Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unjust Laws or Decrees, Is it a Duty to Resist or to Petition a Redress of Grievance

             We are living today where everything the US government does is an injustice based on unjust laws and regulations I like to call decrees. Many of these laws infringe on not just our personal freedoms of privacy and right to do process. It is also our right to economic liberty and our pursuit of happiness that is under attack. We have to look at the root cause of who really wants our God given rights taken away with unjust laws. Who is responsible first we have to ask. In most cases and not all, when

             A Police State is there was for one reason, to be a rear guard to protect the real criminals from justice.  Back in the days of the Colonies, When King George III needed to pay for the debt to the Bank of England to pay for the French and Indian war. The Parliament and the King enacted the Stamp Act where every official document and every item needed to King's stamp on it where the colonist had to pay at tax to have the Kings stamp. How did not enforce it? The Enacted the Townsend Act where British soldiers could write their own search warrants bypassing a magistrate to enter a home to see if every item had the Kings stamp on every official document in the home.

           Due to unjust laws with taxes and regulation, the colonies did not have economic freedom in a free market economy because there was none. Monopolies where enthroned in a mercantile system where a few benefit at the expense of many. These unjust laws stifle competition in favor of one corporation over the other. These unjust laws were by design to force the population to pay into a fraud, the king was not afraid to use force to enforce unjust laws to get the colonist to pay the debt to the Bank of England. When the Red Coats came to Lexington to steal the arsenal from the local militia to make sure the people could not revolt against the king. They were met with resistance because the people decided to revolt, They made their stand because many seen it as an injustice to live one more day under the King and his unjust laws to pay back the bankers in the form of taxes and unjust laws. The colonist saw it as a duty to resist injustice after repeated petitions have failed. When the Red Coats fired the first shot, which is when they lost the war before it started when they oppressed the early colonist.

               Today we are dealing with the same parallels with federal government acting just as King George III did before the conflict at Lexington and Concord. The difference today is technology. The use of portable video cameras and communication being much more rapid than the 19th century has changed the dynamics drastically. People see who the bad people are. The government cannot lie anymore and get away with it. When we see government at all levels attacking family farms, lemonade stands and health food stores with a vengeance. When we are getting see the point of a gun using coercive force to pay a debt we do not owe to bail out a few select political cronies. Our economy is destroyed and forced to have a currency that is no more than debt slip with interest attached to it we can never pay back to the bankers. The government is unresponsive to the will of the people; the only way they respond back is by force to protect the crook from Wall Street to Washington DC.

                We will not by force pay for the bailout anymore we never consented. The people have a duty to resist non violently first before they are forced to fight back in self-defense. We are under an unjust system they not only steals our freedoms, but also robs us our ability to produce a good and service. We are getting to the point when people lose everything and there is nothing left to lose, they will lose it and push back. We have to duty to resist non violently and if the government responds back with unreasonable force unprovoked following orders from the top. That is when we know they have lost the battle firing the first shot, that is when we have a duty to resist or we perish



  1. The British fired first at Lexington? That would come as a great surprise to military historians, who claim no one is sure who fired first.

    At dawn Smith's advanced parties under the command of Major Pitcairn, arrived at Lexington Green to see a group of armed Militia in formation across the Green. Pitcairn ordered the militia, led by John Parker, to be surrounded and disarmed. In response Parker ordered his men to disperse. Then a shot rang out. No one really knows who fired first, but the British, hearing the shot, fired upon the small group of militia, killing 8, and wounding 10 more.

  2. Simply break laws. They're only pieces of paper with ink on them.

  3. According to the applied philosophy of Jesus, a teaching I consider one of his most complex to really understand but not to apply, is that anarchy is bad. The long term consequences of your choices is what I am talking about. I take from it based on my own observations, is that humans begin as children. A child begins essentially knowing nothing, but they have an open mind. Simply: how did you 'learn' what you learned to be come you now? You had a child's open mind. You 'learned' your ideas on cosmology, biology, evolution, everything - because you had an open mind. Most people, when you biologically mature to a certain state, you become a closed mind. Take an 'atheist' for example. An adult atheist viciously defends, they protect ideas of their past. If anyone tries to introduce new ideas on cosmology or evolution, you attack them to defend your old idea. When new physics suggests the Big Bang is not accurate, they don't embrace the new idea, they scream, "You are creationist blah blah, I refuse to listen!" When the new hypothesis was simply new ideas in physics and had nothing at all to do with Creationism. Like - the universe is a fractal. Fractal is a pattern. The universe IS A PATTERN, called a fractal. You went to furthest opposite edge of the universe, you would find what you have here, more galaxies like yours, more stars and planets like yours. Nothing to do with God, talking about a repeating fractal pattern. Just as an example. Point is that most humans are 'closed minded', childish, emotional, poorly educated, prone to tantrums and outburst. Could I live in anarchy? Yes, I could. Perhaps many of you could. If you introduced anarchy into the majority of closed minded hyper-emotional violent humans, the actual outcome would be unpleasant. Lower humans gravitate towards barbarism. Yes the laws are shit. Yes the laws cause you problems. But there is a fundamental equilibrium to all that is going on. If you remove the nanny structure, the lesser humans will likely become much worse, not better. This is not about Gods or souls or spiritualism. This is cause and effect. When you remove a binding force of society, something else grows up to fill the void. If you removed big government in an anarchy way, probably gang war lords would inflate to fill the cavity.

    Simply break laws = a very dangerous negative outcome in the unwashed majority. Think twice before you unleash your vicious dog. He may not be as full of gratitude as you might think.

  4. petitioning is too little too late. Resist!

  5. Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience? So, [citizens] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and the creation of mankind.

  6. The Constitution mot only guarantees free speech, it guarantees the right of peaceful assembly. The orders by the police that the assemblies have been declared illegal are the extension of unconstitutional tyrany. It is saddening to see those sworn to preserve and protect attacking unarmed citizens. It is their duty to disobey unlawful orders just as it was the German soldiers duty to disobey orders to gas and incenerate Jewish civilians. The police will pay for their injustices in this world or the next. Why wait? Resist...

  7. Everyone already knows the simple fact.
    Nothing short of armed revolution will mean jack shit. Everyone knows.
    Have at em.

  8. It's our right to resist tyranny. The criminals in uniforms called the rebels criminals in 1776.
    Like another commenter pointed out it's a historical fractal making a recursion we are in right now. And yes, as the same poster noticed, the laws are needed, but let it be pointed out - fair and just laws , a level field for all - live and let live , no victimless crimes, no restrictions on freedom whatsoever regardless of any status of an individual other than being found guilty of a crime by a jury of peers in the course of a due process of law.
    And don't forget not to be fooled by the control mechanism deception of our wannabe slave masters - it's not left vs. right as they want us to believe - it's Tyranny vs. Freedom.

  9. Resist? OWS is already demanding the Tobin 1% tax, so that the KING will tax us even more. Tax us more. More money to the KING so that he can grow larger, stronger and have more war! Yes let us demand even more taxes!

    So this is resistance?