Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick Or Treat. A Good Day for Activism as well as Candy for the Children this Halloween

              We know the Obama administrations says never let a good crises go to waste. The occultist in our government who ran free around the forest in Bohemian Grove will celebrate this high holy day to unleash evil and darkness upon the earth. If they are praying too, First and foremost, We should we be praying too not to restrain the powers of darkness. But to defeat them. Also, to have successful activism. It would not hurt to pray too. We need all the help we can get from above.

               This is a very unique opportunity to reach people on Halloween. Many of us do have families we tend to and it gets really hard to make it out to certain events and meetings. My idea is if we are going to pass out candy and treats to the children. Whether it be candy corn or Kit Kat bars. We know we will be buying candy at the store to pass out to the children. But there is one more thing we can do to advance the cause of freedom and liberty to wake people up.

                We should be burning DVDs of Americas Freedom to Fascism and other great patriot films to the parents to who escort these children while they trick or treat. Last year I handed out bottled water and DVDs to the parents. This year we should be passing out not only DVDs, But  also Ron Paul for President literature and pocket constitutions . While the other side will not let a good crisis go to waste. We must no let this day go to waste either when we have the opportunity to reach so many people.

                 Time is short. We need to use our freedom of speech as much as possible while it is still legal. This is the time we need to use this day as an attempt to educate people. If we can enlighten many people. Tyranny will dissipate and wither away if the light of truth is shined on the darkness. We have to do more then just curse the darkness. We must light a candle. Do you agree? Lets not allow this Halloween go to waste when it is a great opportunity to wake up more people and also find like minded people too who share the same concern. Lets roll and wake up some more Americans while we have the chance. Time is short, lets not let it go to waste.

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  1. Please don't give out bibles, Ron Paul literature, or discourses on how politicians actually all worship Satan. I understand the world has problems, but childhood is short enough as it is. Let kids be kids, huh?