Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mitt Romney and the NRA. Both Sell Outs for Gun Control.

If you believe, Mitt Romney will protect our God given right to self-defense. If you believe, the NRA is fighting for our right to keep and bear arms. Please check the real facts. The NRA and Mitt Romney have one thing in common. They are both the controlled opposition. To me the NRA and Handgun INC are two sides of the same coin like the Democrats and the Republicans. The NRA is not there for us when our gun rights are under attack. The pay a lot of lip service, when the rubber meets the road; they do not walk their talk, they always compromise and caving into the gun grabbers.

It was reported in Newsmax that Mitt Romney spoke before the NRA conference in St Louis. He is talking a lot like Ron Paul talking about freedom and the Constitution. Mitt Romney is certainly not Ron Paul just as NRA's Vice President Wayne LaPierre is no Larry Pratt of Gun owners of America. Larry Pratt never compromised our right to keep and bear arms when lobbying in congress on our behalf. The NRA and Mitt Romney both sold out to the opposition our right to keep and bear arms.

In the year 2004 when Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, talking like a conservative but governing as a RINO. He signed into law the Assault Weapons Ban that was a major gun grab in Massachusetts history since the Red Coats tried to confiscate the muskets at Lexington Green. This new law made hundreds of thousands of people criminal overnight who possessed an assault rifle. Under his leadership as Governor, gun registration fees increased 400 percent. Is that a pro gun candidate? Mitt Romney only became a NRA lifetime member pandering for the Presidential bid in 2008.

Romney's is anti gun by not by his words, but by his actions. He is not pro gun. His is anti gun. Romney in 1994 backed the 5-day waiting period purchasing a gun. He has said in his own words that his policies would not make him a friend of the NRA, He brags now about his lifetime membership in the NRA. Now he is speaking at the National Rifleman's conference in St Louis taking tough being a pro gun candidate. I cannot believe a word he says because no matter how much I may agree with what he says. To me it is just empty words because he is looking for votes to be elected. He is no different then Obama when it comes to people keeping and bearing arms. He wants them out of the hands of the people just as much as Obama does.

The NRA just like Romney is a sell out. A lot of talk, but they always caves in surrendering more of our rights to keep and bear arms compromising principle.

The NRA supported the National Firearms Act of 1934.

The NRA backed the Gun Control act of 1968.

The NRA backed the Patriot Act.

 The NRA sold out the first amendment with the Disclose Act.

 An NRA board member Stated that it is not necessary for anyone to posses an assault rifle for self defense.

The NRA sold out Wisconsin Gun Owners in 2011 over conceal and carry and open carry.

The NRA and Mitt Romney cannot be trusted with our liberties and our right to keep and bear arms. They both have a history of selling out the Constitution and taking away our liberties. So please do not get caught up in election year rhetoric of Mitt Romney and the NRA. I say support Gun Owners of America instead. Please dump the NRA and vote for Congressmen Ron Paul for President over the puppet Mitt Romney. They both have been uncompromising and consistent through the years. If you believe, Mitt and the NRA will defend your rights to keep and bear arms. Think again, you are setting yourself up to be betrayed.

When I think of the NRA and Governor Mitt Romney? I think of two things. They are both scallywags in the spirit of Benedict Arnold playing patriot undermining this free republic.

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