Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Customer is Always Right, Not the Government, The Companies Have No Bussiness to Comply With the Patriot Act

              We are not the criminals; we just want to the government to mind their own business. When we see companies like Walgreens carding old people for beer and cigarettes. What is next, are they going to force you to take a vaccine just to buy a birthday card? I even notice customer service representatives starting to ask questions that are an invasion of my privacy. These questions are none of their business. It seems these big box stores fear the government more than they fear the customers. I wish the people wake up and stop supporting the companies that are getting into people's personal space just to conduct everyday transactions.

             When I am at the bank so I can withdraw money from my own account for any personal reason. It is not the teller's business to ask how I will spend my money. When I deposit money it is none of their business how I earned it. When I rent a car. It is none of their business to ask were I am going and what I am doing. I do not want to thumb scan to buy and sell. The people of Louisiana need to rebel and use cash anyway telling state government "no" to this nonsense prohibiting cash in second hand transactions. Using cash is privacy. It is none of the government's business what we spend our money on where and when. If I am not breaking any laws, it is not the obligation of the private sector to do Homeland Security's dirty work to turn people in for normal everyday activity. Just to justify their existence of DHS.

              By voting with our wallets keeping our money local, to keep the funds in town among small merchants. Also, send a message to these corporate retail giants that they have to start protecting their customer’s privacy, that doing business with the US government acting as their secret police extracting personal information from patrons could be bad for business. The US government is telling businesses to do things outside of law. The most important obligation to retailers is protecting their costumers from unlawful and unreasonable policies that invade the person's right to privacy.

               We have a bill of rights for the reason to restrain government power over the people. Using the excuse of the war on terror to ask personal questions not relevant to the reason why they are there. Then if that is the case, we need to take our business somewhere else who will not give us the hassle of the patriot act. If there is an airport, airline or business that says no to government nonsense, that will be good for the company. Please let me know. I will take my business there.

               The government ships in the drugs, and we have a war on drugs. The government stages the terrorism, and still has a war on terrorism. All take away due process of law designed not to stop the drugs and terrorism. Nevertheless, to strip away our rights as an excuse to control the people with draconian laws. We need to vote with our wallets and stay away from retailers who are partnered with Homeland security. The only way we can send a message is vote with your feet taking your money elsewhere and voting with your wallet. If they are not going to keep the privacy of their clients, then they do not deserve our business. The customer is always right saying leave me alone. It is none of their damn business.


  1. To: Jindal
    Re: No cash

    Fuck off.

  2. Use spell check

    Steve H

  3. Please at least make sure your titles are spelled correctly. It is Customer not Custumer.

  4. This issue reminds me of my observations on negro intelligence. It is quite interesting how the human brain has so much potential in different ways. In terms of higher intelligence, the negro is disadvantaged. But notice how misleading higher intelligence is. Example: A Caucasian will waste their time and yours whining about spelling. A negro would not. If you got a negro to read at all, he would focus his mind on the topic. The average Caucasian would not. The mediocre Caucasian mind is predominantly consumed with 'peer acceptance' and 'Low self-esteem'. Like as an art critic: a Caucasian will tell you what they 'don't like'. Any idiot doesn't like things - useless. What people like is interesting to an artist. I have noticed when you say the CIA smuggles drugs or 911 was an inside job or this or that is corrupt, the negro answers, "No shit. Everyone knows that." The Caucasian will worry about what others will think if they disobey TV and seem like a conspiracy theorist. I'm white myself. Once while suffering corruption crime at a local courthouse (entirely by white criminals) the negro security guard came to my rescue and helped me. One average IQ to another - they share common needs so their comments mean a lot to each other. Given a choice, if I get to pick the comments I get, if I can't get an extremely rare high IQ Caucasian to talk to, I would definitely talk to a negro over an average IQ Caucasian. The negro may not be any kind of genius, but he does have the ability to have something to say. I'll just come out and wager, and yes I know the people would lie being rightly ashamed of themselves - what % of grammar whiners are Caucasians (which Includes Ashkenazi Jews who are Caucasian by race and not Semites in any way). I am proud of the best of my race. A genius Caucasian is a fantastic mind. But when it comes to the great majority, the common masses of white people, they are so boring and stupid. They could not contribute to an intellectual discussion in the least way. At least a low IQ negro could even try to join a conversation, and could contribute a point of view relative to his experiences. All a common white can do is whine, complain, nitpick, and by far worst of all, by far - they do it secure in their fantasy that it was a smart thing to do. Like any smart person would actually value this useless peon for playing Captain Obvious. Being dumb is a curse of genetics and so nothing to be ashamed of. Being dumb and not having any idea you do it - is the definitive white behavior. Average IQ white people need to go back to playing Xbox and leave comments to negros; they are far more intelligent in ways that would actually matter.

