Sunday, May 22, 2011

To All Who Beleived The End Was Coming And Have Not Been Raptured Yesterday. Please Read!

              I am writing this for the people who thought they be in the clouds with the Lord yesterday.If you are disappointed. Do not blame to preacher and blame yourself for falling for the scam. This rapture doctrine is a false doctrine and one of the biggest frauds on the church. It only shows followers do not read the Bible and do not think for themselves.Well let me share about why the church is so sick. For those who believed the rapture. You been suckered and scammed  because you failed to think for yourself.       
              Upon reading about what is going on in my former hometown in Florida. I stumbled upon a former pastor who was charged with DUI. Him and his  ex wife while Pastored the Without Walls Church.These were people who had affairs behind the scenes. To see people were driving up in clunkers in the Church Parking lot.These two drove a nice luxury car with expensive suits. In every Church I attended.Something did not seem right . I thought I was being nervous like a whore in church because our sinful nature.It was not at all.It had nothing to do with sin at all. It had more to do with all being a scam.What set me free from the deception of the modern day church was reading the Bible.The phony pentecostal movement and support for the phony state of Israel no matter what doctrine did not line up with what the Bible says. Actually the American church leaders deceive their followers to bless a nation to go out and persecute their fellow Christian Palestinians.
             I remember years ago I went to a Benny Hinn crusade in Lakeland Florida. One of the obvious things I noticed was the people who were really sick and handicapped was kept out of sight from the cameras. I mean way in the back.Many of these people were in Wheelchairs paralyzed with crippling diseases. They gave everything to this phony preacher hoping for a miracle healing only to come up empty. It is very sad he exploits the really sick with false hope. His crusade was more like a rock concert more than a service. Later watching some good investigative reporting by some very good journalist exposing this fraud. My suspicions about Benny Hinn were confirmed just being a scam artist. All the donations given to him did not go for spreading the good news or feeding the hungry. It was to fund his lavish lifestyle of luxury. It is just a shame people who are faithful to Benny are so brainwashed to believe in his indoctrination.When he is exposed as a fraud and hustler.His followers are so blind to the truth. The average street smart person can see a phony a mile away except Benny's loyal followers.They blame the devil for being caught and exposed as a fraud. It is just a shame many weak minded people fail to see this phony in the pulpit.
             I am not just going to bash Benny Hinn. All these preachers have been exposed as frauds and scam artist. Pat Robertson and John Hagee, Not to mention Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard Brown . I can not forget Jan and Paul Crouch of TBN either.All these people have scammed people out of lots of money to fund their extravagant life styles of wealth and riches. Wealth does not mean righteousness. People who are Christians better start thinking for themselves and stop being a follower of men and read the Bible.God gave us brains.So use them or lose them.
            When Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert were caught with their pants down literally . People should have recognized the corruption of these televangelist.When their hypocrisy was exposed. This showed the real person and not the holier than thou people were supposed to see and believe. When I watched the movie Leap of Faith starring Steve Martin.That movie shows the scam that people like Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts do in their crusades. It shows the illusion in how they play with people minds. You see the head games they play on people desperate in a poor town teetering on disaster close to going hungry the next day.They were scammed to give their last dollar to a stranger wearing a nice suit ranting.The movie showed the genuine and the fraud. That movie was not the work of Satan as the TV Preachers claim. It was exposing these frauds using God's name in vain to make a fast buck.
             I am not taking away from people who serve the Lord by helping people and being a good servant in word and deed. Many have to come to serve the Lord by many of these preachers at one time. I do not want rain down on their parade.All I am going to say is if you are going to give money. Do not send it away to a distant preacher were you can not see it at work. Give to local food banks and soup kitchens. Give were you see the money at work doing what you intended the funds to do.  There are many good and sincere people who are committed in these economic times helping their fellow man in need. They make many personal sacrifices and it would not hurt to support them in their efforts. There is plenty of need in our communities. We can do some good that can make a difference if we are wise. Keep our money local even in charity.
            The reason why this country is in so much of a mess is because we the people did not think for ourselves. We chose the lie over common sense.We believed politicians and preachers on the TV for so long trusting in what they were saying.We failed to see for ourselves if they are real or not. We as Americans have been scammed by Politicians and Preachers.We either start thinking for ourselves again or someone will do the thinking for us if we do not change. We can very easily see Fascism come to America with a Bible in one hand and Old Glory in an other. A tyranny worst than Hitler's in the name of God.



