Sunday, May 22, 2011

Will Diebold Make Newt Gingrich the Next GOP Presidential Nominee?

                  I just have to write this and get it off my chest. Does anyone remember the 2008 primary elections.There was a Senator Called John McCain from Arizona who pissed off many in the republican base with his stands on immigration with passing a bill giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and attacking free speech with campaign finance reform. Senator John McCain was hated by the conservative base in his own party because he has betrayed them one too many times. His presidential campaign was floundering. His war chest was almost out of money and could not raise any more funds. All of a sudden the media sends out the illusion of McCain's poll numbers are rising in New Hampshire. With the help of the voting machines from Diebold. John McCain won the primary in New Hampshire thanks to voter fraud and a media generated hoax.This illusion allowed McCain to win the GOP nomination on voter fraud and media deception.
                Now we are fast approaching the Presidential election of 2012. The big government conservatives or RINOs are not gaining numbers in the polls like they use to. Former Speaker of the House who rolled over more for slick willie than Buddy the Presidents Dog did on many issues. His name is Newt Gingrich. The very man who abandoned his wife when she needed support the most having cancer. The very man who cheated on his wives because he was so patriotic in his passion for America. Since Newt Gingrich announced he was running for President not to long ago. Already he is on the wrong side of the issues on Obamacare and spending attacking people in his own party against raising the debt ceiling. He is a loser no one wants.
               Will we see  the same pattern in the 2012 election? Newt Gingrich will have no support with the voters. He campaign is broke with no money to spend on air time. Will we see the same hoax revisited again of this phony surge in the polls for Newt like they did with Senator John McCain? Will they pull the same psy-op trying to get the voters to believe everybody loves Newt like they did with John so the can pull of voter fraud so the public will accept the false results? It can easily happen again if we do not act. We must be on guard against the media smoke and mirrors propaganda.
                This is the time we must redouble our efforts to stop voter fraud. We want our leaders and not the one the global establishment wants. Voter fraud should must be considered an act of treason.Stealing an election is worst than espionage because usurping the will of the people undermining the democratic process does more damage than spies will do a nation. We can survive our fools and idiots.We can not survive with treason from within. 2012 it is an we give all or nothing election. The question do we more want to live free more than be slaves. If we are going to be free we must take back our elections or Diebold will choose for us. 

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