Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Ron Paul Supporters: Thwarting and Defeating the Establishment By Becoming Wise to The Poltical Party Hack's Dirty Tricks and Tactics.

The mood of discontent with both parties is obvious. The left right paradigm has exposed themselves soon after the 2010 elections. I can recall the American people being burned when everyone wanted Bill Clinton out of the White House. People were looking forward seeing the White House fumigated after Clinton left office. People thought George W. Bush would bring real change. George Bush preached on a non-interventionist foreign policy and reducing the size of government as his campaign promise to the people. The American people were burned again with more wars, the size of government getting bigger, and the loss of liberty and disappointed again.

The voters thought electing in democrat-controlled congress would stop the Iraq wars; some even believed the Patriot act would be repealed also. People were burned again, the wars kept going and nothing changed. The voters were deceived with Hope and Change. When Obama said, "Yes we can". Now we know it was not a statement for the people. It was for the government to encroach on our lives. Obama not only broke all his campaign promises, He did a complete one hundred and eight degrees at warp speed accelerating Bush's policies he started and building on them with more Federal power grabs.

In 2008, the Tea Party emerged because of lost liberty and the out of control spending. The beginning of the Tea Party was started by Dr. Ron Paul This true grassroots movement was gaining momentum in strength and numbers. The Republican establishment has almost co-opted the movement with people like Gov. Sarah Palin and a few other neo con hacks. The media and political establishment brings forward Congressmen and minority leader John Boehner as the front man for the opposition to Obama's big government policies and the promise to repeal Obamacare The Tea Party was getting ready to be betrayed the people again right after the 2010 elections. It happened when John Boehner became the speaker of the House after the Republicans took back over the US House of Representatives thanks to the Tea Party. Now John Boehner is going to burn the Tea Party movement like Newt Gingrich burned the Republican revolution.

Now it is 2012, now it should be very obviously clear now John Boehner is the Speaker of the House being the handpicked man by the globalist establishment not to oppose Obama grabbing power and investigate corruption. This man was picked to quash any freshmen congressional representatives who have made moves to keep the executive branch in check. Speaker of the House Boehner was placed there to be the gate keeper for the globalist who is protecting Obama from the people rather then interpose himself between an out of control President and the American people.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is just another political puppet there to deflect and break the will of the people and the grassroots of the Tea Party movement. He has done everything possible to thwart the will of the people who helped make him Speaker of the House. He has allowed the debt ceiling to be raised after much opposition. He has quashed any investigation into White House corruption. He has made a deal with the President to end Operation Fast and Furious. John has not attempted to challenge any of the executive orders Obama signed with these power grabs when it comes to its war making powers. He has allowed the President to bypass congress using the regulatory powers of the bureaucratic process to implement laws the congress would not pass by using the executive pen.

Speaker Boehner has made sure no new freshmen congressional representatives or constitutional minded representatives would never be able to challenge the President or look into the corruption inside his Administration. To cut off funding was thwarted. The bills restraining the TSA's evasive tactics got nowhere and never made it out of committee. Congressman Ron Paul was almost cheated out of chairing a committee that was his by seniority, if it was not for pressure from the people. He would have been denied that position. John Boehner was there to keep the status quo in place. He is there to protect the political establishment from the will of the people and not protect the people from an out of control government.

Now we are now in another election year. The Presidential race is in full swing. We have the real grassroots candidate Rep. Ron Paul and the establishment hack Mitt Romney. Ron Paul was cheated four years ago tricking the party in the same Presidential race with John McCain who had no money and floundering campaign all of sudden a resurgences out of nowhere in New Hampshire with a media illusion. This same man thumbed his nose at the American people with McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance reform and amnesty for illegal immigration. The grassroots will not be fooled this time around.

The globalist establishment inside the RNC has already picked their man. The grassroots are now becoming wise to their tactics and starting to confront the hacks. The Republican hacks propped up Gov Mitt Romney as their man to run against Obama as the chosen one. Election fraud is now being uncovered and the people are now taking steps to defeat the establishment. They know Ron Paul is the front runner. Mitt Romney cannot draw a crowd of 200 people at any gathering while Ron Paul gets standing room only wherever he goes. The GOP base is behind Ron Paul, not Mitt Romney. This former Massachusetts governor is for gun control and Obamacare was modeled after his healthcare plan while he was governor. He is a vanilla ice version of Barrack Obama. There is no difference between the two. The only choice they want to give the people is as an example of, do you want to be screwed up the rectum with Vaseline or KY-jelly. The American people are starting to see through to facade of the phony left right game that has been played for decades.

Now we must respond to these tricks and tactics. When the media says vote Mitt Romney, push for Ron Paul as the nominee, not the sell out politician who is no different then Obama. If the media parades John Boehner or another political hack as the savior to be the real opposition to Obama. Push for Rep. Walter Jones. If they say Mitch McConnell as Majority or minority leader. Push for Rand Paul in the Senate to take that position. We pressure every freshmen congressional representatives or second term person to defy the RNC choices and put the people we want in these leadership positions and not the one the losers media paraded out on cue. We have to push forward those we can trust like Rep Walter Jones or someone faithful to his oath to take these leadership positions. A person who will chose the chairmenships of the all the various committees instead of corrupt gatekeepers like Rep. Darrel Issa obstructing justice covering for the Obama White House in scandals like operation fast and furious.

We now see the tricks and tactic the political establishment uses. We can start to countermeasure to keep hacks and operatives like Speaker Boehner or Sen. McConnell from retaking the leadership positions in the next Congressional session. I do not want to hear anymore naysayer’s tell me the game is rigged. If we do not get up off our rear ends to put some pressure on our representatives by phone or telling them in person we want these people as the leadership in the legislative branch. We were hoodwinked with Bush, Clinton, Obama, McCain and Romney because the media told us these are the chosen ones. We must not allow the media to make Boehner or any other political hack to be the chosen one to be the speaker of the House or the Majority or Minority leader in the Senate.

I do not care if we have to get nasty with these representatives, we have our choices who we want to be in these post. It is time we stop allowing the establishment to rob us of any more victories with another hack to co-opt the Tea Party movement as John Boehner did. If we do not tell congress and be loud about it. We will get what we deserve. We cannot go back to sleep after the election ever again and allow these corrupt politicians to be the gatekeepers protecting corruption in both parties. It is time to push back and say no to the establishment.

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