Saturday, October 29, 2011

Freemen vs Tyrants: The Battle of Who Wants It More

                One thing we better realize real fast. The other side does not play fair, because the only way they can win is by playing dirty an not play by the rules at all. Knowing their devices is first and foremost. They are on a slippery slope too.l Their dishonorable intent will be their downfall. We have something in our favor they do not have. They have no honor amongst themselves. Not with the common people and most of all, not even themselves. They will stab themselves more in the back more than us because all of the want the power. In their world, no one is safe among themselves. Everyone is in more danger being on the dark side from within then by us. They eat their own. They are wicked not only to prey on the innocent. They are more evil to themselves then we think.

                  We are engaged in a righteous cause, we cannot always bicker about accusing people on the front lines of not conveying the truth in a manner that does not agree with us. No one is the same and we are all different. We should be celebrating individuality and the diverse approaches they take getting the truth out. Not be a critic finding flaws. If we do bicker and complain about each other; the other side will laugh at us with all this infighting putting our time and resources if we disagree on something of no substance. This is the time we need to use our efforts to go after the beast in unison. We have to identify the hacks and  shills as we go or they will continue to create strife from within. The only way the patriot effort can be brought down is to be weakened from within when the enemy is in our camp because we refuse to see it.

                  The choice is clear, do we want freedom more than the tyrants want to enslave us? The tyrants will lie, cheat, steal, murder, betray and deny to get their way. The end justifies the means is their mindset. They are patient and very cunning. They will back off and try another day. We cannot just defeat these people. We have to destroy their spirits too and go the distance making arrests and punishing them. We cannot allow them to hang around another day to try again. If we do not show resolve showing we will go after them with a vengeance to not only defeat them, but make it very hard to try again with fear by making an example of all the people involved who tried to undermine our freedoms committing treason.

                  If we want to be free, we cannot just defeat them politically. We have to go the distance to shut them down completely and crush their plans to destroy our great republic. We cannot hold back if we want to keep out freedoms bad enough. I am just fear it will take a violent revolution to bring it about. There is little room for half measures. The globalist are willing to go the distance to bring about their New World Order and keep their power murdering 6.5 billion people to reduce the population down to 500 million souls if we do not oppose them now to not only push them back. But destroy their organization altogether. If we do not, they will keep coming back and we will keep on fighting them. If we are to remain free, we have to love life and liberty more than Globalist loving death and darkness they want to impose on us.

                   It is a war between good and evil. Light against darkness. Good always triumphs over evil if good men take a stand and do not hold back. We have to go the distance not only for the survival of humanity. But we must leave a historical record for the generations that come after us because they will face the same thing again. If they want to be free from oppression in a peaceful world. We have to be the example that when we fight evil, we cannot hold nothing back. Then, if they will want freedom more than tyranny. Our founders set the example for us. Now it is our call to do show the way to if we want freedom. The colonist wanted freedom more than a monarchy. Now do we want freedom more than being debt slaves to the house of Rothschild. Do you want freedom more than slavery?

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