  1. Christ would be appalled as would the Buddha and Confucious to see how their simple and direct teachings have evolved to such as this. But they, the teachings, are still valid. We all must back up.

  2. DeNile ain't just a river in Eretz IsraHell.

  3. Pious conviction with marginal information is a dangerous mix

  4. Raptured! I don't know? THey may be raptured by some unknown aliens that have a particular cookbook! Bwahahah!

    As to the End. The End has come for many Peoples. THe End Times for the Indonesians in the Tidal Wave. And the End Times for the Japanese in their Tsunami.

    So it's all a matter of Perspective and subjectivist. Eh?

    Don't you think?

  5. If they're so disappointed they can always suicide out. We have more than enough stupid people here anyway.

  6. Randy "Macho Man" Savage was raptured yesterday.

  7. I'm with you 100% lonestarwatchdog!

  8. Those who believe man not God will have their place in Hell. Surely these types of people are not normal or useful. It is because of these people they corrupt n rule over you. Too many deaf, dumb and blind idiots filling the earth. Indeed we need a great big war to clean up these types of sickos.

  9. I knew I wasn't going to heaven due my long list of crimes against our father who is in heaven, so I decided to tidy up my closet instead,for as they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.

  10. Thanks for deleting my comment. At least it proves that you know that you are somewhat illiterate, and that you're afraid to have somebody point it out. I know that the message is the most important thing, but Jesus Christ, take some remedial English classes, would you?

  11. End won't comes when some one brings it. The truth of life is what we should be more conscious to play the game of our life. This can eventually work out for the life.

  12. Ivan.NewZealand.Monday, 23 May, 2011

    Great fun reading the superstitionists versus the superstitionists.Unfortunately it won't change the fact that ameriscumbags are the most dangerous bastards on the planet. Torturers,drone drivers and industrial strength hypocrits,and they claim to be christians...Shame they don't even know how to spell the word.

  13. If ONLY spelling was the problem!

    NO, NO, NO They DID GO TO HEVEN BOTH OF THEM 1 from TIBET or maybe a couple from WACO!
    ALL the rest of are still HERE IN HELL!


  14. You are all level5 Manchurian candidates. The last six in the triad of man 666 was created to be the dumbest,robots of all,lacking of common sense and critical thinking,slaves created to be told what to do and say by the evil handlers but yet still thinking that you are free.
    Soon you will be replaced by better robots already being cloned,your handlers will have to cull 6 billion of you,that process has already been implemented,but you are all too dumb too see.
    Good luck have fun running when the weapons you are so proud of when killing others are turned on you.

  15. It is Israel's secret desire is to take advantage of the Christian rights pre-eminent position in US politics. To co-opt the Christian "Zionist" to Israel's foreign policy objectives. This has been done by creating a close political collaboration between Christians and the Israeli LIKUD party, despite the obvious logical inconsistency found in the radical christian theology requiring Jewish renouncement and baptism.

    In the long-term scheme of Israel's planning, the predictable implosion of American hegemony in the much documented Central Asian "graveyard of empires": an American demise brought about by massive deficit spending to project American military might, tax-cuts/deregulation for corporations, the private banking control matrix being imposed over the world, the massive police state constructed in the wake of the 911 false-flag attacks, the environmental debacles caused by the Gulf oil spill and the HAARP/Stuxnet Fukushima nuclear debacle can all be interpreted as serving Israel's goal of empire, meanwhile feeding the apocraphyl psychosis of the religous right it has conflated to its goals. The implosion of America, the "apocalypse", will leave the remnant construct of empire, created and then vacated by America, to Israel, while fulfilling the self-imposed nightmare of a bunch of fools.