Saturday, May 21, 2011

Texas Secessionists to Obama: Israel With 1967 Borders? We Want Texas With 1845 Borders

Houston Press Blogs

           President Obama's call for Israel to revert to its 1967 borders has caught the attention of one of the most forward-thinking, sophisticated political thinkers of our state, Daniel Miller, the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement.
He has dashed off a letter to Obama saying, in essence, you think those Israel borders a good idea? Then get Texas back to its 1845 borders.
"It seems that you and your people have a desire to allow people the right of self-determination and return things to "the way they were," says Miller, apparently a big Barbra Streisand fan.
He calls for three things:
1. Return the United States to its pre-1845 border with Texas.
          2. Recognize Texas as an independent and sovereign nation.
3. Take no actions of retribution and support our success wholeheartedly.
He -- ha ha! --adds a p.s." "Let's not call it secession. We can play off the 'Arab Spring' you supported and call it 'Texas Summer.' Has a nice ring, doesn't it?"
No comment yet from the White House. Or Rick Perry's office, for that matter.

         *Note from The Lone Star Watchdog :Good job Dan exposing hypocrisy of the President and his policies toward Israel. It would be nice if President Obama recognized the Texas borders prior to 1845 . Truth in history is the Annexation Treaty of 1846 was never passed or ratified. The Texas Flag still flies equal height to the American Flag, That means Texas is still a republic as much a state.


  1. Thank You for the FREE SPEECH opp!
    The SCUM shut down again today,they HATE free anything!
    Why not just go back to the 1833 borders?
    MEXICO is a better DEMOCRACY and aristocracy than America.The Mexican that murders an American goes to MEXICO and lives scottfree, THEY help their own people if they can,no EXTRADITIONS!
    The first thing an AMERICAN learns when living overseas is that in case of trouble,NEVER go to the AMERICAN embasy, they will turn you over to the locals EVERY TIME!
    GO to the CANADIANS they will try to help you.
    TEXAS is over MEXAS is real and MEXICO is a better place to live with more freedom.
    PLEASE!! Stay out of small airplanes.

  2. "2. Recognize Texas as an independent and sovereign nation."

    That would give us a nation to invade keeping our war machine humming along, then we could rebuild it and consider Texas conquered territory ...