Saturday, April 21, 2012

Counting the Cost in the War on Terror

I remember that day Sept 11, 2001 as if it was yesterday. Many people were very upset that we were attacked. Osama Bin Laden and all Muslim extremist were the scapegoat to point the finger at to blame. Many people were scared too fearing another terrorist attack is going to happen any day after that. Many people were looking for revenge, many people we afraid asking the government to protect them for those evil Muslims. We were robbed of our common sense accepting a solution we would not otherwise accept.

One of the solutions offered to the American people was the Patriot Act, how the bill was passed was very suspicious because no one had any time to read the bill or debate it on the floor in the house or the Senate. The contents of the legislation shredded the Bill of Rights were our privacy is non-existent and other basic liberties.

The next agency that was formed was the TSA with the mission to protect the skies from terrorist. It is has been over ten years since this agency came online. It has not caught one terrorist yet and it has been more hindered then helped stopping the bad people taking over an airplane. I will later explain more about the TSA.

We have to Department of Homeland Security that is becoming the KGB and the East German Stasis on steroids. It has not secured the homeland from those evil Muslims. It protec the government from the people instead.

We have these illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are provoking acts of war in Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Iran, and Syria in the name of keep us safe from the bad people. We were lied to about Iraq weapons of mass destruction, The preemptive strikes have made the USA a weapon of mass detruction making more enemies worldwide droppjn g bombs on nations that never attacked us.

Ten years later, we are not any safer and perhaps we are in greater peril. Was it worth the cost for this war on Terror? How many young adults will be killed we send over. How much more freedoms will we lose in the name of national security. It seems this war on terror; the American people are now the threat to the US government.

I believe 9-11-01 was an inside job for the US government to grab more power to take away our personal liberties and to start wars of conquest overseas to enrich a few select corporations. Sept 11th was used for every excuse to steal our liberties and start illegal wars, to torture innocent people who never harmed us.

Now it is 2012, we are no more safer then we were on Sept 11th, we are more in danger with starting wars around the world that have not attacked us and from our own government shredding our Bill of Rights. This war on Terror is a war on our liberties and us. The government now the threat to our safety and security more then the radical Muslims themselves. We are spied on in our phone conversations and in our online activities. There are cameras on every intersection tracking and tracing our every move. How is this supposed to keep us safe?

Homeland security now looks at groups that oppose the wars and the police state. Everything that was as American as Apple pie like dissent and political speech is now criminal. Everything that is normal is now suspicious like paying for your coffee or a hotel room with cash. We might be the terrorist for having road maps and camping gear in our cars. To take a picture of the statue of Sam Houston might be considered terrorist activity. Common sense does not exist in the war on terror. Everything that is mundane might be suspicious to the government. The government has become alien to the people.

It is not worth flying anymore, I remember it was an experience I always looked forward to when I booked a flight. Now I dread going through the TSA checkpoints because the contents of my luggage can be stolen, I can be put on a no fly list without challenging or confronting the accuser who put me on the list. We have images of our bodies are scanned and kept on file. We are groped without probable cause. The TSA who were supposed to stop those evil Arabs from taking over planes to crash into high rise buildings. Instead, they harass old people in diapers and old war heroes in wheelchairs who are not a threat to national security.

Now the TSA in charge of Airport security done such a good job at the keeping us safe, which is the most, hated agency is now coming out on our city streets to our sporting events and on city buses. They want to grope and body scan us every building we enter. They want to track and trace every move in the name of catching the terrorist. They want to set up highway checkpoints and search and grope car loads full of families without a search warrant. At the same time let illegal aliens go. There is no more common sense in government anymore.

In order to take our country back, we have to look at the facts we can have a safe nation if we look at the Constitution. They may have shredded our bill of Rights at the national level. Nevertheless, they have not shredded our state constitutions. Homeland security starts with our local people and not from help from Washington. We have to Sheriffs posse which consist of the armed population that can handle any threat insider their jurisdiction.

We convicted terrorist in the past like the weather under ground without eliminating any due process of law. We did not need a patriot act or the NDAA. This entire police state agenda is just to government protecting itself from the people because they have become so corrupt. All these anti terror laws are anti liberty and unconstitutional using the war on terror as an excuse to take away our freedoms taking away a jury trial and the right to confront your accuser because the evidence is secret turning habeas corpus on its head. According the to US government, the American people are the enemy, not the Muslims

Look at the obvious signs of this. Our southern border with Mexico is wide open. There are shootouts with the drug cartels and illegal immigrants flooding across. Our immigration laws are not enforced. We have these activist making statements reconquering the southwest. Do we see any visits from the FBI or Homeland Security on these people? No, they go harass anti war protesters instead. The go after patriots and gun owners. people who support Ron Paul who are non-violent. Can you see how far we have fallen as a nation?

This war on terror has cost us much as a nation. This war on Terror was used to set up the Police State grid so the bankers when they loot the nation stealing people's bank accounts, looting the nation of its wealth by debasing the currency when the economy fully implodes. The thieves in charge have a rear guard to protect them from the people is their plan. I do not see it is not working. They have tried to attack our speech, our privacy and our dignity. They have not been able to attack our right to keep and bear arms.

We have lost so much in this war on terror. It will be we the people that will be the final check on the government’s power. It is obvious the laws in place limit the weak and protect the strong through arbitrary laws. The laws used supposedly to go after those evil Muslims have been used to drug laws, to attack farms and home gardens. To go after the productive people and to punish people who dare question the government.

It is time to stop letting the government and the mainstr4eam media scare us with the phony terrorist threats. More people die of snakebites a year then they do with boogeyman terrorist. It is time to stop letting fear rob us of our common sense and start thinking for ourselves again. We do not need the US government to take cares of us. We have a Homeland Security mechanism in place for over 234 years that is constitutional and more effective then DHS and the TSA can ever do.

We have the state governments, counties and the local militia which is every able bodied male in the populace organized and unorganized that is more effective keeping the peace then from the top down from Washington. The responsibility to our peace, safety and security should never be delegated to a distant bureaucracy that is unaccountable. We are paying the price delegating these powers to corrupt officials that belong to us and no one else. 

Now the price is being paid allowing both Bush and Obama grabbing power that does not belong to them we delegated to them but never consented to be used to set up a dictatorship. Are we going to stand up and be the final check on the unlawful powers the government granted itself without our consent?  The other option is, are we going to pay the high cost living as slaves? We have to count the cost on this war on terror and see what we have lost. If we do not see how far we have fallen and acknowledge our government are the terrorist. Then are your ready to count the cost living as a slave at the mercy of tyrants. Do you understand how much of a price we paid to benefit a few at our expense? Are you any safer then you were before Sept 11, 2001? If you think, you are, then at what cost?

If you exchanger freedom for security, then you deserve neither. For me that is not a price I will pay. I rather face the dangers this life throws at me then lose my liberty in the name of the war on terror. I count the cost yielding my freedoms. It is not a price I am not willing to pay anymore for a little security. Do you agree?

We lost our liberties, The United States is now the most hated nation around the world being the evil empire, We use to be a beacon for liberty, now we are a parasite upon the world. If we do not reverse this phony war on terror, to cost will be too much to bear as a nation we might never recover from. Wake up America!

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