Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is it Hunting Season For RINOs yet?

               The American people and mainly my fellow Texans are tired of being burned by the phony patriots. Many of us have traveled many miles to support an event. We have raised money for them.We have donated money to their political campaigns that. Many of us canvased going door to door talking to people trying to get them to vote for them. We have volunteered our time.We answered the phones for the campaign offices. Even used our own personal phone to make calls to perspective voters. We believed in their promises and we were hopeful many significant changes will be made. We send these people to congress and the state legislators to do their duty in keeping a check on the executive branch of government.
               Instead of doing their due diligence required under the Constitution to keep the other branches in government in check. They have become a rubber stamp for the President or the Governors. They roll over more times for the White House or the State Governor thas the cat and dog at the President's word.The congress will cave in on the debt ceiling. They reauthorized the freedom killing Patriot Act. Now they are giving the President unlimited War Powers to go start a conflicts at his will with any sovereign nation around the world. I mean starting wars with nations that never attacked us and pose no threat to our national security. We have a government gone mad hell bent dominating the American people and the world for their Corporate backers who contributed so generously to their reelection campaigns.
                 Our Threat to our liberty and security does not come from the hard left of the Democratic Party. The Obama Administration is not the threat either as everyone makes him out to be. Our danger lies in the Republican establishment. The elected Representatives and Senators who made politics a career well entrenched in the Republican party. When election year comes around.They tell us what we want to hear and when they are sworn in again. They revert back to business as usual and stab their supporters in the back when it is time to deliver on their promises.
                 The President has war in Libya that has went beyond what the war powers act demands reporting the Congress after 60 days. The President is picking fights with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.We do not hear a word from Congress on him ordering troops around the world putting your American in harms way for corporations and not for the security of the republic. They sit idly by as the President acts as a dictator trampling over individuals and States rights with no legal right to do so. They are inept and incapable of representing the people. Why because a few select people placed in key positions have become the obstructionist and the problem in the republican party. We had to fight for Ron Paul to be on a sub committee that was entitled to him by seniority. If we have not spoken up. The lead chairmanship would be given to a RINO.
                  The RINOs miscalculated when Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst ripped the mask off the republicans in name only true agenda of who they are. They showed their card for everyone to see when he killed the Anti TSA bill in the State Senate.I believe the Lt Governor will be the first domino to fall with a chain reaction taking down more RINOs who are obstructing the will of the people. I believe it will be hunting season for RINOs soon moving into the election years. The NEO CONS and the RINOs are becoming extinct now. They are being exposed and will politically be going down in flames in 2012. This maneuver under the Radar to kill a bill the people of Texas wanted might be the straw that broke the camels back.  It is going to get ugly.The fight has just begun. This is a battle we will not lose.

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  1. I was unable to find out much on the Dewhurst family and that bothered me because I do NOT want a guy like Obama being MY Senator!

    Maybe THIS will enlighten you!

    YOU WILL want to read THIS:

    Surname apparently originated in England but I still can't find anything on his parents or siblings. THAT is a bad sign to me.