Monday, October 24, 2011

We Need Occupy Austin Texas, Occupy The Legislator to Seceed, The Hell With Wall Street.

            There is a time to call it quits, cut our losses and start over. to the people of Texas, are you tired yet being walked over the Washington DC? It is time not to protest Wall Street and we need to assemble at the state capital to redress our grievances. Our problem is the our elected representatives have failed to stand in the gap between the Federal government abusing its power and the people of Texas. It appears the politicians in Austin are more interested in going along to get along with Washington instead kicking them out of Texas,

             I am tired of being at the mercy of George Soros and the other robber barons. I am tired of Ben Bernake's printing press. I am tired of TSA grabbing the pretty ladies. injuring the man's groin. Texans should not tolerate TSA on our highways in Texas as they are doing in Tennessee. We do not have to put up with high utility rates thanks to the EPA. We should not be obligated to bailout Bank of America and our right to keep and bear arms not be violated anymore. We cannot allow our family farms to be shut down anymore. We should not put up with farmers markets and roadside stands anymore being raided.

            The reason why Texas is in sad shape is not to blame on Washington. It is the blame of our state government not erecting barriers against Federal encroachment as they were supposed to do. They have failed us. Gov Perry with all his tea party rants is all hat and no cattle. We need to occupy the governor's mansion, the State capital building and tell them all you are all fired. They have failed the people of Texas. The will of the people of Texas was thwarted by a threats from Washington. When the people who are supposed to govern are cowards and the average Texans have more courage to say "bring it on" when they threatened with a no fly zone. We could have pushed back at that point if the State Senate did not cave. It would have been a victory for Texas and freedom. It would have been a political blow to Obama

            While everyone is occupying Wall Street, Texas should say,the hell with this mess and start over as a republic independent from Washington DC.  Occupy Austin to secede, declare our independence from the United States. We are Texans, we do things bigger and badder. Even our Governor is the biggest moron out there we can be proud of. If George Soros's goons and the communist useful idiots try to co-opt us. The will get a rude awakening that communist trying to occupy Texas will find out the hard way they cannot coexist in the Lone Star State. Why waste time picketing Wall Street. Texas we needs to secede and start over. We are better off without Wall Street and Washington DC.


  1. Just as long as the same idiots who led the 1990s Republic of Texas movement aren't leading this one! I don't care whether it's the Rick McLaren faction or the Archie Lowe faction--these folks are scam artists, money launderers, etc. (and since I knew McLaren I know what I'm talking about...his followers even called the "RoT Embassy" the "washateria" (as in money laundering)

    And I am proud of you, spelled "secession" correctly...seriously, that is a good thing. But it's secede, not seceed (but this is an easy spelling error to make though; even history profs misspell this one!)

  2. Communists? I doubt you can find a dozen communists in an Occupy protest.

    But aside from that, what happens after The Great Secession? Do we become entirely self-sufficient? We don't have a lot of steel mills here in Austin. Do we broker trade agreements with the rest of America? What if they decide they don't want to trade with us? What about the people that don't want to secede? A mass exodus for them?

    Secession is a great idea on paper, but the devil is in the details.

  3. The New World Order will happen and must happen. 99% of humans are garbage born to be slaves. What is a thug? 1) They want and need a job. 2) They obey a master (slave obedience) 3) It is human nature to take pleasure punishing helpless things. Like that famous idiot blunder of historians talking about Ancient Rome, they always lie that people can't comprehend gladiator fights and we should pretend it is a mystery to us. If we opened gladiator games tomorrow, it will be global instant popular. People love it today as much as then. Why does big media work at all? Most humans are idiot slaves that want and need a master to tell them what to think. People want and need the comfort of being tribal: they need to be with a team, have a favorite everything, be part of the fan club. It must happen for a long list of obvious reasons. The very tiny # of good people don't want to 'rule'. That makes you useless. The slaves need structure and need a master and you refuse to fill that role. If it was human nature to think for yourself, we would never have gotten into this problem in the first place. People want their politically correct fantasy lives. They want entertainment. They want structure. They want good guys vs bad guys. They want to agree or disagree not think. Personally, I ever kind of like the idea. The part of me that is sickened by weak inferior people wants to see then all get what they deserve. One great truth I can admit to myself, is that I was a good guy because I wanted to be a good guy. I didn't do it because I like the mass of humanity. You know? Like them? I think of humanity as scum. Idiot drone scum. The world being what it is - scum - really breaks it down to what 'kind' of scum. Rich scum are better than poor scum. If I have to have scum, and I do, I want the world depopulated - then at least I can have less pollution and more nature. I want obedient scum over disobedient scum. Obedient scum will obey and do some idiot thug job. Disobedient scum will rape and burglarize. When a person truly embraces evolution, they can look at humans as a mammal, a dirty, stupid, vulgar, repulsive organism. Mass communication spread the lie that the less than 1% of humans with a functional mind are representatives of the whole. Thinking humans do not represent the whole any more than Miss America represents the beauty of all women. Super models are rare freaks of beauty, not common. Thinking humans are freaks, not common. Everyone else should put some thought into why they even care? Do you care about this other filth humans? I can't imagine why. If other humans were like me, like writing this, natural for me to have thought and my own opinion - then have lower scum humans 'like or dislike' it. I can see why rich scum hate and want to exterminate poor scum. Why wouldn't they want that?

