Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coming FEMA Exercise November 9th and 10th 2011. BE ON ALERT!


It is becoming more obvious that the Gestapo's efforts to silence the people are just no longer working. People from all walks of life are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Being unable to find work, or working and barely having enough money at the end of the week to buy groceries, and being taxed to death; 78% or more of income is consumed by taxes.  And if good folks pay the demands for tithes from State Religion Churches, as well, that does not leave much left to live on.

FEMA's so-called exercise for testing the emergency broadcast system on November 9 and 10, where FEMA will take control of radio and TV networks, could become more then just a test.  These tests are supposely to last for only three minute intervals; however, as history has shown us, when FEMA is out playing war games, disaster STRIKES.

Yes, the Gestapo in the District of Criminals is loosing it.  None of the tactics, which they used back in the nineties are working.  The people have learned from the mistakes of the past.  The more illegal and unwarranted arrests the PIGS make, the more angry the populace has become.  The bureaucRATS have been desperately attempting to insight riots to justify declaration of martial law, but the people are no longer stupid and have become wise to riot PIGS' tricks and tactics.

Now even judges are rebelling against the evil Communist machine, as may be seen in the AP article attached below.
What people from all walks of life have decided is not to riot, but if the PIGS wish violence, they will receive war.  Veterans Day just might become the day that they will learn the hard lesson as to what happens to cannon fodder when the people decided that they have had enough of being treated worse then dogs.

I suspect that this so-called FEMA exercise will be used for three things, therefore, people everywhere need to be aware, have cameras and communications ready, thereby preventing these monster from doing in secret their evil deeds.  Oh yes, militia units should be in heightened state of readiness, this could be the week you have the opportunity to try out your new and old toys.  That thought should make Obamanation, the Bush Crime Family and the Clintonistas all quiver.  The had hoped to had disposed of the militias ten years ago.  Too bad, so sad, they are still here, stronger then ever, and even more well equipped!

I again issue WARNING YELLOW Alert!

As to the FEMA exercise, here are possible scenarios.  First, the FEMA exercise could be used to cover the rigging of Tuesday's election.  Remember Stalin stated, "It does not matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes."

Second, the FEMA exercise could be used to conceal or cover a massive nation wide round up of these Wall Street protesters, since they are not being good little slaves, and the MASTERS will not tolerate defiance to their ORDERS.  While TV and radio networks are blacked out, these protesters could be taken to some FEMA camp, place unknown, denied due process of law, and made to disappear.  FEMA may even attempt to shut down the internet, as well.  Then, when the networks come back on the AIR, and people ask what happened to the protesters, government bureaucRATS will all clamor that the protester gave up and just went home.  Though, I doubt that FEMA will be able to shutdown the Patriot Broadcast Networks, time will tell.

However, there is a third problem that is at hand.  As I have been reporting since March, the banksters and Wall Street inside traders have been planning a big event for this fall.  Therefore, immediately after an election would be a great time for a BANKING HOLIDAY.  As per the numerological games that the banksters and the oy-boys love to play, I would say that 11-11-11, Veterans Day would be a great day for the banksters to shaft this Nation, turning it into a third world nation by debauching the currency, which would throw most countries in the world into sheer panic.  However, I believe Russia and China would survive an economic collapse.  Libya, as well, would have survived prior the US and Israeli overthrow of Gadhafi.  Iran and Japan would probably fair well; however, the British Empire and the European Union would be in major financial turmoil.

Oh well, so much for well laid secret plans of rats and mice.  Foiled again!  Since it is no longer secret and the whole world knows whose to blame.  Rothschilds and Rockefellers, "how do like me now"?  Just think "moose" and "turkey" could be on the menu for Thanksgiving!  And there is plenty of hemp on standby, ready for use, as well.  I hear drums. What?  Is that music I hear?  Could it be the song "How Many Of Them Can We Make Die"?  Chess is a wonderful game in which one can watch the opponent sweat, especially, once it is learned that the opponent is a coward.  Well, those, who have the need to know, now know.  May be these demoniacs will all go run and hid, but time will tell.

Ready on the green!  Ol' doc sure has had a tale to tell.

Save hard copy of this post, you may need it!  Feel free to circulate this to the wind.  Because I wish to sit and eat Thanksgiving Dinner in peace and quiet; instead of having to be out hunting moose.


  1. Did they say how long this emergency broadcast shutdown would be? 10 minutes? or what?

  2. FEMA is not our friend. Remember that.

    At least five days in advance, our govt & FEMA know of the destruction capable by Katrina, yet did nothing.

  3. 11-9-11 is a very interesting date in numerology.
    It's a palindrome that is 11/9, coming and going.

    Using D/M/Y format, the first 911 event occurred on 11/9/1 The EAS alert is on 9/11/11. If you view the year as a Roman Numeral, it's nine eleven two.

    Using the popular M/D/Y format, the first event was on 9/11/1. The EAS is 11/9/11.

    It's easy to see the flip switch in these dates in the two formats.

    Will November 9, 2011 be the date of the second 911?

