all the races. I will not take away the major contributions they gave in science, literature and on the battlefield fighting for freedom. This blogs main purpose was to show the radical shift in our culture and the loss of liberty. To show how far we have fallen as a society. This is not about race and never intended it to be. If a person has a problem because all races are not included. I say get a life and deal with it. I am part native American, my children are half Hispanic as well as Caucasian. I do not make race an issue. If you make race an issue because I have no diversity in my blog. You will get no sympathy from me.


  1. Damn it! You made me cry! You are so correct in what you say, that it sickens me. But thank you anyway.

  2. Wasn't Rockwell evil? I mean, if he wasn't evil, he would paint blacks, Jews, and homosexuals, right? lol

  3. Lilly white America... no native Americans, no Hispanic Americans, no African Americans, no Asian Americans ---- Melting pot??? what melting pot!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  4. I hestitate to comment because the depictions are of a continuing generation of stupid people. Yea, there are times for love, but what I see is a devolving generation - happy and dumb, and by their expession just goim. Sorry Norm, but there is no intelligent expression.

  5. Interesting point that should be made is that Norman Rockwell did include minority groups in his paintings. Obviously he was painting for the majority, as happens in every culture everywhere, whether it be African, Asian or European.

    But if you actually do a little research, you will find that he did make an effort to include ethnic minorities in his paintings so anyone who is complaining that he only depicted a "lily white" (horror of horrors!) society is an absolute moron repeating things some dimwitted Marxist professor spoonfed them while they were being lobotomized.

    Those sorts of people need to be smashed wherever they arise, they are parasitically tearing down the very culture that makes possible their existence. No other culture has integrated such a wide variety of peoples in such a short amount of time. People who complain Rockwell didn't depict enough minorities are not only wrong, they are stark raving idiots and parasites who are motivated by some sort of hate for the majority (even though many of them belong to it.)

    The real reason the so-called progressives hate Rockwell is because he depicted a strong-willed, independent culture. Progressives hate truly strong-willed people because progressives want to change others before they change themselves.

    Sure, Rockwell wasn't a saint and some of the hedonistic tendencies of modern culture were already around during his era and in his paintings, perhaps he caused people of his generation to sit back on their laurels and rest easy, but he also depicted the middle class that is now being destroyed as being self-sufficient and powerful. These pictures remind us what happens when the laboring class is given some control of its own destiny.

    But really - I'm fine tearing down modern society and bringing Aztec style empire back, If that's what the liberals really want, let's start raising our children to be fierce warriors, hunters and scalp-takers. I'm not scared of that. But we know that is not what they want, no, they want to live in a society that benefits from the influences of people like Rockwell, while everyone listens to them complain about how superior they are to people like Rockwell. That's what parasites do.

  6. Well I was there and we sure as hell didn't get sucked in by his sentimental nonsense.

    Who bought into Norman Rockwell? Not my generation.

  7. What happened to superior culture?
    We added non whites.

    Now that we added non whites,
    where is YOUR superior culture?
    You can't make one.
    As a lower species, this IS your highest culture,
    the rotting remnants of mine.

    You suck on a genetic level,
    we need only open a window to see that.
    You suck.
    You will NEVER amount to anything.
    Even now, you can make and do nothing.
    You truly suck on every level.
    What do you call a public school filled with your races and not mine?
    Girls are knocked up, none of them can read.
    Who do you blame?
    We should have paid more and taught you more and worked harder to turn a Planet of the Apes species into more like us.
    You suck and you know it.
    Even now all you can do is blame my species for not raising your lower species better.
    Not your genes.

  8. It was like a space alien invasion.
    Your stone-age peoples could not adapt to encountering an advanced technological people.
    As a higher species, let me explain what homosexuality is. It is a sexual perversion.he action of perverting something (turning it to a wrong use). What is sex? As a higher human I can tell you. Humans are among many lifeforms that reproduce sexually. In the primitive state, the pleasure of sex was to encourage mating to make more members of the species. If not for making babies, sex would not exist. It ONLY existed and evolved for making babies. It is a biological act - nothing more. But it can be perverted. Humans can masturbate. They can hump a pillow, rape a sheep, rape a corpse, hump a shoe, hump a fur coat, on and on - list every way the sexual mating process can be perverted for pleasure. People get drunk for pleasure. Smoke crack for pleasure. Cocaine for pleasure. The act of seeking pleasure aka selfishness. Being queer is as noble and virtuous as being a crackhead or a drunk. Being queer is as noble as beating off. They are just one of the endless ways to PERVERT the mating pleasure response for selfish pleasurable rewards. Among a higher species like mine, getting your jolly is nothing more than pleasure seeking. It is not noble, heroic, beautiful, or any other virtue. They are selfish acts of hedonism. But that is really the point. What would a lower species of human know about virtue. Your clothes? My species invented. Architecture? Mine. English language? White Race Language. Make you angry? Yes. Fact of history? Oh yes. Our musical instruments. Our everything. Carthage and Egypt? They were not negro either. Cleopatra was a fucking Greek. Those were our Mediterranean cultures, not lower African. One thing is clear and that is why we are different. Of course you demand we accept you and raise you to be like us. Totally in your interest. No less surprising we move away when you move into the neighborhood. You have nothing to offer us. And you know it. Proof how lower your mind is? You think name calling would be enough for us to want to shackle your failed genes to our own. Hah! In your dreams.

  9. If you monkey people could understand history, which you can't, you would know this. How many intellectuals does it take to make a top civilization? The entire population of awesome Ancient Greece was numbered in millions: every man, woman, and child. You can make the greatest civilization ever with 10,000 intellectuals. Today humans number in billions. Billions. I am not running out of white people. TRUE, you do breed like rats in sewage. We agree. Your numbers are epic. Changes nothing. The best only breed with the best. I have enough ideal superior humans left world wide to make a hundred great civilizations. You monkeys measure yourselves in manpower. We measure in brain power. Just look around this very moment. This is the Matrix baby. NOTHING can help you hear but brain power: and you other species don't have any. Here, we are gods, while you are chattering children. I could write 6,000 intelligent words a day, effortlessly, at will. I could keep writing a novel of telling you how much you suck. In reply - you will blather together 20 words in MY language. Your languages are gone. We don't use your idiot animal stone age languages anymore. I never converted to anything. My people are doing fine. This is my native language. Rockwell Rock On! Whatever happens, we and the Asians will build it. The rest of you can't do anything but rape each other in the ass.