Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Texas Legislator Caved into the Federal Government's Threats to Shut Down Air Travel In Texas If Anti TSA Groping Law Passed

Texas Nationalist Movement

The Feds Came For It And Texas Gave It

In 1938, Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain, returned to England after negotiating a settlement with Hitler and Nazi Germany. After years of Nazi aggression in Europe where country after country fell to the German war machine, Chamberlain, touting the success of his doctrine of appeasement publicly boasted that he had secured "peace for our time."
He had not.
Today Texas faces an aggression more insidious, though less violent, than that faced by Europe in the 1930's and 1940's. This time it flows not from Berlin but from the vicinity of the Potomac River.
Yesterday, the Texas Legislature took a cue from Chamberlain and bowed to a Federal Government threat to shut down air travel if Texas criminalized the touching of peoples genitals by TSA workers at airports.
The United States Department of Justice, in anticipation of the almost guaranteed passage of the bill fired off a letter to the Texas Senate threatening to shut down all air travel in Texas if it passed. Channeling the spirit of Neville Chamberlain, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in concert with Senator Kirk Watson used this threat as an excuse to work behind the scenes to kill the bill.
Until this legislative session, appeasement has never been a part of the Texan character. The actions and inactions of this session of the Texas Legislature serve to tarnish the memory of the heroes of Gonzales, the Alamo and San Jacinto. They have forgotten the lesson of Goliad - surrendering to tyranny is often followed by your own massacre.
While this legislation and all of the circumstances surrounding it may seem like an odd rallying point for the Texas Nationalist Movement, it must be.
Our Cassandra's Cry has, for years, been that the Constitution of United States has been destroyed and that there is no saving the Union. The TSA's actions in fondling men, women and children is a violation of the rights guaranteed in the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Texans should have the right to be secure in our papers, persons and pants.
We are not.
In addition, Texas should have the right under the 10th Amendment to regulate activities within its own borders and stand against the intrusion of the Federal Government into the lives of Texans that exceeds its Constitutional mandate.
We do not.
In essence, the Federal Government has said that:
The Constitution doesn't matter.If you don't let us fondle your men, women and children then we will cripple your economy.
This is a message that has been repeated on more than one occasion over the last several years. On the issues of energy, agriculture, the border and many others, the Federal Government has stuck to their party line - this is our party and you'll cry if we want you to. If they believe that tyranny administered by the TSA is acceptable then I invite Lt. Governor Dewhurst and Sen. Watson to bring their wives and children to the South Steps of the Capitol where they will be given a standard TSA search. If, after subjecting their spouses and children to this humiliating public display as thousands of other Texans have, they still find it acceptable then we will never speak on this subject again.
It is time for Texas to fulfill the words of Sam Houston. It is time for us to lift our head and stand among the nations. It is time to put an end to Federal threats, Federal inaction and Federal encroachments on our sovereignty.
To accomplish this, the people of Texas must stand up for freedom and independence. They must assert their national character and overcome the do-nothing politicians in Austin. This is no longer about the politicians. They cannot solve the problem. This is about the people.
I call on all the people of Texas who care about freedom and independence to rally around the cause of the Texas Nationalist Movement and work with us to end Federal rule in Texas once and for all.
Unlike the Texas Legislature, the Texas Nationalist Movement is committed to securing and protecting the independence of Texas no matter the threats and no matter the cost. While they have repeatedly caved and wavered, we have not. As we have met challenges on our road to independence we have adapted and overcome. While the Texas government has stood silently by as Texas has become the whipping boy of Uncle Sam, we have exercised every method at our disposal to rage against the machine of tyranny. When we fly the "Come And Take It" flag, we mean it.
Where the Legislature has failed to lead, we will.
The message from the members of the Texas Nationalist Movement to the Texas Legislature is simple: "You're sitting in our seats."


  1. I cannot believe this. Not in Texas. We tell the feds what to do. Traitors in our midst?

  2. so
    why does Texas not shut off the flow of natural gas, gasoline, (note where the gasoline refineries are in the united states), and how about computers and chips
    etc, etc etc

  3. I better never hear of Texas talking about leaving the US anymore since they just cave in like every other state! BTW, Texans get told what to do just like the rest of the US!! Try pushing your rights there and you will get arrested just like everywhere in Amerika!


  5. Need a revolution and hang all the traitors in DC.

  6. How exactly would the feds go about this? Are they actually threatening to invade Texas and take it over? If so, then if the governor caved like that, there should be an immediate recall and/or prosecution of this s***bag for failing to do his primary duty, which is to protect the rights of the people in his state.

