Friday, October 28, 2011

Nov. 9, 2011. A day for a False Flag Attack or Government Takeover of All Communications?

                This government is relentless in trying to drop the hammer on the people, they want martial law and to find an excuse to arrest all the dissidents that oppose them. The tried the swine flu epidemic hoax in Mexico and say it will rear its ugly head in the fall. That fell flat on its face. Many people did not take the flu shot. The government was planning having the military accompany nurses door to door trying to force people in to taking the shot. That was a serious blow to the credibility of the US government. It was later discovery; the virus was from a lab and not a natural pathogen.

                They tried to attack the second amendment of the US Constitution with operation fast and furious blaming the violence on the southern border with Mexico on American privately owned firearms. This is another blow to the credibility to the White House since they have been looking for a reason to grab the guns. The Government is running the guns south of the border to dangerous to the cartels trading guns for drugs. Now this gun running operation is now a White House scandal they tired to demonize the patriots when a lone crazy gunman shot Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords in the head. They tried to demonize the patriots saying we should tone down our rhetoric blaming free speech and the right to keep and bear arms on this violent incident. It was later was found out this man who fired the shots killing a federal judge and seriously injuring the Congresswoman was a ideological fellow traveler of the left wing radicals.

               The White House is facing a political implosion; the American people have lost faith in President Obama's leadership. He needs a staged crisis event like his predecessor George W Bush with Sept 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center along with the Pentagon. We were lead to believe that Muslims were to blame who live inside caves in Tora Bora. This is how we were involved in illegal wars and seen the passage of the Patriot act which they failed to pass after the OKC bombing.

                Not to forget, President's Clinton's Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995 as an excuse to attack gun owners and citizen militias. Without these events, they would not win reelection to a second term. Before these events, they had very low approval ratings and politically were in trouble. Both houses of congress we taken over by the GOP in a mid term election that grinded his agenda to a halt. Slick Willie needed an event to get the people to rally behind him to restore confidence in his leadership. Bill Clinton gave credit to the OKC bombing helping him win reelection in 1996

               President Obama is desperate to restore the people's confidence in his ability to lead. He rammed a healthcare law down the Americans throats they did not want. The economy is in the tank and his foreign policy is a disaster. Every time he opens his mouth with the jobs bill to bloating the size of government and increasing taxes. He digs himself deeper into a hole People in the media who use to be allies and people in his own party are turning against him because they see him as a failure. Next year is the election and he wants to win a second term as President. The way things look. He will lose in a massive landslide if the election were today.

                 Now we are fast approaching Nov 9 2011. The FCC said that ion Nov 9 they will take over all communications were they can cut into all broadcast on radio, TV and internet. Our cell phones will get text messages and even automated phones calls of propaganda is watch your neighbor and turn them in in the name of national security.  If you look at the date, there is also a military exercise too were they can use as a smoke screen of a false flag attack. That is how they pulled off the Sept 11 attacks. Look at the dates.

               The power freaks love numbers and certain dates. Look at the numbers 11-9-11, 11-9 and 9-11. I do not think it is a coincidence either they want to pull off something big to drop the hammer on the people. Would a false event like a cyber attack to massive casualty and deaths be just a smoke screen to take over all communications? It can also be used as an excuse to attack Iran blaming an event on the Iranians. The government control freaks can use crises created as a means to get the people to accept a solution they would not otherwise accept taking over all communications and going to war with Iran this is how they can shut down websites and kill the internet. They might on that day be able to be the day of a false flag event to rally the public behind going to war with Iran and to accept draconian measures of all communications taken over by the FCC, FEMA and DHS to protect us from those Iranians and Muslims terrorist. All it is by design to do is control the population in the end using a fabricated enemy.

              It could be anything. I would not underestimate this President; He could shut down the power grid or have a suitcase nuke go off in a city. He will try to generate an event to create instability in the nation as an excuse to confiscate the gun and round up their opposition. The window of opportunity is closing real fast on the Obama White House. He is mired in corruption scandals too numerous to count. He needs a diversion to plug in the rest of the agenda and find a way to get the American people to stand behind him to restore his faith in his ability to be a leader.

               They have a lot to lose if they do not try to pull off something, Politicians could go to jail and bankers can be sharing a cell with them. They know people are on to them and need a diversion because they have so much to lose if they do not act. We have to keep watch and be vigilant. This is the price we pay to put a stop to the tyrants who seek to oppress us. 11-9 could be Obama's 9-11 if he is not kept in check. The very event will be an excuse to take over all communications and bring us into war with Iran.  It is up to us to stand in the gap or our worst nightmare can become reality. We have to be the final check on government power, or we will pay dearly if we don’t. There is no more allies for the people in government. We have to stand in the gap. Let make sure the President do not get away with it this time.