  4. “The refusal of King George 3rd to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, was probably the prime cause of the revolution.”
    – Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father

    History is repeating itself. Want an honest government or a semblance of one? Separate government from private banks, especially one that issues the currency, for we will never know a republic form of government if they are owned. State governments must create state owned banks that issue currency at zero interest for social programs, were interest over expenses is the property of the people. The Bank of North Dakota is the exampled the rest of the country must consider. Do not let fear of the unknown rule your hearts and minds.

    “Fear is the foundation of most governments.” -- John Adams, Second President of the United States

  5. Even if Texas did secede, it has a problem with authoritarianism. Look at the criminal "justice" system. Look at the boss Hog political cronyism on the county level. Texas is corrupt on many levels that are outside of national politics. Coming from someone whose family got here before Texas was part of the US, we need to get rid of the worst of Texas government oppression as much as we need to get away from the US.

  6. If Texas broke away, the problem with trade would be what? Honest trade? People sell their goods and services in exchange for goods and services. If they don't want to trade, then they don't trade. What is the alternative? Fixed markets? Trade by force like the oil wars? Being your own land can have ups or downs, depending on what you are like. If you suck? Your best people leave you. If you are awesome? You brain drain everyone else. Best people flock to you. America as it is, has a Federal monopoly on anti-freedom. They want mandatory anti-freedom everywhere. Before the war of Norther Aggression, if you state was abusive, you move to state with freedom. Like hemp for example. Move to a state with legal hemp. Move to a state where guns are not illegally banned. The controlling force against organized crime always was more organized crime. Federal Organized crime does not competition. What is certain is, the already did start a war to prevent states from having rights. If you tried and leave, they would attack you - again. Though you are not supposed to say it, what form of government you have, you as a common working slob, does not really even matter. No form of government works when corrupt. Any form works rather well, if it had no corruption. Like: let's pretend America is 100% identical in laws tomorrow, but dishonesty no longer exists. What would America be like then? It would be fine. Where did the money go? MILITARY BUDGET. America is drained dry as a war mercenary machine for globalists. Homeland Security/TSA will grow in budget the same way. How many employees does it take to police state a continent? America has lots of money and always did. They diverted it from doing anything useful. Imagine what infrastructure could be built in the military budget was used for something valuable. Military is the perfect solution to over production. You make an expensive product, then blow it up. Then make another.

  7. So texass has the logistics to provide for half the population or more receiving goverment money ? Texass can effectively deal with every branch of every major bank being closed and all those accounts being confiscated ?
    Texass is going to do what with all the military bases when they move out ? Or are you going to try and forcibly detain military people who want too leave ? I don't care if 25 million useless eaters want to commit collective seppuku , trying to forcibly detain people who want too leave. Or steal military hardware and other things I as a taxpayer helped pay for. Well this means war in my book.

  8. That's the point. A very so simple way to understand any relationship.
    Party A and Party B in a relationship.
    One of them gets real mad when the other leaves.
    One of them gets real happy when the other leaves.
    It's not hard to tell who is a parasite on who.
    If the USA kicked out Texas, Texans would celebrate.
    If Texas kicked out the USA, the USA would tantrum
    The other states parasite Texas. It is not a mutual relationship and few ever are in any way.
    Like America and Israel.
    Would Israel threaten to leave? HAHHAHAHA
    No, the blood sucking parasite never threatens to leave. They threaten to attack you if you leave.

  9. If Texas secedes, it will be annexed by Mexico -- forcibly if necessary, seeing how it is a majority Mexican territory. Even if it weren't, you're going to leave the Jews in D.C. in charge of the nukes?

    Sorry, it's too late. You spent too much time watching Jew football on Jew TV.

  10. The only thing that's bigger in Texas are the spelling/grammatical errors!!! You are killing alternative media credibility!!! Enough already!!!

  11. 9 !?
    None of them?
    And you go around as a grammar teacher?
    umm, ok

  12. Texas leaving would change nothing but remove Federal strangling that has brought America to collapse. The state could casually manage its own affairs and do so infinitely better. Easy to see why. Who can manage your home better? You or me?
    You actually care about you, where I don't.
    Only you can manage yourself honestly.