Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Message to the Texas State Senate Caving in. They Are Not Safe


  1. I have criticized some views expressed at this site in the past, but it seems ludicrous that Americans have to stand up for the privacy and sanctity of their private parts, but here we are in 21st century America!

  2. I was mad as a wet hornet about this yesterday and as a Texan I'm still mad as hell. For Gods sake would you soon to be unelected officials in Austin remember our history, hell I'll drive you to Gonzales and give you tour and history lesson at my expense if you want.

    Tell the feds to GO POUND SAND. SHUT DOWN DALLAS AIRPORT and see how well the country does with that, the remaining states would be screaming to the feds to stop the TSA insanity by the end of the week.

    Note to Dewhurt, if you plan on running for Governor you lost 4 possible votes from my immediate family and I assure you when I speak with the rest of them you'll be losing a lot more you worthless sack of traitorous bovine excrement.

  3. The Senator who caved on this is a fool. That
    bill could have been used strategically not
    only to get rid of the TSA but Obama himself.
    Texas should have called the bluff and driven
    the bill forward. Let them shutdown air traffic
    in and out of Texas. There would be hell to pay
    very quickly for the economic losses. The Texas
    senator should jam the responsibility right
    down Obamas throat by repeating loudly that
    Obama refused to uphold his oath of office and
    defend the 4th amendment of the Constitution. So
    the Texas senator had to do his job while Obama
    refused to do his. That's kind of issue hanging
    over Obama would be the kiss of death for his
    reelection so he would have no choice but to
    dump the TSA nationwide. 2 birds with one stone
    since he won't get elected on all the other
    issues. Win - Win.

  4. I have to agree with Anonymous -- I'd love to have seen the TSA shut down the Texas Airports... please...

    But no... our elected officials have no backbones left in them. They roll over with the slightest whiff of confrontation from TSA.

    Of course I don't see any other states standing up to them either.

    Soon, we'll be seeing the TSA (Nazi) uniformed patrol on every street corner, in every school, park, restaurant, etc., etc.

    But we are good, obedient Americans and we'll just bend over and let them probe us 'for the sake of security and to fight terrorism.'

    Good Americans, Good Americans... pat, pat, pat on head.

  5. open letter to mike jackson

    If the federal government is threatening an ‘’air blockade ‘’ of texas, in response to the legislation that was on the floor,that was just quashed, and mandate that the federal government can, and will violate the 4th ammendment, And continue to perform , what would otherwise be a lude act, in any other jurisdiction, state , local, municipal, with impunity, what should the citizens of texas do,? The texas government can not protect us, the police will not intervene, and there is no one to help us , what should we do mike? The feds just threatened texas with war.. a blockade of all air traffic is an act of war.

    So should I just be happy I still live in a free country, and take my radiation / groping with a smile,continue to support the troops , and tie a yellow ribbon as they say??my wife is going to be flying next week, is this what I can expect from the texas leadership?? More violations of natural rights , on and on? More federal capitulation??

    Chris shields
    Texas citizen

  6. Nice to see our government engaging in terrorism.

  7. It is quite clear now that the federal "government" is now terrorist in nature. Certainly this threatening of Texas with massive financial losses if it obeys the 4th Amendment is a terrorist action by definition.

  8. No question about it, Texas.
    I've never seen ANYTHING work with a bully except ONE thing --- and it isn't giving in.
    It's standing up.
    Even if it means tangling with him and getting a little bit bloody, yourself.
    We ALL better start doing that, or we're done.

    Liberty & Justice

  9. What happened to our Alamo spirit? We have to stand firm against the Feds.


  10. DONT MESS WITH TEXAS ! TSA DID AND WON (Pathetic Show from the Texas House)

  11. Texas should say, ok, go ahead and start cancelling flights. But as soon as the very first flight gets cancelled, the Texas Atty. General is going to launch an independent probe into the "terrorist attack" of 9/11/2001.