    Assuming that there is anybody in the Texas media with an ounce of stones, they should demand to know exactly, in detail, what the feds intended to do, and why he caved and grabbed his ankles without even having the guts to ask for a reach-around.

  7. They should have followed through and damned the flights. The rest of the states should follow the example and damned the flights. Until the Feds understand that the people mean business, they won't budge and they will take more and more of our rights. Let the Feds deal with the decision to shut down airports. They will do more harm to themselves than they will the states.

  8. Ground all flights until the TSA is gone, just do not fly!!

  9. Only way to do it is for the State of Texas to be taken over (electorally, preferably) by actual patriots, and for secession to follow.

  10. US government complicit in the mass murders on 9/11 - crooks have taken over the government - TSA and Dept. of Homeland Criminals the result. Until we prosecute and jail the real terrorists who control government - we will have to submit to them grabbing our balls, shooting us full of cancer, and killing innocent people in other nations for their own greed.

  11. Definitely make sure David Dewhurst does NOT become our next Texas Senator. You have now witnessed what he will do for Texas...NOTHING.

  12. You got your asses handed to you at the Alamo; San Jacinto was a fluke, Civil War asses handed to you, JFK asses handed to you, Bush's Patriot Act... asses handed to you, etc, etc, etc; no one believes anything comes out of Texas, but steers and queers.

    The majority of white folk in Texas are so stupid and racist that when SHTF from the government they will attack the Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, et al for their suffering and misfortune. They are too dumb to notice all the new athletic stadiums are right next to train facilities and teachers, janitors, bus drivers are all being laid off.

    The largest army base in the US is at Fort Hood, TX and Fort Bliss, Tx is not far behind. The most gun owners in America have the largest group of Army troops to squash them flat; like a coastal "squitter". Texas will go down on history like Johnson went down on the Johnson! Hear that clicking sound? It's doors and windows locking... not ammunition falling into chambers; Indiana pussy # 1, Texas pussy # 2, ... get a pool going to see who folds last.

  13. I guess Texas will be taking down there "dont mess with Texas" signs .

  14. Airports can opt out of the body scanners. If the politicians won't fight for the people, then the people need to pressure the airports. It's all about money and the Fed's probably threatened some kind of extortion. This battle was lost but the war is far from over.

  15. All this TSA and sexual harassment stuff can all be stopped real easy - stop flying.


  17. Have read the article and the comments. Has anyone here read the US Constitution? The US gov't. is relying on its Constitutionally granted right to govern interstate commerce, so they do have the right to cancel any interstate flights but not any flight that starts and stops in Texas. But the US gov't. is a sick s.o.b. They say that possessing one Constitutional right gives them to violate at least two others--the fourth and tenth amendments, also possibly the third.
    Has anybody ever heard that, "A man is presumed innocent until proven guilty"? Then why does the gov't. practice differently than what it preaches in it's schools?
    You get your crotches fondled by some sick bastard gov't. employee that is willing to do same even though the government does not have one speck of evidence that you have ever broken any law.

    If I were a part of the Texas legislature, I would recommend that HR??? be modified to read: It is of deep concern to us all that interstate commerce can conceivably be used for harm, therefore Texas voluntarily agrees to stop all interstate shipments; including oil, natural gas, computer parts, etc. (thanks for Anon's comment). Yeah, some problems will arise for Texan's, but a whole lot more for the feds. C'mon! Texans, prove you're the "Don't mess" guys and gals. Where you lead, others will follow.

  18. George HW Bush and son both elected and reelected and going both ways the entire time. Jeff Gannon of was shared with England's Tony Blair when he was in town to see
    'W'and later went to Rio to marry a recently divorced Carl Rove. What was GW's pet name for Rove, "Turdblossom"?
    How you people can produce Ron Paul ans Jack Brooks and puke-up George Bush 41&43 is beyond me.
    You just let 3 or 4 child molesters and gay-rape wannabes do it in your faces for the rest of your lives. Gonzales got busted with the practice of dragging reform school kids out for Gestapo buggery. Just whose mommy is in charge of day-care in Texas this week? Sam Houston and Santa Anna are both turning in their graves.

  19. So many of us and so few of them.

  20. nobodysaysBOO:
    They STILL work for bush.
    BUSH still runs MEXAS!

    TURDBLOSSOM said (I love this quote):“We are an Empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality – judiciously as you will – we will act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We are history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Carl Rove

  21. Where is the mystery here, they are politicians !!!!

    Talking loud is what they do for the cameras, but once the gloves come off they demure like little girls.

    Time for some new non politicians to be our reps, it could work......... nothing else has