Thursday, October 20, 2011

Can Occupy Wall Street Lead to Bank Holiday to Avert People Closing Bank Accounts In Novermber?

               When we see the NYPD arrest people for entering a bank for just closing out their accounts. We know they are getting desperate to keep the banking system from imploding because without money in deposit. The banks have less to loan using fractional reserve banking were for every dollar in deposit, the bank loans out 10 times the amount by creating money out of thin air. With numerous people seeing the Federal Reserve System on Occupy Wall Street as the cause for our economic misery.. With account holders money withdrawn not only brings the bank down. This can also cause the Federal Reserve Bank to be exposed for its shenanigans as a result .

               I read about on November 5, 2011, it has been rumored that people plan on going to their banks nationwide closing their accounts at the mega banks responsible for the economic depression. I see this puts the banks and the Federal Government between a rock and a hard place. If there is on November 5 a run on the banks causing them to be insolvent in one day putting them out of business. This can send shockwaves  around the world. They cannot risk the bad publicity nationwide of the police arresting people seeking to close their accounts all around the country. It would be bad publicity that exposes the financial dictatorship if they use police power to arrest people for shutting down their bank accounts.

               The only card they have to play left is call for a Bank Holiday to stop a run on the banks. That means the President closing the banks so people will not be able to withdraw their cash. This is the empire striking back against the people for the banks. This run on the banks might be a set up to justify closing the bank to grind the economy to a halt, and to devalue the currency like they did with a bank holiday during the great depression. This might be a trap. So I suggest just quietly just withdraw your funds and close your account without telling your reasons, doing this might keep the other side off balance. To have people just do it in a quiet protest.

              This telling people on Nov 5 might be a trap so the goverment can shut down the bank to grind the economy to a halt to create civil unrest so they can bring in Martial law. I would say please be careful in how we move our money out of the banks. Do not give the President the excuse to drop the hammer on us. People doing a run on the banks might be all the excuse needed for the President to close the banks pulling the rug out from under us.


  1. A bank holiday is a risky move. The structure of the crime empire called the government does not like to draw attention to itself. A bank holiday will do exactly that. The real news media will feed on their admission of total control, which would likely just set a new target date. On the other hand, they may see that as the lesser of two evils. I hope they do. Drawing attention to their behavior is an advantage for me.

  2. If you owned an orange warehouse, and you knew that on a certain date that a lot of people were going to come and demand their oranges, would you call for a holiday? Or would you simply make sure you had more oranges than usual on hand?

    All the bank has to do is borrow funds from other banks, to make sure they have more on hand. In fact, that might even be a big win for the banks. Think of this scenario.

    Many people go to the bank to withdraw their funds. But instead of collapsing, the bank gives them their money, no problem. At the end of the day, the banks actually look MORE solvent, since they were able to weather that crisis.

    I think calling for withdraw on a certain day is a big gamble. Get enough people, and it might work. Don't get enough, and you only make the banks look stronger.

  3. Every dollar you take out is ten dollars they can't loan out. We have fractional reserve banking scam.

  4. I don't know about anyone else, but Nov. 5th is a Saturday on my calendar and I don't know of any banks that have full service counters open on Saturday. How the hell are you going to close an account when the bank isn't even open??

  5. If you want to stick it to the banks then you should get as many credit cards as you can - max them out buying silver and gold. When you get your monthly statement, don't pay it, tell them - you had your bailout, this is mine.

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