Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Texans Get A Pair and Stant Up to The Thug in The White House

              I am so livid the White House would use financial terrorism if Texas dares stand up for its people. The White House is a bunch of gangsters hell bent of control and domination using the most brutal tactics. This is the time Gov. Rick Perry put his money were his mouth is and push back. If the Governor does not act and be decisive standing up for Texas against a criminal government. He should just change the Title of his Book "Fed Up" to "Felt Up" if he bows and gives in to tyranny. The Texas Governor needs to act. He has no choice. If he is planning to run for President. This is Rick Perry's time to shine. If he does not take advantage of this opportunity. He will not have any credibility to back up his own words.
             Texas has nothing to lose to stand up to the TSA and push back. If they threaten to ground all flights coming in and out of Texas. If TSA does not have their way violating the dignity of their with the people of Texas.They use economic terrorism. If this threat coming from the White House and the Department of Justice is financial terrorism trying to break the will of Texas. I say pass the Anti TSA bill and bring it on. Bring the tyranny out in the open for all to see. If they are looking for a fight with the people of Texas. I have a feeling if the Obama's Chicago Mafia White House will lose this battle because they are not on a ground not of his own choosing. He has a very low approval rating and no political capital. The Texas legislator might be starting to find its body parts. The people will support them if they stop caving into these lawless tyrants.
             The State Representatives and Senators of Texas better learn this lesson from history. No matter how many times they rollover to the feds.They are not safe and just because they complied and gave them everything they wanted. They will be purged once the enemies of Texas are done using them. They will meet the same fate laying face down in a ditch in a mass grave with the rest of the peasants .The thugs who make the threats will not relent till they have their way. Unless we resist them not backing off. To make the threat to Texas under siege over asserting the rights of Texans against lawless government is tyranny. The Legislator has nothing to lose voting in favor with the people's backing. We will win if we the people of Texas with our legislator hold the line. Then only response to such threats is to be ready to use coercive force if necessary to safe guard the right and dignity as Texans.
            Texans! It is time to cowboy up,man up and get your boots on to give a swift kick to the State Senate's ass to do their job and stop caving into an unpopular President and his band of thugs. Let them over reach. Let them try to stop all flights coming in and out of Texas. Bring them out in the open so the people can see what they really are. Earlier today those state troopers should have escorted the Federal Lobbyist out of the State Capital treated as a foreign power. Instead they were obstructing the will of the people's the right to redress their grievances to their State Senators not to retreat in the face of bullies. The Senate should not have caved in. An angry crowd is the consequence when they compromised again and rolled over. These treasonous Politicians in Austin like Senator Kirk Watson, Lt Governor David Dewhurst and Rep who is also Speaker of the House Joe Strause all need to immediately recalled so they can be removed from office for playing a part colluding with the feds nixing this bill stopping illegal searches and seizures by TSA goons.
             The TSA argument will not go away anytime soon just because the Senate rolled over. It will only get worse. As Texans we must not let this White House and Scallywags in the state legislator break our will anymore with heavy handed threats. It is time for Texans to strike back. I say succeed and be done with Washington all together. Sam Houston said"Texas will lift its head again and stand among the nations" A part of Texas lifting its head on the path of being a republic is  not letting tyrants break our will again as a start.


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