Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Don't Need a Patriot Act. We just Want to be Left Alone.

                Can anyone find any justification to extend the Patriot Act another four years? Where are the threats to our nations security? If Osama Bin Laden is dead and Al Quada is almost no more. Why do we need a Patriot Act.We do we need sneak and peek self signed search warrants?Why do we need our phones and internet activity tapped? Why all these cameras on every street corner?Why do we need to have a credit check when we apply for a job? Why is their such a need to the Federal Government to look over our shoulders to see everything and what everyone is doing?Why can the government just leave us alone? We are not a threat. We live our lives.We have no intentions of stealing and harming people. We are not the criminals or the terrorist.So who is the threat and why?
                So who is really threatened? It is the American people who face the threat of danger. Not from Muslims and not from a foreign power. The biggest threat is from our Government. The biggest danger is from their unlawful actions. The government will not leave the people alone.The government will not mind its own business. They want to monitor our purchases by debit or credit card accounts. It is none of their business when I buy a gallon of milk or ammunition. Now in this new Patriot act. They want all 4473 forms from our gun stores. The truth is the Federal government poses a threat to the safety and security of the American people. Why is their a need to grope and fondle to board a plane? Why do they want to set up check points and have these same TSA stations set up so I can be felt up so I can go get a loaf of bread and a dozen of eggs. The TSA and all the government agencies never stopped terrorist since 9-11-01. Actually they have killed more people being the terrorist in the name of stopping terrorism killed more people than on Sept 11,2001.
              If we are in a War on Terror. Why has not our northern and southern borders been secured? Why when we read the news paper.There are more mass graves being unearthed on the southern border. From San Diego California to Brownsville Texas. The border is a war zone. We have a war on drugs too,So far this war failed to do anything to stop the flow of drugs coming inside the United States. It made the problem worse. It does not matter if we have a war on Terror,drugs,poverty and illiteracy.We have more terror not from Muslims living in caves.We get terrorism from Federal Jack Booted Thugs busting down the door in the dark of night because the act of terrorism is growing a tomato garden and selling raw milk. In the war on drugs we get pulled over and shaken down on the highways for cash because that money we earned in a hard days work can be confiscated for no reason at all.
             The truth is the War on Terror and Drugs is not to stop any of them. People die more from drowning in the bathtub and in household accidents than from acts of terrorism. Now we have a strangers hand's down our pants.The War on Drugs corrupted law enforcement to the point they use the easement laws concerning private property to stage a drug deal in front of someones home.They pervert the law so they can use asset of forfeiture laws to seize property because a drug deal happened 3am in front of the house without the owner's knowledge.It has nothing to do if the Homeowner sold Drugs or Not. It has to do with the Police being interested in the House,the Motor home and Bass Boat parked in the driveway. Because it was for the money and the booty. Not to stop drugs. Legalized piracy.
             In reality why they want to renew and extend the Patriot Act. It has nothing to do with real terrorism. If they were serious about stopping terror, They would have eliminated the BATFE and the CIA to begin with. They are trying to stage a false flag attack on this nation as an excuse to crack down on the population in the name of going after fabled enemy. The President and Congress has a low approval rating. People are buying guns more than ever. People do not trust the government. The government can not tell the truth if it will do good for them, The people see what is happening in Egypt,Spain and what the people of Iceland did in dealing with corruption in their government and the bankers. People are looking past the puppets in the White House and in Congress. Everyone is seeing the real power that is Wall Street,The Federal Reserve and the offshore International Bankers. This has the power structure panicking because the public is seeing through the facade.
             The only way they can try to regain control over the people is to renew this draconian Patriot Act. With no major event with a new enemy to attack to go to war. It will be a hard sell without a false flag. This is why they need a new reason to keep the patriot act in place.Why? It is for a rear guard force in place as an attempt to keep the people from rising up and bringing the traitors and looters to justice by using fear and intimidation getting into our person space. There is no need to the patriot act. Just leave us alone and get out of our lives. What the goons and control freaks do not understand is human nature. When we push back and defend our homes and dignity. It is not criminal. It is not a terrorist threat. It is just we want to be left alone. We can mange our lives so much better without infringing on others life liberty and property. Why the government needs to infringe on our rights to stop a phantom enemy shows they do not want to protect us. But rule us. This is why we want the government out of our lives and just leave us alone or unintended consequences will follow. I am not calling for violence or an uprising.It is just normal human nature when survival instinct kick in will rear its ugly head when the government steps on one too many toes. It is not a matter of if it happens. But when it happens we do not know.


  1. By not paying attention to how they vote, America has relied on the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) controlled television news services to choose for them. The results have been disasterous. Read the studies on this. They ALL confirm it.
    As a result, the CFR has managed to seat a White House administration of neurotic self-obsessed molesters and such to facilitate failure internationally and domestically.
    Congress, likewise nominated and elected, represent the most shallow, vain, and self-serving elements of American culture. The Constitution be damned. These people want loot. These people want to reshape society to their own personal interest and comfort. And stopping their impassioned rampage takes real effort when the CFR is providing the smokescreen.
    Kill your TV.

  2. We the People are the real threat.

    Three Hundred million strong against 545.

    They need this act to keep the sheep in check.

  3. Don't forget that federal government has become the biggest employer, and the salary there already twice exceeds private sector. Then add thousands of private firms whose only or main customer is the same government; and growing. What do you think they all are supposed to do if they leave you alone, as you suggest?

  4. Politically, I agree. But Please, what is the plural of "terrorist"?

  5. NobodysaysBOO:
    Empires never last,they cause hell then fall flat!If you live in an empire you need to move out.
    What happened to all of the ROMAN soldiers? They died and went to hell,same for all the empires.Chinese,Japanese,Conquestidores,oopa SPAIN,even the little ones like EASTER ISLANDS bird men ALL DEAD. OH and the GERMANS, lets never forget the HOLLOW COST!
    Republics happen when empires fail and ours will be no different;and, it will never last a thousand years like the GERMAN empire.
    What happenes to the emperors? Same as always they are killed or exicuted,Ceasar,POLLPOT,BUSH oops not yet.


    always remember the scum that said:
    “We are an Empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality – judiciously as you will – we will act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We are history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Carl Rove

  6. The Patriot Act is what americans deserve,.

    If you vote in to office

    tax cheats

    you get the government that you deserve.


  7. Without the Patriot Act, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights would once again be operative. No bankster cabal wants that, do they?

    @Sheila, whilst I agree with you in principle, it goes deeper than that and not even Congress got to read these vile acts. Get everyone focussed on 'bread and circuses' and the banksters 'care not who make the laws'.

    Ergo - jail the banksters.