Monday, October 24, 2011

The Federal Reserve Bank is a Moral Hazard to the Nation and the World

                 We can complain about how the US Government is too big and bloated. We can get upset all we want about how Washington DC is the richest city in the nation. We can complain about which alphabet soup agencies are infringing on people's rights. We can worry all we want about the economy, inflation and dollar devaluation. We can complain about the police state being brutal on the population. We can get upset all we want about these undeclared wars and the empire we have abroad. We can debate about social security. We can moan all about the welfare state, the national debt and deficit spending. The truth is these are all the tentacles of the monster. We have to identify the beast of which it really is. We have to come to terms of its negative effects on our national character. This institution has robbed the nation of more than its wealth. It has robbed the people of its ruggedness; it is the source of the moral rot permeating our society today. Like a cancer spreading far and wide from the corporate world, from Main Street to Wall Street. All the way from high places in government down to the lowly bureaucrat, its influence knows no limits. Its influence has metastasized everywhere. 

                  We have to identify the problem responsible for our decline. We have to admit, what the root cause of our maladies we have as a nation. We have to understand, money is the mother's milk to the politicians. That is how they buy votes to win the next election. So where does these politicians get the money to spend? They get it from the Federal Reserve Bank were by magic they print up money out of thin air. This is the root cause of deficit spending and a bloated inefficient government. This is the reason for the moral decline in America. The welfare state wrecked society. It has put the responsibility of children caring for their parents in their old age, turned it over to the government with social security along with Medicare and Medicaid. The children are the real social security program. The welfare check has taken the place of the wage-earning father. Now we have children born out of wedlock in the black community by single mothers only in the home with no fathers present. The welfare state that was supposed to be a safety net, now this well intentioned system is now become a hammock for many people taking away the incentive to work.

                    The Federal Reserve Bank is at the heart of most of the political corruption in Washington DC. With these undeclared wars in the Middle East. Politicians will receive generous political contributions to their reelection campaigns by the Military Industrial complex. Why do you think there is just phony outrage from congress with Obama about the wars he never went to congress for a declaration? Why has congress has not acted as they should being a check on the executive branch being outside the law. The Military Industrial Complex own many of our elected representatives . If the bombs keep dropping in the Middle East, these defense contractors will keep selling ordinance to the Department of Defense. They do not make money when there are no wars.

                     When President Nixon closed to gold window, taking the dollar off the gold standard was a big mistake. This is when we seen the expansion in the size of government starting to accelerate. With the Federal Reserve, printing money out of thin air has corrupted the morals of a nation from the highest levels down into society. Dishonest money printed by the Federal Reserve is the biggest root cause to our society in decline morally, ethically and spiritually. With the printing presses going at warp speed printing this fiat currency, corruption and immorality flourish. We need to go back to honest money backed by gold and silver. This would keep the government within its means giving the power of the monetary policy back into the hands of congress as the Constitution mandates and shutting down the Federal Reserve System. As long, we have this central bank owned by foreign interest. Our nation will continue to decline because the Federal Reserve Bank is the Beast that is the biggest moral hazard to the nation and the world.


  1. Oh come on! The Federal Reserve is responsible for black children born out of wedlock? The Federal Reserve is responsible for wars in the Middle East? That America's decline spirituality is because of the Fed? That's ridiculous.

    And how exactly is the Fed a "moral hazard"? Do you even know what that a moral hazard is?

    I question your view of history. According to you, with the Fed being the source of all evil, the country should have begun its decline soon as it was founded. But the Fed was founded in 1913. And America had some truly great years after that. How do you explain the boom times in America if the Federal Reserve is such poison?

    And Nixon taking America off the gold standard. Sure a bad idea. But that is what started the expansion of the size of government? What about Social Security? That's a pretty big addition to the government.

    If the Federal Reserve is as evil a beast as you claim, it's a beast with little teeth.

  2. Causing black children to be born out of wedlock seems a stretch, I agree. Nevertheless, the underlying theme of the article is correct. The FED is a multi-headed monster. When it is put to death the world will be re-born into a new era of hope and possibility. We MUST re-gain real money. True money. Gold and silver have occupied that role through history because they don't change, rust, rot or spoil. It is not created from thin air.
    The FED's charter expires next year. With luck, the charter will ot be renewed.

  3. The fed prints the money and charges interest on its use.

    This is the core slavery mechanism - the beginning of systemic misery worldwide.

    Its got to go.

  4. Fine. so how about making the Fed and it's clutch of cronyCap fiends mark those toxic gadzillions of worthless assets to Market? Isn't Mr Mickey McMarket their God? Why not honour him while worshipping at his shrine?


  5. Typical uneducated ignorant American, look at me I'm the center of the Universe.

    The Federal Reserve his a lap dog, a pawn in the great global Chess game. the feds power over DC and the banking system is just a grand illusion to make you dumb ass Americans feel like your on top of the heap, yea your on top of a heap all right, a manure heap.

    The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) pulls the string at the Federal Reserve, When the BIS says bend over, Bernanke politely smiles and bends over. when the BIS says we are going to wreck your nation the clowns in DC clowns politely smile and say how master. When the BIS says jump Goldman Sachs politely smiles and says how high.

    America his nothing more then a war whore the BIS and Associates uses to slap nation into Global Governance submission.

    The United States of Democracy is not the center of the Universe