Thursday, April 12, 2012

Zimmeran Charged: My Reservations About Criminal Trials Being Politically Motivated

One of the worse things is to see is a sitting President making remarks that can influence the nations mood. I was just reading about the prosecutor in Florida is going to charge George Zimmerman with the death of Treyvon Martin. I hope the DA was not pressured into this with the threat of riots and chaos if they did not meet the demands of the racial agitators and the DOJ. When trials become politicized, chances are like with the Rodney King fiasco. Criminal trials become politically motivated where either the accused or the victim gets the shaft having no due process to get a fair trial because certain factions wany a certain outcome.

I wonder how the trial will come out. I do not think a jury of his peers will not find him guilty of 2nd degree murder. He should be charged with manslaughter, I think that is the appropriate charge for the incident. What makes me mad is Gov Rick Scott did not show any leadership. He pandered to the race pimps. He should have arrested Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for the words trying to incite riots. He should had a warrant put out on actor and movie producer Spike Lee for tweeting people to come to Zimmerman's home address. He should have had the Black Panthers arrested calling for black people to shoot whitey. It is a shame these politicians cave into these racial agitators because they fear being called a racist for upholding the law. 

The Justice Department had no jurisdiction to come in and give orders the local DA on what to do. I wish a few state governors would tell the DOJ to bud out. Where is Attorney General Bill McCollum telling the White House to hit the road in this case. The reason why Obama and his Justice oh, I mean the Injustice Department is getting away with lawlessness telling a local jurisdiction in local matter to try to start a race war. The truth we have cowards as leaders today who will not stop the thug Obama.

If Gov. Rick Scott and the state AG were doing their jobs telling, the DOJ to bud out and start arresting the Federal agents posing as black panthers and Neo NAZIS is trying to provoke a race war in Florida. The truth is the Treyvon Martin George Zimmerman case should not be a political trial for the White House agenda to go after the guns and the race baiting. Somebody in Power inside Florida needs to arrest Eric Holder and congress needs Impeach Obama now because these people are not here to help us, but to wreck this nation. I think the American people are tired of this failed leadership not standing up to lawlessness. Certainly I am sick of the cowards in office.


  1. You think he should be charged with manslaughter? Why?

    Why should he be charged with anything at all, if he acted in self defense?

    1. Roland, you are absolutely correct. I live in SW Florida and I legally carry a concealed weapon myself. Mr.Zimmerman was viciously attacked from behind by a larger and stronger young man and the witnesses corroborate it. If I had someone on top of me pounding my head into the sidewalk, I would have shot him too. I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.