Thursday, October 20, 2011

While the Nation 's Infrastructure Crumbles Washington DC is now the RIchest City in the Nation

                While the rest of the nation is falling apart and cutting back on services. Washington DC is booming. One of the biggest wealth redistribution scams were the wealth of the states is transferred to Washington DC enriching them and impoverishing the nation. Thanks to big government policies of both political parties. Government does not create wealth, it consumes wealth. Under the Bush and Obama administration, the size of the goverment has bloated to monstrous proportions. As a result Washington DC is the richest city while the nation falls apart..    

               We have teachers being laid off and police services scaled back. In my county I live in, the fire houses have shut down and we have to rely on volunteer firefighters. We  have stray animals roaming that were abandoned by their owners because Animal Control was the first to get cut and the mosquitoes had a feast on us last summer because they cannot afford to spray everywhere. The roads are not being maintained. Our phone and power bills have went up because of federal taxes.This all for Washington's thriving economy of bureaucrats and parasites. We all suffer while Washington is having T- bone steak on our hard earned dime while we eat beans.

               Government is best when it governs least. We do not see that today. Government does not create jobs that produce, by regulation it takes away jobs. They can never create wealth. they only steal it by taxation and from the other end the Federal Reserve steals wealth by printing money out of thin air. We need to drop the name Washington DC from the nations capital because the city is a disgrace, the city is not worthy to be named after the father of our country who faught for freedom and liberty. It should be called Corruptropolis District of Criminals. Just like in a Batman movie. It is a disgrace that our nations capital is the richest city while we outside the beltway are barely surviving. People in DC, enjoy the party now, it does not last forever. When the dollar implodes, the party is over.




  1. This situation does say something in defense of those Washington scum. When people argue they are useless and stupid, that is not exactly true. [Taking action]: They take action perfectly well, for their own gain. They can pass the most outlandish legislation 6" thick in a couple hours. They can line their own pockets with money. They can ensure their own platinum plus healthcare for themselves and their families. They can ensure their own personal security against crime and assassination. They can ban filming when it is their crimes getting on film. When something concerns them, they can take care of the problem with magnificent efficiency and haste. When they are suffering, it can get taken care of immediately. They are not that stupid or that useless. They just couldn't give less of shit about you or what happens to you. It's not that they couldn't do their job where you are concerned. Of course they could and they could get it done fast and efficiently. They don't care about you, at all.

  2. Great article, realman! You erred, however, in one significant fact: The nation's capital is no longer, in any real sense, Washington, D.C.; that honor now goes to Fairfax and Loudoun Counties in Virginia.

    Let me tell you about a real-life, fairy-tale land known to its locals as "No Va." Over the last 60 years, this place has become home to the CIA, the Pentagon, the Patent Office, the world's largest airport (in terms of area), and the highest—by a huge margin—median income in America. Practically every major employer, both public and private, is now centered in (what I like to call) "Dulles-ney Land."

    Once upon a time, long before FDR's "New Deal," all the land in the District of Columbia, south of the Potomac, was retroceded—handed back—to Virginia in the hopes of averting the Civil War. Back then, it seemed like a small price for the feds to pay for peace; to wit, Washington was a sleepy, southern town, and there was no hope of any measurable development on the south bank.

    Now, "No Va" has replaced Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York respectively as the nation's center of trendiness, industry, and finance. My girfriend Amanda (who grew up there) describes it as a place where things are eerily "too perfect." Where all the infrastructure—both public and private—gets repeatedly cleaned and polished to an excessive degree, where public-school students are all raised to be world leaders, and where the malls and shopping centers can only be described as "90210 on steroids." Save, that is, for the many Wal-Marts where the illegal, Spanish-speaking residents who maintain this Oz do their own shopping.

    Starting with FDR, and continuing (almost non-stop) until Obama, No Va is on track to become the next Rome or Carthage. Or at least it will try to and fail catastrophically.

    The TSA and Homeland Security are both jokes, the economy has fallen off a cliff, and all our foreign wars are failing miserably. In Spanish, "No Va" literally means "this is not working."

    —We ought to take the hint.