  5. Your spelling is bad. Your grammar is atrocious. Please for the love of God and alternative media use spell check or something. Your articles are insightful but lose some of their credibility. I'm 38 and like to inform friends and family on issues NOT covered by the mainstream media. So credibility is essential when deciding to forward anything to them. I will not send this. Please just think of this as constructive criticism.

  6. Speaking the average IQ white moron with no insight. LOL

  7. Not just poor spelling,but an atrocious lack of common grammer.

  8. Yes, you whined and complained. As an actual natural born genius myself, and bear in mind I deserve no special credit; pure random evolution made my brain more evolved than yours. I can tell what people are really thinking. Thus the issue: do people, you or anyone else, actually have a genuine emotional concern, your little errant crusade as it were to rescue the world from bad grammar? Do you really have this goal? Does it matter to you?

    I am 100% certain that you do not. I know this through trend analysis. I have a large sample of 'regular minds' that I have studied. By comparing their behavior one can make astute observations about human nature.

    I have been writing since before the internet. I have owned computers and written on the internet since its invention. That is the sample I am speaking of - the entire history of the internet that I did study and observe.

    Statistically speaking, when a lower mind like yourself above this has an emotional tantrum, what do you do? You get insulting. Do you compose original insults? No, you do not. You would like to, I grant you, but your mind is much too inferior as is most people for you to invent original material in any form. You can't write: music, novels, jokes, poems,or anything in the entire range of human intellectual activity. Well, what can you do? What you do is steal things from others.

    Do you steal something smart or clever? No you do not. You lack intelligence for that. Doing your very best with your poor memory and reasoning capabilities, you steal what you hear most often; you steal cliches.

    So, when a mental weakling has an emotional tantrum, what are their tools?

    1) You tell people to 'take their pills'
    2) You tell people to move out of their parent's basement.
    3) You complain about their spelling and grammar.

    It is not because you have a choice. These examples are your very to best abilities.

  9. The issue is though, why? You don't actually care about grammar. Take your 'lack of grammer(sic)' You can't even spell grammar while whining about it.

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    Don't feel bad either. You are far from alone.
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    What did I get in this world? I got you.

    Dear God what a horrific sickening heartbreaking pain - I got you around me. What are the odds of me getting a long thought out reply in return for my thoughts? Please, it would take you weeks to write what takes me six minutes, and you would still come up with crap.

    So enjoy my suffering, I have to live in a world where you exist in it.

  10. Wonderful comments from the peanut section of society reflecting the free government-sponsored education they received. I could care less about “grammar,” “syntax,” or which toilet paper the poster uses. I care about the gist of his complaint/argument.

    This attempt by the government to invade and steer every American’s personal life is a form of terrorism.

    These tactics are to let you know that Big Brother is watching every move you make and to intimidate you into subjection to their tyranny.

    Even posts like mine are considered political terrorism because I’m thinking the “wrong” thoughts and writing the “wrong” things. I feel like I live in Russia in 1917.

