Saturday, May 28, 2011

Many Texans Want The Lt. Governor Ran Out of the Lone Star State on a Rail Advocating The TSA groping in Texas

                It took me for a long time to find out that there is no difference between the two parties on the state and federal level. Not so much the average members or the rank and file. It is coming from the establishment leadership. While the Democrats may attack our economic liberty with high taxes and burdensome regulation declaring war on poverty. The Republicans will declare and war on crime and drugs to steal our God given liberties. The Democrats I can expect to be hardcore socialist. Our war is not with the Democrats this time.
                The battle is to seek and expose the two faced politicians claiming to be conservatives,and pro Texas. They are people in the GOP establishment in Texas we call RINOs meaning Republican In Name Only.The people who say one thing telling the masses they are for the people of Texas while behind the scenes stabbing Texans in the back. These people are the obstructionist who stand in the way of Texas declaring sovereignty.They are the entrenched establishment who are just as much for a police state and tyranny as the Democrats are. They have no intention of helping Texas be free. Last Wednesday on May 25. The RINOs were exposed.
                One man who should be ran out on a rail from Texas is the Lt Governor David Dewhurst for his efforts being the water carrier for the Federal Government. Violating ethics rules twisting the arms of the State Senators not to vote for this Legislation that prohibits TSA to touch people in a way that violates a person's dignity.This bill was upholding existing state law against inappropriate touching putting the TSA on notice.The Lt Governor threatened if they passed the bill. Texas would be a no fly zone because the Federal government would shut down all air travel in and out of Texas.This is how the Lt governor was exposed.He actions behind the scenes in killing a bill that was unanimously passed in the State house was about to be voted by a super majority passing in the Senate until this hack destroyed any chance of passage of the bill from happening . The Lt Governor is a hack for the globalist.
               Not too long ago the Texas Lt Governor was with George Soros in Bretton Woods New Hampshire in a conference with this globalist robber baron on killing the US dollar and destroying Texas. This man's who is not only Lt Governor. He is the President of the State Senate. His corruption was exposed and seen his true intent of undermining the people of Texas. The Will of Texans was to prohibit the TSA from sticking hands down the pants of the people in Texas. David Dewhusrt torpedoed the will of the people. He needs to be investigated. Indicted by a grand jury, arrested,have a public trial and imprisoned.After he finishes his sentence. Run him on a rail out of Texas. Texans will not bow the knee to Tyranny nor will we lick the boots of the TSA to fly.


  1. The eyes of the country on upon you Texas!


  2. Pssssst! Be very carefull about this topic. Expose the pushers and the company men behand the TSA machines---They had a hand in the Patriot act, Invasions of Iraq, Afghastan and did the 911 attacks--to make money. killing of over 35000 americans doesnot bother them a bit.
    have you caught on yet?
    If Texas bans TSA gropping--down the way,these Israel Firsters will blow-up a plane and scare the sh!t out of every American and all passengers will be forced to fly naked. Expose the JUJUs before they kill more Americans

  3. What anonymous said ^^^^^

    I'm from Arkansas and if it passes in Texas, chances are it'll spread throughout the other southern states. Maybe Texans can tear their corrupt leaders down as those in Wisconsin are attempting to do.

    When we clean our houses and elect passionate, educated and free-thinking men into office at the state level, the states will act together to tear down this tyrannical government once it begins to buckle under it's own debt. Hopefully it can be done without violence.

  4. Comverse Infosys, Amdocs? Anyone know what these two names are about? When folks wonder how it is that 40 tea party backed members reach congress and senate, (finally)and only eight of them actually vote against the 4 patriot act provisions? 8 out of 40! Huh? Gosh, I thought we had some momentum there. Wonder why folks that bleed patriotism through a megaphone on the campaign trail end up voting for bolshevic jew laws? I mean these people started out in favor of our freedom? How then did they take a patriot and get them to do this? Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, and a little program called promis. Promis software controls the world. Did you hear me? THE WORLD..... The NSA just got a boner reading that little word I just posted, believe me. Look into who owns these companies and their history and then you will see how people are blackmailed into doing what they do. The jews own more than the media...... buckle up. And you thought it didn't get any worse than 9-11? buckle up after researching those 3. Uncle Dirt, just helping out here ;)

  5. Don't forget to mention the child molestation rings. Ever hear of the Franklin Cover-Up?

    Child Exploitation Investigator Found Killed In Home

    This is how they blackmail a lot of the politicians.

  6. We're waaaaaaaaaay past satanic abuse rings for blackmailing. Look into the above mentioned companies and look deep. Know your enemy now? Yeah, it gets deeper than you can know. Learn!!! They live.............

  7. Dewhurst is a Bretton Woods guy, definitely. But, Governor Perry is a Bilderberger buddy. Look it up for yourself. Those two are in power to keep Texas in line. If you vote for them again, you must really hate Texas.


