Friday, May 20, 2011

Has Government Outlawed Common Sence?

                 If we read how life was in America prior to the turn of the 20th century. People were expected to be responsible for the own lives and thinking for themselves. How America thrived and became the most greatest nation in the world was because people were free to use common sense solutions to run their own lives. How we govern ourselves at the local level was by common sense. The Bill of Rights is plain common sense maximizing the power of the individual and restraining the power of the state to a limited capacity. There was a day common sense was king.We did not need permission from the bureaucrats or politicians to peruse happiness.
                 Today in 2011 is not the case. We have people in Washington DC who think they know better how to run our lives better than we know how to. They think we are incapable of raising a family and being good parents. The Nanny state replaces common sense. In a government bureaucrat's or politician's mind. They know better than we do how to handle our lives is what they believe. They never owned a small business. They have no experience running a farm. They never worked a regular nine to five job.Somehow from Washington DC they are experts on everything even though they never once experienced what we go though outside the beltway.They know everything and we know nothing in their mentality.
                We seen the death of common sense.It is outlawed.Common sense would dictate when going through the airport. Using K-units to sniff for drugs and explosives is less intrusive and much more efficient. The TSA does not use common sense. They have to stick hands down people's pants and abuse passengers which defies all common sense solutions to security at the airports. Government not using common sense anymore is a means to justify their existence. I remember a friend I knew who was raked over the coals by the IRS.Why? Dozens of Illegal aliens used his social security number all around the country to work making my friend a millionaire on paper. Common sense says go after the people using his social security number and with the data my friend could not be all over the country at once.Common sense says let him off the hook and go after the people responsible. That did not happen. For two years my good friend went through a nightmare to clear his good name when it could have been solved in less than a day.
              My conclusion is common sense is the enemy of big government. Not using common sense is costly and time consuming.If the government used common sense. We would not have a 14 trillion debt and congressional leadership would not raise the debt ceiling.They would stop borrowing money long ago. Because the government does not use common sense anymore in how it governs the nation.Our government is going to collapse because they ignored the warning signs instead of using common sense in the first place to avert the crisis coming on the horizon.
              Tyranny does not use common sense. They love to complicate matters to create confusion and chaos.There is a reason why common sense is outlawed. If common sense was used by the people and the government.Tyrants would have no power over the people because there would be no dependence on government. Tyrants use laws that defy common sense to impoverish the people to keep them dependent on the dictator. The independent minded person who uses common sense is the enemy to tyranny.Can you see why they do not want us growing our own food and want to restrict the people from using common sense solutions to solve what we face today? Because the people know better and exposes once people are independent from any constraint free to use common sense.It will show big government is no longer needed. Sooner or later common sense will prevail.




  1. Common sense says we should just laugh when government officials make a public announcement. Think about those Chinese students that laughed when Mr. Geitner told them that the US had a strong dollar policy. They were right to laugh weren't they. Why aren't we laughing?

  2. When has government ever used common sense?

    It seems to me that the lack of common sense is the rule of the day everyday at the government.


  3. realman,

    as I posted a comment a while back saying that your misuse of the English language made reading your stuff more work than it was worth, I think it obligatory of me to post this: I stayed away from lonestarwatchdog for several weeks but did read this article. Congratulations! Your grammar has improved a bunch. I will again check in regularly.
    Proofreading hint: Any sentence that has an "if" must also have a "then".

    Realmen learn to use their weapons effectively.

  4. Then iffin he reckons a bit different, he's not a real man?

    Hell, the Europeans still can't say 6-3=3 for fear of being arrested, tried and thrown into prison for DeNile ain't just a river in Eretz Israel.


  5. You have a type in the title of this article.
    It reads sence instead of sense.

  6. We have entered the age of the psychopath.

    Check out author Thomas Sheridan:

  7. I echo the comments of those who are calling you on your delivery, but at least you're doing it. Good for you.

  8. The governments are fighting a losing battle, because common good always triumphs over evil.

  9. Citizens arrest brigades per state to arrest the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government for Treason = War v US = Wars on Terror Drugs Middle Class Middle East Women

  10. Abolish money and select politicians from jury pool.

  11. Bankers, corporations, and government are waging economic war v US by outsourcing and foreclosure and credit default swaps, adjustable rate mortages, and mortgage backed securities, etc. Economic War v US = War v US = Treason. Economic war started American Revolution.