  11. On any dollar bill: "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private."

  12. For all you grammar goons on this post, cut the guy some slack! A lot of people read his posts, including YOU! He actually comes up with very catchy titles that make me keep clicking on his articles, realizing after clicking that they're his. He also posts timely videos and often makes very eloquent commentary. His grammar isn't perfect. Given. But he still feels compelled to post new ideas regardless. Stop reading his articles if you don't find them informative or timely. Why not start your own page, take his ideas, and post them in a way you find satisfactory, send it back and see if maybe he'll post your article and you could become a team. Even the intelligent can be foolish in their actions. Berating his grammar is futile and serves to divide us. We need to join together if we are to take our freedom back. Rock on Lonestarwatchdog!

  13. Hey genius! Got a question for ya. And this will be easy, requiring very little of that naturally high IQ you were born with. Here it goes.

    If spelling, grammar and syntax matter so little, why do you use them correctly. Which is to say, why do YOU use them correctly?

    I read your comment here. You spelled correctly. You used grammar in a comprehensible fashion. You even used line breaks. It was readable.

    So why do you bother? It's easier to write sloppy. It's easier to not put an apostrophe there, easier to spell it "apostraphey". Easier to never use backspace, delete, or spellcheck.

    So why, if writing well matters so little, why do you do it?

  14. Which “genius,” other than yourself, of course, are you addressing, Roland?

  15. My sincerest apologies to realman2020. That is, if HE was actually offended by my honest and constructive comment. Some of the rants that followed were inappropriate to say the least.

    Look, I am just wading into these "alternative" waters and it brings me no joy to see any kind of division. It's about elevating awareness of these and many other issues. Me and my middle-class family are trying to make heads or tails of all of this. We are humbled daily about the reality of our world. We are trying.
    Peace to those who really want it.

  16. Why do I write in a manner we are calling correctly? First, I want to explain the word ignorant, which is about me and the word, not about you. A couple generations ago, the word ignorant was not an insult. Ignorant meant like a lack of. I am ignorant of many human languages. I simply don't know them. I actually am a writer in the sense I have written roughly 1.7 million words of finished material, not including blogging. I am verbose in the extreme, so I have written millions of words blogging. The point I am trying to get to is that I respect human endeavor. I am ignorant of making: music, poetry, sculpture, and countless more things other people can do. Let's assume a moment you can do one or more of those things. We humans live around 100yrs for example. You really can measure a whole life in hours you spent pursuing your endeavor. Clearly, we all don't spend a major chunk of a lifetime on the same pursuits. Thus - would I expect you to write like a person who devoted many years to the practice? No. You would not expect me to be your equal in a skill you practice but I do not. Yet, communication is crucial to us as social mammals. Now, your technical ability to communicate can come in many forms: sign language, spoken words, writing, pictograms, metaphor, idiom, and so forth. Even then, what we are really talking about is the message, the substance, the information we want to exchange. Just while speaking, which is probably the most common form of communication, we are still victims of the peculiar nature of the human brain, like the McGurk Effect. Ultimately, the topic of me is all about me. I never asked, needed, or expected you to communicate in a way that is identical to me. Let’s say your girlfriend is a world champion dancer. She loves you, and she likes to dance. When you go out dancing, she really doesn’t mind at all that you can’t dance at her level. Why would she? She is an expert. More importantly, she understands the truth of dance – the truth – that it is an artistic expression of your humanity and feelings. I absolutely find no value in your ability to write with artistic grace. Why would I? Your knowledge? That I value, hopefully anyway. Your experience, advice, and message, are all things I can actually take, use, and value. As a teacher, you could improve me in some way of interest to me. I write as I do, because I invested so many hours of my life into it, that my style has become. It didn’t happen over night and I still study technique. In the vernacular, I couldn’t give less of a shit what method of writing you use. Teach me something entertaining, interesting, or insightful. I am a writer and know better than most people how worthless a flawlessly written uninspired work is. I delete skillfully written uninspired work all the time.