Friday, October 21, 2011

We have to Elect State Legislators To Stop Federal Incursion. Voting for Ron Paul is Not Enough.

             It is sad we have too many state legislatures who do not do their job, In Texas and in Florida we have 17 lobbyist to every one state legislature. When I heard about Homeland/TSA checkpoints in the State of Tennessee. That means the county Sheriffs and the Governor are not doing their job. Their jobs is not to go along to get along with the Federal government. Their job first and foremost is the protect and secure the constitutional rights of the people, not looking for federal tits to suck off of.

             Electing Ron Paul is not enough. We have to start vetting our Sheriffs ,State Legislatures and candidates running for office. We have to ask them to really important questions. We have to ask them questions as. Will they protect the people from unreasonable searches and seizures on the highways. Will they stop unlawful incursions when the Federal government steps outside of the legal perimeters and breaks its own laws? Will they stand up for the people who elect them or go along to get along with some Federal thug. We are seeing a violations of Federal jurisdiction.

              The reason why the Federal government is walking all over the states because the state governments and local governments do nothing. I do not blame the Federal government for their appetite to do a power grab. I place the responsibility on the local and state government for not doing their jobs. If they are accepting Homeland Security grant money. It is time to throw out the local goverment who will not protect its people from illegal federal takeovers. We have to start holding our elected people on the state and local level accountable for their inaction. If we do not, The feds will over run us. Voting for Ron Paul is not enough. We need like minded people on the local and state level. If we do not, we all suffer.


  1. Yes, you need friends and not enemies anywhere you can get them. To what lengths are the enemy prepared to go to win?
    1) False Flag Terrorism. Your government is prepared to stage terrorism including nuclear and biological attacks against you to stay in power.
    2) Wholesale mass murder. Your government is prepared to destroy whole nations, bomb civilian cities, and completely ignore any rules, morals, or rule of law. They stopped declaring wars a long time ago.
    3) Arrest, trial, and execution including assassination without charges or trials.

    The situation as it is now, they are not worried. Only open revolution regime change where they are actually executed by you will make any difference. From their point of view: what has slowed down? Obama replaced Bush as his clone. Obama did nothing different than Bush. They actually laugh when people talk about voting. 100% of you could vote Ron Paul, it won't matter. They are going to rig the vote the same way they do polling. Will it be a secret? No. Any high school teacher will be able to mathematically prove the voting was stuffed. Then what? We will tell our mommy? Getting caught is not even almost a threat to them. They won't arrest themselves for vote fraud. The media will report what they are told to report. These are people who will nuke you. These are people who will slaughter millions. Yeah, they will rig the vote so their puppet wins. As things are now, if occupy wins, they will have a puppet shuffle. Even better for them would be a constitutional convention, that will seem like it is yours until the moment the delegates are selected. 100% of them will be dual citizen Israelis are hyper Zionists. When it is over, you won't even have rights on paper. They are willing to do anything to win. The good guys are willing to play by a few rules that don't work. Anything less than full regime change will amount to nothing. Real elections don't exist. It seems like they are lying to you when they say they will never ever ever let Ron Paul win. They are not lying. They will never allow it. They will simply stuff the ballots. While they live, they rule.

  2. Nice thing about this problem is that people need to think about any other nation not America. What would they say to protesters in Egypt? You need to strike and protest until you remove the oligarchs you have. You would not tell them to burn down their orchards and factories. You need to clean house on the criminal class. That is all America needs. What would be the point in protesting in Egypt, if when you are done you still have the same oligarchs in power? There would be no point at all.

  3. Civil war will take a few years, vote with your FEET!

  4. NobodysaysBOO:
    Where are the bounty hunters? Someone was paid a huge bounty for Gadaffie, WHO? Why not show the world? They hanged Saddam on TV!
    If they had a 2 mil bounty on Gaddaffie then How much is H Kissenger's head worth? The mass murderers of the world should also have head hunters after THEM? Where is the LIST? How much is the BOUNTY for the likes of Chainey,Bushes ,Hillary and the like? Where are the WANTED dead or alive posters? Where can we donate for a bounty on mass murderers,vote stealing and wall st. scum? Why is no one,hunting these criminals,they can roam the world unassalted,they only get scared when a free govnt issues a warrant, then they just return here untouched.No world court No justice.This is just wrong in so many ways it is undescribable.

  5. Leg-is-la-TORS!!

    LegislaTURES is a group of people.
    LegislaTORES are the people in that group.
    LegislaTION is what those people do.

    Get an editor!