  4. False Flag terrorism by the government is standard policy. Would they stop using it just because people know? No. They would use a better tool if one existed, but there is no better tool. Simulated terror does not have legs. Within a couple days, the story comes out that some event never took place. It is no easy thing to trigger panic in the coward slaves. They need a really big show. The government certainly does seek to refine its methods. There is no doubt that they are aware that while the media will tell any lie as commanded, the internet is a huge problem. More importantly, the internet is a 'growing trend'. As they study the influence of real internet news and they have always used controlled media to dismiss it, the trend of growing influence is rock solid fact. Will there be another false flag eventually? Yes, absolutely. Only a question of when. Do they have a plan to prevent real internet media exposing the attack? Absolutely yes. Will a 'shut down' work? Not in the long run. From their own study of false flag - it is standard policy to hit instantly and hard with the official lie. A real crime needs to be investigated and solved. False flags never need that. Within the hour, their agents are naming the pre-selected target. The first hour the crime is pre-solved and they are bombarding the key story elements. So yes, a shut down in the short term is useful since the pre-solved false flag can have its fable hammered home instantly to control the cattle minds. You can't keep the net shut down forever. For that, they will use the same tools they already used for the y-tube. They want a system where they can take down your website without any form of legal process. You will be declared rogue and taken down. They can just make a laughably fake lie that you self-written blog is copyright violation and take you down. Then you can spend weeks trying to prove yourself innocent. When the false flag comes, and it will, they will have a many pronged attack against the web. They already have the tools anyway. We are in the 'they wouldn't use it' phase. You can be declared a terrorist and aiding terrorists for exposing a false flag already. What can you do to be safe? Stay near a lot of Jews. They never blow themselves up. Israel-hating terrorists will target goyim.

  5. I heard something about Hoover dam false flag...


  6. The plates under the Mid Atlantic Ridge have been messed with and the Canary's Cumbre vieja is set to collapse, causing that Illuminati wet dream of fulfilling Rev 12:21 and the end of "Babylon the Great" NYC by tsunami. Their Masonic church, St John The Divine built in 1880's, even left its corinthian capitols bare until 1997 when a European stonemason was brought over to carve out images of NYC under waves and tsuanami destruction. right there in plain sight.

  7. Well said, except Barky's not a commie (he's a quisling fascist)and there's nothing commie about what he's doing, which is being a jim-crow sort of servant for the ultra rich and their corporations - which are really organized crime operations close-coupled to mega-banks and cia - all one big happy RICO operation...all rather similar to the Wiemar- nazi run up to the seizure of power in Germany.

    They say he's going to be in Hawaii right after the EBS test and while exercises go on - that tell you anything about the locus of the FFE?

    As to communications - ah! fall back on radio - 2 meter ham, FRS walkie talkies, even CB - or all three. 2 meter ham band covers the whole continent with repeaters, etc. Get that license and learn how to use the radio without interfering with other users.

  8. Dinosaurs going back to the same watering hole expecting to quench their thirst yet again. It has never occurred to them that this time the hole is bone dry.

    This is how all cycles come to an end. The successful methods of the past become the fatal mistakes of the future. Logic dictates their failure. Logic dictates their extinction. And, although logic hasn't had much of an influence on this planet for sometime; the ending of the old cycle and the beginning of a new one, means THAT is about the change.

    Disengage from these savage prehistoric beasts, and allow them their karmic fate.

  9. FEMA is for the continuity of government, get it? They don't give a shit about us or the people, only their maintenance of power over us.
    Thank our founders for the second amendment.

  10. FEMA lied about the radioactivity at the WTC after 9-11 and many rescuers died and thousands suffered cancers because of it.

  11. So, what's with the 10th of November added to this exercise? Previously it was only the 9th? References please.

  12. Please explain PIGS. The animals are sentient beings who deserve respect. Please use an appropriate noun to describe of whom you speak. It is wrong to blame animals for the undesirable attributes of "human" beings. I agree with the rest of your article.

  13. "While TV and radio networks are blacked out, these protesters could be taken to some FEMA camp, place unknown, denied due process of law, and made to disappear."

    It will take more than 3 minutes (which is how long they say it will be) to get these protesters loaded onto a bus, and much longer to transport them to a "camp".

    Isn't the bank closed on Veteran's day anyway? I'm just sayin'.

  14. I would not be shocked to see it last for more than "3 min" they could say that they are doing more tests to round up the people. The only way for them to take them away would be to shutdown the cellphones that they have with a massive cellphone jammer to prevent use, even take photos. they would also need to somehow shut down all cameras and delete all records from all public cameras and remove all people that are watching them. It will be harder than planned but it could be done

  15. fema been doin exercise in preperation for nuclear attack on iran not some rouge comet as most people believe

  16. I suppose we shall wait and see what happens...

  17. The uk is doing a nuclear exercise called nightstar from that date onwards
    And if you use the months/day/year format it would be 11\911 as someone above said but if you take the first three letters from eleven and nine then it makes elenin.

  18. I think I'll wait until the 11th, and figure it out. We can't do a thing about it anyway.Who knows.....

  19. prary and find out the truth about the creator this is not a small war as we think its an ancient war between esauand partiner ishmael the arabs and their advesary jacob the black people please visit gathering 144 on you tube channel and learn the truth.

  20. There be a reason for the tests. They have might have a planned day or they know that the stock market will go boom and need to address the usa and tell them everything is under control and not to worry about anything and that it will be fix as soon as they can.

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