Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Was The Logan Act Violated Meeting With George Soros?

             This is nothing new to Texas politics.The Good Old boy politics of people holding office breaking laws is going to a new level. In 2006 Governor Rick Perry attended the Builderberg conference in Istanbul Turkey.Activist Dan Miller President of the Texas Nationalist Movement said on his Facebook page is that the Lt Governor of Texas David Dewhurst attended Bretton Woods two conference headed by George Soros.I looked further and found out Mitt Romney,Harry Ried and Paul Volker were there too attending with Mr Soros. George is the very man who said killing innocent people in World War Two was the best days of his life. This man was chased out of many countries and has warrants for his arrest in a good number of these nations. This man committed fraud all over the world. George Soros should have been arrested.But was not because he is an agent of the Rothschild Dynasty who owns the Federal Reserve Bank.
             We all know Governor Rick Perry violated the law attending the Builderberg Meeting in Turkey. There is a a very good chance the Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst could be violating the law too attending the meeting with an international war criminal. This law could be the Logan Act,.Why? The big reason is these high profile political figures were meeting covertly forming policy outside of the government. To form policy sanctioned by a foreign power in secret. This is a violation of the Logan Act. A high crime that is an impeachable offense.
               It is no secret George Soros wants to bring down the United States to its knees. For these public figures to meet against the interest of the People of the United States is a high crime that has to be dealt with. I would not doubt the Senate Majority Leader,A Presidential Candidate.The former head of the Federal Reserve and the Lt Governor of Texas were in violation of the Logan act meeting in Bretton Woods with George Soros. This meeting was about ending the dollar as the worlds reserve currency and taking down the economy of the United States to bring America into a global financial dictatorship.
                I call on the people of Nevada to call their State Legislator and have Senator Harry Reid recalled in a special election.I plead with the People of Texas call on the Attorney General to investigate the Lt Governor Dewhurst violating the Logan act. We should be sick and tired of politicians going behind our backs.Talking behind closed doors making decisions that affect the people in the worst way.When we hear the name George Soros.We know it means trouble This is why this country is in the sad shape it is. It is time to make these politicians accountable once again. Why because no one is above the law.


  1. You need to add governor goodhair perry into that investigation along with your former governor bushjunior.

  2. Isn't it "Bretton" Woods?

  3. Excellent Info!