Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Terrorist Threat Cancels Tea Party Event in Texas? It Sounds Phony and Fabricated to Me

               To me I believe the Islamic threat is fabricated myth. Islam is more of a threat because we are attacking their countries and way of life. The Muslim people do not need to attack our freedom. Our US Government has done it for them wit the TSA groping us at the airport and the Department of Homeland Security encroaching on our liberties. To hear that at Tea Party event in Sugarland Texas was stopped abruptly because the Council of American Islamic Relation opposed the speaker preaching on the dangers of Islam.

               When the Hyyat Regency Hotel was intimidated because speaker Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs was going to speak out against CAIR about the so called dangers of Islam. Is the US Government trying to keep the fear alive of those evil Muslims? I do not think it is over Islamic phobia. I believe the speaker was going to talk about CAIR being a CIA front group and asset like Osoma Bin Laden was? Was Pam going to talk about false flag terror the goverment uses and how the US government stages these attacks to use radical Islam as a scapegoat to stealing our freedom and go to war?

                Why is CAIR threatening this tea party event, Why is CAIR not in front of the White House, protesting where Neo Cons war mongers speak who preach daily about radical Islam as the threat. The organization of Atlas Shrugs is named after the book Atlas Shrugged written by Ann Rand who in her novel talked about how our government is pulling false flag attacks and how the government puts phony front groups out there to scare people. Was CAIR about the exposed as a CIA front group by Pam Geller at this Tea Party event?

                Can this fear of the Islamization of America just be a fable that is not a Muslim Grass Roots movement, it is all CIA front groups pushing for Sharia law to instil fear in American to defeat the phony threat to radical Islam. If this were true, then why is there no one looking at the Mexicanization of America with AL Raza and Lulac calling for the conquest of America. If this speaker Pam Geller was going to talk about the Islamization of America as a CIA front group using Islam as a vehicle of fear to a phony threat and not looking at the real threat of these pro illegal alien groups being the real threat to our national security. Do you think this threat was phony or is it real. Tell me I would like to know. I do not know what Pam was going to say. But people in high places did not like it at all. Do you agree?


  1. The purpose is to make America Israel.
    If America performs Nazi atrocity against brown real-racial Semites like Israel does, that means support for when Israel does it. They don't care if the people are innocent. They don't care if they release them after as innocent after humiliating them on TV. So long as the American people see that performing hate crime to Muslims is normal, that makes it ok for Israel to be an apartheid white power state.

  2. Pam Geller is a zionist whore...was she going to talk about false flag attacks here in the states? heck no, at least she wouldn't have called them false flags.....if she was going to talk about islam at all it would have been the typical 'booga-booga' fear mongering like every other israeli whore....pam gellar should evaporate from existence - the world would be better off without racist shills like her...

  3. It's AYN Rand, not Ann Rand...wasn't Ann Rand some kinda newspaper columnist?

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