  9. Looks like Texas has the same OWO+CFR=NWO Franklin cover-up bush problem that surfaced back in the early 1980s. I don't envy you. These wack-jobs are the center of the neo-con success story pushing for terminal war. Every time they think of young, strong, virile men, sweating, in desperation, maybe crying, in immanent danger, huddled together, discussing their innermost secrets, with relief making it back to the barracks to take off those odious clothes to shower together and maybe relax enough to play games and dream together, all the blood rushes from their head and goes somewhere else. Kick those people to the curb.

  10. You should check your grammar, spelling and verb tenses before you post. I enjoy your topics but the text is almost unreadable. Sorry to be a grammar cop, but it's incomprehensible.

  11. Anon Grammar Cop I read you all the time paying out this mans literary skills. Do the whole world a favour and just fuck off.

  12. I did not vote for bush or b.o.. b.o. is bush's robot.

  13. I second the motion for Grammar Cop to fuck off!

    Uncle Dirt--I read, almost twenty years ago, about the theft of PROMIS software in Rodney Stich's book, Defrauding America. Excellent read if you have plenty of barf bags handy. I have also read The Franklin Cover-up. I am aware of AMDOCS and often mention it in posts in connection with blackmail of our politicians etc.
    by our favorite gangsters from that shitty little place in the Middle East. (I thought they changed their name and moved out of St. Louis??)I don't think I know about Comverse Infosys. I will research it. Your last line in your post intrigues me. I'm not sure if I understand what you are hinting at. If it is what I think it may be I must say that I have recently come to some conclusions about the state of affairs in the world rather reluctantly. Like Bramley writing The Gods of Eden, I started off with an interest in ufos by accident and ended up spending thousands of hours studying most conspiracies of the last hundred years. In other words, I found things I was not expecting. I used to think that I had no more innocence to lose and then discover some vile thing that made me realize that I did. This has happened numerous times.

    I hope that you Texans keep challenging the gangsters in DC and your own whorehouse.....err statehouse. From where I sit, it seems that Montana is the lead dog in this area and probably will remain so.

    How was this Grammar Cop?? You better say I got an A or I'm gonna tell your mommy who you've been talking to as I have an inside connection to AMDOCS. In other words....FUCK OFF!

  14. DON"T FORGET LT. GOV DEWHURST IS EX-CIA. Why bother representing the people, much better to let the puppet master pull the strings.

  15. No Bruce, sorry about the "they live" comment, I didn't mean it to point out or hint that there are aliens in control, although after 20 years of research, I wouldn't be suprised at all. (Damn good movie too) It's a saying that I have for alluding that "they" have such total control, and much more than even diehard researchers and patriots are aware of. Getting back to Promis, try and find a meeting that was supposed to take place on 9-11 in the the towers and a lady that was very high up in the programing world. They were trying to kill her with the planes because she knew some things. After reading about her, I found so many other important people were lured to meetings at the towers on that day. So many people had knowledge of the attack (the aphabet outfits). All of the meetings were at floor levels above the strike, damn conveniant. They moved all the Enron, Cheney papers, etc into the building as well. And don't forget the largest gold heist in history in progress down in the basement minutes before the basement columns were blown. Some gold trucks were actually crushed and caught in the rubble, bad timing on their part. Traffic must have held them up somewhere that morning. Laff. Grammar guy, please just deal with it, everyone else, take it easy on grammar guy.

  16. NobodysaysBOO:
    Watergate was stopped,perps were caught,911 perps went free.We need them dead to recover the country.OTHERWISE WHEN they nuke us again it will go down just like 911,did chainey take a nuek? If he did he will use it on us or sell it!
    GRAMER nazis hate blog talk,grammer nazi is the last job out there,teaching english to non english speaking americans LOL go get a real job teachers in MEXAS make very little and have no job security.

  17. F&#k anyone who says "beware". The time has come to strengthen the strain. Draw the lines, prepare the horses for quartering, light a fire under the vats of tar. It's time Americans to begin acting like Americans again. Words, whimpering, crying; also known as protesting does nothing but give false hope. Only action will free our people. The blame for what happens to our people, to your family, lies squarely at your own feet. It is our own inaction that places the chains upon our people.

  18. "The Democrats I can expect to be hardcore socialist."

    As if there is a dime's difference
    between the two wings of the Fascist Party.

    "hard core socialist"....yes, indeed. Ask granny if she likes her "hard core social security" us "hard core socialists" installed so she would have a few of the crumbs the billionaires spilled from the table, genius. She paid for it, as ALL socialist countries do. They just don't embrace giving tax breaks to "poo widdle" billionaires like Texas presidents do.

    Ask Norway, ask Sweden, and Finland and the other Scandinavian countries rated tops in the world for freedom and providing for their citizens (SOCIALIST GOVERNMENTS ALL), all still financially sound...ask them about "hard core socialist" you nutcake.

    Texas: the state that removed THOMAS JEFFERSON from school books to insert a brain-addled California actor that piled up more debt than ALL the presidents before did Texan Poppy as did his idiot son Dubya.

    Sure, "don't mess with Texas"...because they are too stupid to know when you are assisting them.