Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blowback on the GOP Establishment Pushing Romney in our Faces. Can We see a Hopstile Takeover at the GOP Converntion?

I cannot buy the Mitt Romney has the support and the base to have the lead he has. It can only happen by cheating behind the scenes. The regular members Republican Party voters are baffled with the party pushing Mitt Romney. The republican voters never wanted a man who singed Socialized medicine in Massachusetts taking the Place of Barrack Obama who has Obamacare, which was adopted from Romney's plan. They know if Romney is the next President, Obamacare will not be repealed. They see nothing will change if Romney or Obama is in the White House.

The real Conservative/libertarian wing in the Republican Party vastly outnumbers the Rockefeller/Blue Blood/ Country Club/ Neo Conservative wing inside the Party. These people are a minority in the party, but they control certain choke points inside the party to keep the real patriots from getting into office. They are the gatekeepers keeping the people out who will make the fundamental changes this country needs. Now they change the rules, break state elections laws to steal elections away from Ron Paul. They keep moving the goal post back another 10 yards back when the result is not what they wanted and want to suit the rules to the outcome they want.

I will say this August convention; we need not a violent insurrection. However, what I call a hostile takeover of the convention where the members of the convention removes the people in the party running the convention who are cheating who are the gatekeepers. Then the members of the convention will place people in who will be good stewards of the process selecting a nominee. Romney does not have the numbers and the support as being portrayed in the media. He is the front-runner by fraud and deceit. Any man who knows he is winning only by fraud is not fit to be President because it shows he is not honest.

We must find a way like a martial artist who practices the styles like jujitsu or any of the fighting styles. We have to figure out a way to use that momentum the neo cons are using pushing Romney at us to be used against them like a good jujitsu fighter does. We can do it. We have to find a way to take back the process away from people who have no honor or no sense of fair play. Americans will get their real choice this November, not the false choices of the past. It is we who will make it happen.

There is a good chance there will be blow back at the convention this August in Tampa. We cannot afford to take no for answer and can no longer accept the results they want either when we know we been cheated. We have nothing more to lose, only everything to gain.

Even if we take over the convention and Ron Paul is not nominated and we get a Rick Santorum in. We have to keep the process honest and fair as much as possible. It is not so much about the results, It is about restoring the integrity of the system. Either way we win in the long run.


  1. Doesn't matter, the fix is already in and has been since the start. Four more years of BO. But even if the convention and election were 100% honest this would be true. Romney is a clown, Santorum is a mentally deranged clown and Ron Paul is too honest to win. Americans like being lied to too much and BO is a serial, compulsive liar.

  2. A brokered convention is the only hope for Ron Paul. That will happen only if the gatekeepers are bounced, with extreme prejudice.