Saturday, May 21, 2011

Debunking the Fukeshima Hype

               I am perfectly aware of the radioactive particles leaking out of the reactor since the major earthquake in Japan. I think this melt down really distracts us from what is happening here. We waste our time and energy more than what is needed. When things go into overkill I start to have suspicions.The truth is radiation is a naturally occurring process in nature just as much as photosynthesis is. Radiation does not just come from nuclear power plants or atom bombs. Yes it should be a concern for those close by and the farther away the less concerned.
               I know there is knowledge on the west coast of levels of radiation. I just have some serious doubt about some of the claims of doomsday. Does anyone know there is radiation in sea water that is natural. Every metal and mineral known to man including uranium and plutonium is in the periodic table is in sea water or as we call it salt water. Has anyone ever took a radiation reading when volcanic ash rains down as it circles the earth?What is in magma?Every metal and mineral know is below our feet in in magma or lava
               I just have a hard time swallowing the whole Fukeshima apocalyptic doom and gloom. If we do not have any data to compare it with concerning natural radioactivity and man made disasters.I can not believe it without solid data.We have threats in the Southeast from radon from all the phosphates that is very radioactive and more harmful than what is coming from Japan.
               Common sense tells me there is more problems here that is more a threat to public health than what is happening in Japan. I do not see the people on the west coast glowing. But I see many people making a lot of money off this scare.As far as I am concerned nature can afflict more damage on us than a nuclear reactor a good distance away can do. Nature does have a way to cleansing itself no matter how much damage we cause. I rather worry about what is happening here because as long as we are scared about Fukeshima. The more our politicians will do a slide of hand when we distracted that would really screw us over more than what is going on in Japan.


  1. Ah, -yes. Calm down.

    Death is a naturally occurring phenomenon.

    These sorts of man-made death-inducing phenomenon are no different than what occurs naturally in everyone's lifetime well-on toward the end of it, whenever that may come.

    You are born.

    You grow up to the point where you think you are something of a master of the infinite complexity all around you.

    For a brief moment in the timescale of the infinitely aged and infinitely large universe, you try to convince other similarly deluded humans into believing YOU actually do have some insight into that which you speak, as if you are a clairvoyant or perhaps a god of some sort... Even as if you could imagine what a "god" might be...

    And then you die anyway.

    No. You are absolutely right, there is very little for US to worry about. We will die regardless.

    And most of us have -already- destroyed our own short lives. So who really cares?

    Some, live their lives looking forward to the next opportunity to kill again, poison another well, set a forest fire, or toss a puppy off a bridge into raging rapids.

    What we might worry about -were we not so personally damaged, -is for the future; the future for whom these changes will effect the habitability of the planet, and the quality of the human lives their upon.

    I was thinking the other day as I was watching a video of a Tennessee policeman shaking-down a trucker for cash; I was thinking of Tennessee...


    Tennessee is an Indian word.

    Imagine what those people meant as they said the word, Tennessee, and all the word conjured for them in their minds, minds so much more attuned to the ebb and flow of the natural world during their lives.

    Imagine the quality of life for Indians living in Tennessee when their lips uttered the word, Tennessee -and contrast -that quality of life- to the lives of the modern-life-addicted humans who live their lives out in Tennessee today -in that once -long ago- enchanted world.


    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

  2. yup Death is naturally occurring phenomenon and it is hard. but we should continue our live.. in this world...
    Ranches in Texas

  3. I was born in July of 1986 in Ontario. The are scientific reports of about 325 milliBecquerrel of Radioactive Caesium-137 per liter squared detected in rainwater near where I was born. I have grown up with 3 different conditions that are all attributable to genetic mutations. One is a deformation of the bones in one side of my face which slowly grows over time as a tumorous mass. Another is a rare heart condition known as dextrocardia, which is also related to genetic mutation at birth. Also, I have bipolar disorder, which has also been related to genetic damage. In adults, radiation causes cancer. Cancer rates are going to increase as the radiation levels spread over the whole planet increases. So will genetic mutations in infants.

  4. I think "better save than sorry" is covering the problem better than your opinion.

  5. The fish in the rivers and brooks of New England contain so much poison that they must re-stock each spring and will no longer breed in the wild.
    GE put most of the poison in these rivers and never cleaned up the mess.
    Take a second look at the photos of the Chernoble site, even TODAY!
    How the hell can any thinking person not be TERRORIZED by these criminals! What is this crap some stupid BUSH speech!
    CRAZY ASS of course we are being poisioned on purpose and NOT because they hate our FREEDOM.

  6. The Height of Hubris

  7. LoneStar - I seriously think you need to get up to speed on Eugenics.

    Primary question is this:-

    Why do you suppose so many of the the world's nuclear reactors have been built on or near geological instabilites?

    Why do you suppose that IAEA's policy has always been to spread nuclear power as fast and far as possible?

    Why do you suppose Rockefeller & Kissinger were so adamant about population reduction 'by all means at our disposal' ?

    However, I agree completely with your premise that American's heads are being seriously messed with on a daily basis - cognitive dissonance leads to mental problems leads to despair, leads to apathy. That's where the US is at right now - living with a coup d'etat that most of you don't even recognise has happened.

    For Christians I would recommend W.G.Carr's "Pawns in the Game"; for the rest of us (Buddhist in my case) perhaps John Coleman's "Committee of 300" would be more enlightening as to why we are in the situation we're in right now.

    Please don't fall into the Ann Coulter "radiation is good for you" crap trap - look rather to the safety of your local GE Mk1 BWReactors!

    Finally, here's a non-aligned, vocational gamma monitoring network that shows how much background has risen since 3/11 - ie: very little, so far...

  8. here's the link to a UK independent network:-