Wednesday, April 25, 2012

US Government: The Real Domestic Terrorist, The Real Threat to All People Here and Abroad.

Our nation is in a crisis never before in our history. This threat does not come from a foreign land by a despotic leader. It is not coming from a rag tag army hiding out in the countryside being a menace. The threat is not coming from a terrorist group in the Middle East. It is not coming from Russia either. There was no real cold war as it as we were lead to believe. The Soviet Union would have collapsed back in the 1930s instead in the early 1990s. The only thing that was keeping the tyrannical regime in place was the Federal Reserve Bank secretly printing money to keep the Soviet government afloat over the past decades to preserve the illusion of a cold war, We been bailing out the Soviet Union with the Federal Reserve Bank with th3e US tax payer5s paying for it in the form of a hidden tax called inflation. This is the truth that politically destroyed Senator Joseph McCarthy when it was revealed the hand of the central banker’s role in the cold war.

The cold War was used for a reason to benefit the Military industrial complex President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address to the nation.  President John F. Kennedy signed executive order 11110 which told the US Treasury to start printing US silver notes and gradually retire the Federal Reserve Bank which would have been put out of business if allowed to proceed if JFK was not assassinated in Dallas. President Kennedy seen the international banking cartel that wanted to enslave the people through a false debt created out of nothing also funding this Cold War. This Cold War was also used as an excuse to oppress the people at home through agencies like the NSA.

Now the phony AL Qaeda, which is a CIA asset, was the perceived enemy that has no face, or country is now being used to take away our freedoms. The same bankers and intelligence agencies that funded the Soviet Union pay for these phantom terror groups formed

One of our Founders of this Great Nation quoted eloquently this:

The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.--James Madison

In addition, he said:

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.--James Madison

This has been more prevalent ever since September 11, 2001. Everything the government done to keep us safe was more used to tyrannize the people. They formed the TSA which has not caught one terrorist in the nation's major airports. This agency has injured and killed more people then any terrorist attack since September 11. This agency does not do well catching real terrorist. But they are good at bullying old people in wheelchair and young ladies. They are good at stealing property and humiliating people. All this looking for the terrorist. We all see the TSA are the real terrorist.

We have seen the formation of the Department of Homeland Security which was to watch for those evil threats in the Homeland as we were lead to believe. Now they have turned their gun sites on us by purchasing 450 million rounds of ammunition that can sustain a seven-year war on American soil. The see all of the American people as the threat to them.

If you are a gun owner, a Ron Paul supporter, property rights advocate, constitutionalists or anything that is as American as apple pie is not suspicious. The US government has designated taking pictures of tourist sites or any mundane thing to be a possible act of terrorism, to question the actions of the TSA or any other government agency makes anyone a domestic extremist. A classic Saul Alinsky tactic: accuse your opponents of the very thing you are doing. It is not working anymore as it did in the past because the information out there is not limited anymore. The internet has been a real good equalizer countering these leftist strategies.

The truth is Obama using Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals as an attempt to send a chilling effect to quash free speech labeling people who are part of patriot groups and questioning Government illegal authority as domestic terrorist. That has backfired because people see the government as the real domestic terrorist as a threat to America as a whole. They are the ones torturing people, terrorizing people in black uniforms with guns drawn because of selling raw milk or selling organic food. They are the ones invading our privacy and stealing property without due process. They have become the predator and the people are now the prey. The have threatened Texas with an air blockade, an act of war if they passed the Anti TSA groping bill. Is that the government using the act of terrorism to achieve a political goal?

Ever since the Patriot Act, a gradually increase gun sales. Even under President Bush when he started passing the freedom killing laws. People were starting the see the government becoming a threat. When Obama was announced to be President elect, gun sales started to spike higher as ever before. Even after, they tried to attack the second amendment of the US Constitution, which says the people have the right to keep and bear arms. Even since he signed the NDAA, gun sales are up through the roof.

President Obama has circumvented the law more then any President in history. Clinton, Bush 41 and 43, even FDR never came close. Not even Nixon came that close to Obama abusing their power. Obama said he could not wait to be reelected to a second term so he can get around congress ruling by decrees and not governing enforcing the laws of congress. His actions have shown he has become a threat to the American people. Him, Eric Holder of the Justice Department and DHS are setting up check points using the TSA out on the streets to do what they do good in the airports, that is piss people off. Obama is now the threat because he has become a law unto himself which is very dangerous,

The government's actions show they are the real terrorist, a real threat to everyone's safety and security. With false flag attacks to justify a police state to using any excuse to roll out tyranny across America, show who they really are. They are the terrorist, not the people. The American people are not out looking for a fight, but the government is trying to start one. Therefore, who are the terrorist; it is the US government trying to demonize us because we just want to be left alone. then comply with tyranny.


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    1. Do not throw stone if you live in a glass house. I get carried on Alex Jone, Jeff Renae, David Ikie and Steve Quayle. Many popular websites pick me up all the time. You lack character if you are so quick to be a critic.

  2. Worse than the swine in office and the prancing mewlers among them are the Americans who given a chance to affect positive change, prefer to wallow in the blood and the slop that is causing our veterans to take their own lives in large numbers, and allowing traitorous domestic groups loyal to foreign powers to loot at will.
    Realman2020, there is NOTHING wrong with your eyesight, and an old friend of top microsoft people and Jimi Hendrix' family and the guy who plays the horn on the Hawai'i 5-0 TV show named Ollie Mitchell says to your anal retentive critics, "buggar off". I also had breakfast with a member of the president's family and I swim in the ocean every morning.Bruce Lee visited me three times back in 1971. I talked him out of kicking my ass and I thank him for that. Like you, realman2020, Bruce Lee wanted to help, and so he did.

  3. "President Obama has circumvented the law more then any President in history."

    That just plain isn't true. Lincoln killed how many during the Civil War? He suspended suspended the Bill of Rights, jailed people for speaking out against the war.

    See Realman? This is what happens when you don't have any actual knowledge. When you get all your information from the Internet and conspiracy books. Someone tells you that "Obama has broken more laws than any other president" and you believe them, because you don't know any better.

    This is how ignorance is bred. How ignorance is continued. If you'd have taken the thought of Obama breaking the most laws- and tested it against history- by reading even one book, you would have seen that person's thesis just isn't true.

    You once said that ignorance will harm us all. Do you now have proof that it applies to you as well? Are you ready to take your own advice?

    1. Well Roland you are right this time. I forgot about so called Honest Abe in the fray.