Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Than 10% of Texans Have Arrest Warrants out for Unpaid Traffic Tickets.

             I wish the Houston city government will someday understand two things. You can not squeeze blood from a stone because everyone is broke. People are trying to survive in these economic times keeping a roof over their heads and feeding their children. Second is do not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Police no longer protect the people's life, liberty ,and property. They are revenue generators for the government. This is the big reason why I stay away from Houston because the police are writing tickets for the most ridicules reasons. The police going way over the top writing tickets,This hurts local economies in these cities when police always have cars pulled over. It is bad for business. People avoid places where the police are out writing tickets to the excess harassing motorist .
           The Houston Police Department has announced an amnesty for all unpaid traffic and parking tickets to end on June 4, 2011. I am sorry to say there is no money out there anymore. People no longer have the disposable income to spend on tickets as they did in the past. Good luck trying to locate many of them. Many  of these people probably had their homes foreclosed or might be homeless. It seems the police and the government has been more of the cause for people having unnecessary hardships than a help. More than 10% of Texans have outstanding warrants mostly from unpaid traffic tickets. People can not afford to pay these tickets. I bet many of these citations are frivolous. It is all about revenue and not so much about public safety.
           I wish Police and government had more empathy for the people who pay their salaries. If the city wants more revenue. It needs to get out of the way in the down town areas that attract business and scale back police presence too. People will avoid going into downtown areas if the are going to be harassed by the police. To pay for a citation over nothing cost money people do not have. I can say one thing the cost of tracking people down for unpaid tickets will cost more than it is worth. If the city just forgive and give everyone with an outstanding ticket a reprieve.Giving people clean slate will do more good than playing police state.



  1. It is not just Texas. Oregon cops are even worse. Read the facebook post for, "Gary Don Oliver, Kelso, WA."

  2. There is an agenda here. This is a way to get slave labour for the privatized prison system.
    Corporations pay you $.23 per hour or in some cases nothing at all to do contract labour in prison. When they finally arrest these people and they can't pay the tickets and added fees they'll get thrown in debtors prison to work as slaves. Welcome to Amerika...

  3. Yes, I am waiting for Americans to wake up and find themselves jailed. For now, they are letting relatives help. That will only continue as long as the US money supply isn't cut off.
    Once that begins, no one has money for bail, attorneys or fees...then the really awful nightmare (reality) really gets in our faces.

    Not a pretty picture,...we use to laugh at movies that portrayed people running scared from the US Law...trying to get away to one laughing now. eileen

  4. to continue:
    I am curious to see if we really are a country of civil people or our we just a waste of space.

  5. Was in court and a gentleman got a ticket for the crime of having an air freshener on his rear view mirror and was fined 55 dollars. I asked him if he felt he was because he should. The judge was quite irritated but f'em that is wrong. In Upstate NY in my area many including myself can not find any work there are simply not enough jobs. My air freshener remains on my rear view mirror and not taking it off.

  6. If they keep it up enough of us our going to stand up to them and tell them no more. I honestly do not think the government has represented me or anyone I love since I was born in 1970. They have served the banker, the corporate elite, etc... I have children and as a father I am disgusted and livid. This government be it Republican or Democrat is selling away our future and our childrens future and it will sadly be too late if enough brave men and women do not stand up to them. Not with violence and not with any leader or idealogy. Apathy, convienance, and fear keeps many of us apathetic and ignorant. Myself I have been livid since the day NAFTA was signed as law both psrties our responsible, new deal protections stripped by both parties, majority of both parties support torture and wars against those who are no threat to me or my family. Many of us have no work and our stuggling daily just to barely make ends meet. Some of us are not able to now. We have to deal with the Blue suited tax men driving around and pulling us over. How long our we going to let them push us around?

  7. Protect and serve? Who? Not anyone I know:C

  8. NEVER NEVER pay anything for cops,ALLWAYS plead not guilty and DEMAND a JURY TRIAL!!!
    This costs them money and they will give you a break! Always say "NOT GUILTY" to even the smallest offense and demand trial after trial in open court always sue the hell out of the town everytime ! It costs them money!!!ALWAYS act as your own attorney!!

  9. OOPS! PS:Delay and extend the court date as often as posible IF THE COP DON'T SHOW UP you get a walk!

  10. NEVER NEVER pay anything for cops, ALLWAYS plead not guilty and DEMAND a JURY TRIAL!!! Excellent advice. Whenever it cost them more money then they would take in, the better chance you have to cut a deal. The Orwellian country we live in has divided people as was intended. To argue over truths and propaganda to keep us from standing up by the millions. It’s time for the ants to take away the power of the grasshoppers, time to unite and tell the truth about what we see, as often as we can, to bring more truth out into the open. Many of us are so sick of these lies and the people who still hang on to them, even as they lose what they have, they still hang on to so much propaganda it is sickening.