Monday, May 30, 2011

Veternans Visting The Beaches Normandy Will Endure The TSA.It is Our Duty These Man Did not Fight and Die For Nothing.

           On June 6, 2011 of this year. Many veterans will travel to France to remember that day on the beaches of Normandy storming on the shore. They faced heavy fire from entrenched machine gun nest. Many of these old men remember that day like it was yesterday seeing their good buddies fall on the shore. To some it was considered the longest day. It was a day also when we read about the valor and courage in the campaign to liberate France from NAZI occupation. Many good men are laid to rest close to those very beaches in France.

           The warriors who stormed the beaches of France have one more mission to complete. That is when they arrange travel plans to visit to see the beaches were they seen their fellow comrades fall. They will have hotel accommodations arranged. With the pain of the shrapnel in their bodies enduring the pain of old age. They are determined to visit and give honor to their buddies who died in battle.

           Their mission they have to prepare for is unpredictable and nerve racking. That is enduring the unreasonable searches and seizure at the airport. They will be felt up and forced to stand up out of the wheelchairs to show they are not a threat to national security. They will be humiliated because they have to endure a cavity search because the bits of shrapnel from battle will set off the metal detector. They will be groped and have their genitals squeezed looking for explosive in his urinary tract . I do not think captured soldiers in NAZI POW camps did not endure such humiliation from the guards. The TSA will give no special consideration to our veterans of the greatest generation.

             The day they travel to France to honor their fallen in battle on the beaches of Normandy. It will be a sad day for them. The TSA will remind these old warriors that all those close near and dear to them died for nothing because what they fought to defeat has now come to America. It is our duty to make sure these men who survived that day on the beach did not fight for nothing and their buddies did not die in vain. The torch has been passed to us to see to it that freedom is preserved and we will win. They fought the battles for liberty paid in pain and blood. We must let them know before they pass away into the sunset of their life. We will carry on the fight for freedom in their honor starting with defeating  the TSA.


  1. Wow, so true, thats fucked.

  2. Thanks for making this observation. And all honor to our courageous Veterans on Memorial Day, especially those from WWII! We cannot allow their fearless commitment and sacrifice to be in vain.

  3. My Friend
    Your exactly right on everything you wrote above once again, i like your comments, but lets get real here people have had, including many of these men 10 years to wake up and see what is happening how most of our Western Countries are turning into Nazi - Fascist Police States, it goes back to 11th Sept 2001 when most Western Countries including my own country Australia had Patriot Act Terrorism Laws on their desks of Attorney Generals ready to be introduced into Parliaments everywhere, we warned then what these Patriot Laws were really to be used for and how out of them Homeland Security and TSA would grow into the New SS Bodies, many of these people you talk about above have sat on their back side just kept voting Republican - Democrat and have condemned us as Anti this or that for speaking out, now everything we have been saying for 10 years is coming back to haunt them.
    You stop Nazism - Fascism when it first raises its ugly head, NOT 10 years latter my friend, if ever we are going to clean things up now many of these people above you speak about will have to come out and help us fight this last Great War, and its a War on all Humanity which if we lose our children and grand children will be sold into bondage as slaves, the system is so corrupt from to to toe and this Police State mentality we have to talk back our Parliament dismiss all these Governments and corrupt sold out politicians and rebuild the system all over again from the top right down to the bottom, but the people who have created this Police State have also created and passed Laws to stop us from doing anything of taking back our countries, i feel sorry but if people haven't woken up after 10 years to see what is going on and have done nothing to help all these years its too late.
    Like an old lady said to me once, she said before this thing is over there will be allot of people killed before we can take back our countries

  4. Veternans Visting The Beaches Normandy Will Endure The TSA.It is Our Duty These Man Did not Fight and Die For Nothing.

    WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS EVEN MEAN???? Why do you hate the English language so much?


    lol - I agree. Sure, those who will be visiting the beaches, did not die for nothing, and the fact that they did not die, is our duty, lol.

    Maybe when the common level of illiteracy reaches these levels, the TSA becomes really necessary... at least, not so unreasonable.

