Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reasons We can use now to Discredit Al Sharpton and Jesses Jackson

This is nothing more than poverty or race pimps seeking an opportunity to get face time on the camera. Being the useful idiots, they are for Obama and the other side. They are promoting racism and hate to try to stay relevant in a post civil rights era. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have outlived their usefulness. Many black Americans have made successful lives for themselves working hard taking personal responsibility. These people are ridiculed as uncle toms. The poverty pimps now persecute the successful black Americans who should be celebrated because they are not poor, nor do they need these self-appointed black leaders anymore. As long, the black people are kept poor and dependent on the system. Then the race pimps will keep exploiting them blaming the white man for their lot in life. Successful black Americans who are self-reliant do not need a leader because they lead by examples themselves.

We have the black leaders now touting the injustice of Treyvon Martin and maybe soon the shooting in Tulsa Oklahoma. Al and Jesse will be all over this like flies on a soiled diaper. As these, two claim to be men of God, the pillars of morality and decency. Promoting Christian principles for a higher purpose for the glory of God Why are they not condemning the old white man beat up black gang and the young Caucasian tourist in Baltimore being beat up stripped while the crowd laughed at the incident. This was all black people doing this to this young man. I would not surprise me if all black people were the one laughing watching this happen. Where is the outrage among the good decent blacks Americans?

 If these leaders really where concerned about their race. They would be policing their own. They would have been promoting common decency to all people. They would tell men to father their children and take responsibility. They would be standing for George Zimmerman's right to due process out of principle even though they know he might be guilty as sin. They would have condemned Spike Lee's Tweets of sending people to shooter address. They would have condemned the Black Panther’s bounty on George Zimmerman and calling for bloodshed in the streets. This shows who Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson really are. Promoting racism in the name of God inciting hatred using a twisted theology that is neither Christian.

I am calling on the decent Black Americans to stop this madness. I know you are out there. I remember watching on TV when the LA riots were happening. Every time a white person was beaten up mercilessly in the streets because of his skin color. The good black people came to the aid of these people in distress and removed them from harm's way. I am grateful you took personal risk doing what is right.

We have to start discrediting the people who are no more then globalist stooges who are tools to keep racial tensions high in the divide and conquer game. Until Blacks and White conclude that, we have been played like a fiddle for a sinister agenda that will make us all slaves at the end of the day if they have their way with all of us. I want no violence and do not want to see any dead blacks or whites. We are Americans, black and white. We have the same enemy that wants us all dead. I am praying for a peaceful de-escalation to this saga. I ask God that cooler heads in the black community prevail. Please pray with me that the real enemy to blacks and whites be exposed Starting with Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson who are no more then overseers for the master on the plantation keeping the sharecroppers in line. We must start exposing these low-level operatives before we are all enslaved.

The incident between Treyvon Martin and George Zimmerman should be judged by the content of the character of both of these individuals as Martin Luther King preached. This is not about race or bigotry. It is a higher agenda being pushed by the globalist. We must stop this divide and conquer game before we all wear the slave chains no matter what skin color we are.


  1. Well said, sir. I too hope cooler heads prevail. I know the Obama administration is going to try to get whites and blacks to hate each other and fight amongst themselves instead of uniting to fight the lying, criminal government that is taking all of our freedoms away while looting the country.


  2. I agree with this article and hope all Americans will think clearly as we head into the future. But, as long as we have murderers in the seats of Congress and in the White House, our country will continue to self destruct. The approval of the most heinous crimes ever committed against poor, defenseless, innocent people has been waged by our government while we drink martinis and watch the sun rise. All of which are being done with LIES as the reason why. If a congress is so morally depraved, so soulless, so compromised as to be complicit in engaging in these crimes against people that have done nothing to deserve the horrible actions against them, then we can expect nothing less from these empty suits towards us.