Friday, May 27, 2011

No One is Safe Friend or Foe,Those Who Compromised or Caved In With The Obama White House.The End Justifies the Means is the Administration's Motto

             Does anyone think in government they will be left alone with this man in the White House?If you give or cave in. It does not matter if you are a useful idiot either.When the Obama Administration tries to bring down the hammer on the population.Do they think they will be exempt if they make a deal with the devil and go along with what the tyrants want in the White House? The truth is if they lie to the people on everything.Chances are they are going to be just as dishonest with them too. No one is safe even in the Democratic Party. Remember how they went after Rep.Charlie Rangel and Rep.Maxine Waters for charges of corruption. These two were one of the President's biggest supporters and the White House was behind dragging them through the coals.
             Not one person is safe no matter how much they rolled over to this White House doing their dirty work willingly are not out of harms way from this gangster administration. Even those threatened and intimidated with some form of economic terrorism with the promise to go along with the program with the exchange of being exempted from the heavy hand of tyranny. The truth is these minions can not be trusted to keep their word. They have to realize they are dealing with the end justify the means mindset.That means lying to use them till no longer needed. When the time is right the wolf will not pass by the door. It will attack with a vengeance those they used to advance the empire willingly or reluctantly.
            The truth is communist do not play fair and they get what they want by deception. What the Texas Legislator on the Senate side and the US Congress rolling over to corruption over underhanded backroom deals and threats. This came from these people we elected will cower in fear and go along with something they know is bad thinking not rocking the boat will keep them safe from the tyrant in the White House. These people we elected are being deceived and given a deal by a group of despots who have no intention keeping their word when it becomes expedient to dispose these useful idiots.They will not hesitate to exterminate them.
            I wish congress would realize it is better to put up with a short period of demonetization from the President and the neo cons for not reinstating the Patriot Act than the long term pain of an authoritarian system. Even the Texas State Senate caving into saving their own political careers more than protecting the people from unreasonable policies by the TSA to violate the dignity of Texans. The Texas Senators threw the people Texas and their private parts under the bus for selfish political reasons fearing the people will retaliate against them if flights were shut down in Texas if the TSA carried out that threat. The Texas Senate done nothing to ensure our safety for all Texans preserving freedom and they put themselves in more danger rolling over in fear not standing up like the House side did.
            When the time comes when all the political useful idiots and political enemies along with the peasants will share a mass grave. The regrets will be in the minds of these Texas State Senators and Congressmen living their last moments looking back knowing they could have stopped this from happening .They will only find out when it is too late and can not fight back. My message to the Texas state Senate and the Congress. Do not let threats of blackmail or fear tactics hold you back. You have nothing to lose standing up to a criminal government and everything to gain. Start by calling out the enemies like Lt Gov. David Dewhurst and all the Neo Cons who are a threat to our freedoms . The only way the Federal government and these political hacks will back off if they just stand up to say no. Like the American people as in politics. They are not truly free to govern if our representatives do not have the power to say no. If they keep caving into the political hacks they will never have that right again. When these Politicians who caved in and cowered are rounded up for extermination standing with the useful fools who helped the regime wholeheartedly.It will be too late to say no. So it is better to say no now or they will not be able to say it ever again. History does not lie. This has been practiced under Lenin and Stalin and most tyrannical regimes.They purged their friendlies as well as their enemies.They eat their own and I do not put it past a President who loves Mao Tsa Tung to carry out what this brutal Chinese leader did in the past. History repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun


  1. that's just part of the plan, make you think they control everything.


  2. This post-911 nonsense has been a century old plan come to fruition. Cecil Rhodes,the Vatican, Free Masonry (Not true Masonry), the Rothschild bankers, etc. are all in the plan to destroy the U.S. and return the population to the dominance of the 2 churches and the royal house. The freedoms provided by the U.S. Constitution will continue to be eroded at the pace of an elephant being devoured by ants until the U.S. Marshalls and deputies start making arrests. Failing that, if the U.S. military bombed the Congress with all CFR members inside, the dignity and honor of the world's most elegant effort at self-governance would be preserved. Either way, til then, America will have to put up with Benny the Rat or the English royalty running their hand up their leg (or by using their proxy, the TSA). Ask yourself, "Who did 911?" And if you KNOW, do a citizen's arrest if you can get close enough. If you can not, TELL EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY THE CFR LAPDOGS WATCHING IT ON TV.