  6. The TSA molest for their little pay checks, the same checks that you help to provide every time you buy a ticket.

  7. Anybody with an I.Q. over 75 knows who did 9-11 because of the huge piles of evidence and the logic in paying attention to an attacker. The TSA does not care. Ask them.

    To the rest of you, sorry you were not there when this ability to recognize personal threat was handed out. Say your prayers. We have to do what me must to reinstate the legacy which has yet to fade in the hearts of those who comment on the dignity granted by our Constitution, including those who misspell in the process.

    And I promise to proof-read my own work more rigorously. Meaning and sincerity are fogged by careless grammar and INsufficient obscenity and INsufficient threatening tones. But we have language standards to uphold and laws to obey, or else. I have already been banned from England for fingering the Royals as the source of motivation for the misdeeds of the S&B society in the past attacks on America.

    Seems Prince CHAAALLZ is not the 'HOOT' that he used to be and he will have to sell off the British Empire at fire sale prices if they do not succeed in taking back America in the next 15 years. The English Crown already thinks they control the White House and Congress through BP,Social Security, the Skull and Bones Society, and AIPAC. England produces next to nothing compared to the bling they must maintain. The Rothschild bank and the English Crown are the two pincers of the success of the British Empire. They start most major wars involving Whitey. This centralized bank -interest payments crap must spin down the loo, ASAP. The attacks on Libya and the rest of the middle east are a disgrace.
    Personally, if I was one of these D-Day veterans who suffered through just about the worst act of hell thrust on humanity in all of history and beyond, and I did it for my country and a TSA guy grabbed my crotch, I would eventually have his address and eventually he would not. That would be his best option. Our country is SICK. Chucky meets Talking Tina and The Village People MUST GO. Time to react for each and all. If you want to have gay sex, do it out of my face. Keep your hands off me. Have your boss Janet the Molester or 'The Breather' give you one before work.

  8. Howard, respectfully, I know people with IQs over 150 and they firmly believe OBL did 9/11. I now people with IQs in double digits that are aware of what did happen that day. Intelligence is no measure of ability to think for yourself.

    That these vets are being subjected to this, in the end may be okay because the outrage may wake people up. The more extreme 'they' get the more obvious the fascism will be...

  9. Two things. One, your don't need to capitalize "Nazi". It's a name, so just capitalize the first letter.

    Two, these vets. Are they complaining about the TSA? Are these men you idolize really the fighters for freedom you make them out to be? They were 18, 19 years old. They joined the war because of patriotic bull like "fight them over there so we don't fight them over here".

    These men were no more heroes than any of us. So I don't like how people continue to hold these men up as heroes. They are just men. Their opinion on the TSA has nothing to do with their veteran status.

    Please stop trying to cram them into your idea of what a patriot should be.

  10. I think the biggest problem with this author's writing is that he can't write like he speaks. He can't hear the words in his head.

    Example. The first two sentences.
    "On June 6, 2011 of this year."
    "Many veterans will travel to France..."

    These aren't two separate thoughts. They are one thought. A period isn't needed. A comma is. "Last summer, I ate ice cream" "Last summer. I ate ice cream" The first is a sentence. The second is what Joe Friday sounds like. And unless this is an episode of Dragnet, it's incorrect use of the language.

    When are blog authors going to get it? Hollywood spends *billions* not on the message, but on how to present that message. And bloggers can't even bother to get an editor. Is it any wonder who is more listened to?

  11. NobodysaysBOO:
    Who the hell cares about english grammar and sintax in a spanish speaking space! LOL,LOL
    MEXAS the home of proper english RIGHT!!!!
    This article is not about teaching english to non-english speakers and english as a second language latinos this is about a failed state!
    The trashy little bastard shrub did not use proper english and NOBODY said BOO!

  12. Stop with the "red herrings" and stick to the issue.
    That veterans who once fought to "end" fascist regimes will have to endure the very thing they fought against. Yes the TSA is overstepping the Constitution, well so are the entire Federal government. Rights are given to you by God and are superior to the laws of men. They have fired if just someone off the street shoved his hands down your pants what would you do? He no longer has authority...he nullified it when he violated the Constitution.