Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mike Rivero is Right!The Best Way to Take Down a Dictator is to Make Him Act Like One

                  I see Mike Rivero's wisdom prevail over the talking heads in the lame-stream media. The host repeats his famous quote"The Best Way to Bring Down a Dictator and to Make him Act Like a Dictator" Mike is right. We see the President acting more like a dictator more than statesmen everyday. The Presidents latest ploys with the release of a questionable copy of a birth certificate and the faked death of Osama Photoshop. The desperate act of a dictator to regain credibility has backfired. So what is next he will do?
                 President Obama is dissing the press and has removed cameras from the White House daily briefings. He is wasting no effort to bring Chicago style mafia tactics to government trying to strong arm the media. He is moving to try to control the internet and the alternative media. He has made his move recently asking YouTube to censor protest videos and remove them. He is using every tactic in the book to chill free speech.
                  One thing I learned about Dictators.They think they are a law unto themselves. They are very arrogant and have a condescending attitude toward people lower than him .This is the classic narcissistic characteristic of a dictator. If he can not get his way with congress. He uses the bureaucracy to get around congress on gun control,cap and trade,amnesty and moving to restrict the internet. Why?It is not for cyber security. We are kicking the snot out of him.With dictators in the past.There was no internet.Most information was controlled what was said on film,print and the media. The President is losing control of the flow of information.
                  President actions show he is getting desperate to hold on power.What make the birthers a threat to him not so much were he was born. I believe their is many things in his past he is trying to conceal than can be far more damaging. This can remove him from office and make all legislation,executive orders and decrees he signed will be all null and void. America unlike other nations. Many other nations were their dictator disarmed their peasants before they threw down the iron fist. Obama would have a hard time here because there is too many people who have firearms.American have tolerated much of what the President has done  chomping at the bit. When  he crosses than line acting like a dictator cracking down on dissidents and free speech. A good percentage of an armed population will resist him which will be his down fall because he will be seen as a dictator.


  1. Hey realman2020,..Excellent Post; right on the money brother!


  2. You realize this is ridiculous, right? If you start out with the supposition that someone is a dictator, then everything that he does you will see as something a dictator would do. He could cut taxes to 0% and you'd say he's pandering, trying to buy love. He could bring taxes up and you'd say he's gathering money to buy more power. There isn't anything he can do to DISPROVE your theory, which makes it laughable! Conspiracy theorists cling to ideas that cannot be disproven. All evidence that goes against what you believe is "fake" and everything you see just confirms the baloney.

    You say shame on everyone who fell for the "rapture scam" but don't you see that you're a victim of a sham too? No surprise, Americans have no critical thinking skills and just repeat whatever they see on tv.