Monday, April 16, 2012

Study Not Too Close the Ways of Our Enemies Unless They Become Yours

I am not going to mention who is broadcasting this. I just think it is a waste of time to elaborate about the scientific dictatorships to the point it is boring me. It is almost an insult to my intelligence when it is regurgitated constantly. I am sorry to say that too many people who do overly excessive research into the other side. They actually co-opt the enemy’s mindset and their reality. They never look at reality as a whole anymore. This resonates with the audience. This is why what we are thinking is what is holding us back.

The other side has no trouble moving forward with their plans. If you read the founders documents, we do not read about scientific dictatorships and eugenics to the point it depresses people. The writings of our early patriots just gave enough of a good reason why we need to shoot the enemy. The pastors from the pulpit imparted the principle to the congregation to resist tyranny. There was a reason the founders never wasted too much time trying to jump inside the mind of the wicked. The early colonist only needed to know their Christian duty is to resist tyrants. They did not waste too much time reading into the other side's mindset. All they needed was from the Bible to tell them all they needed to know how and why that had to get rid of the problem.

Yes, I do research, but my life does not revolve around it. My family and kids. My responsibilities to my community have a place too. They say all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy. Let us look on the ground what is happening and what is being told are tow different things. There are many more positive things happening in our favor that will bring us victory.

I visited my local Boy Scout troop meeting because my son was interested if joining the scouts. We are hearing some Broadcasters scream on the air that Boy Scouts are being trained to go after and disarm disgruntled Veterans. That may be partially true. Many scout groups did not drink the DHS Kool Aid. When I ask the Scout Masters about this. Many local Boy scouts throughout Texas have rejected Homeland Security training to go after dissidents. They wanted no part of it.

Until we break, free of the psy-op of the other side's documents and their sick mentality. We are holding ourselves back because people behind the microphone are making mountains out of molehills. This is why do not look to far into the dark abyss. Talking about eugenics, weather weapons and GMO with all the other attacks that are coming at us. It is OK to talk about it to the point of making people aware. It is not good to take the audience down the rabbit hole that make things more then what they are. With that mindset, we forget the beauty of the forest because of a few ugly trees. All they are is a symptom of corruption. To me talking about the symptoms will not get our country back. Going to the source is where we should be looking at.

 Many of patriot researchers have to break another type of conditioning. I know they talk about the psychological conditioning society is under. There is the under condition the patriots have to break free of is co-opting the delusional reality thinking they are all powerful and all knowing; being deceived into believing they will get there way and they are unstoppable and invincible. They have to break that conditioning they been under also. This is why it is not good to study to close the ways of the other side because eventually the people will believe the delusional thinking of the despotic robber barons. You see I refuse to cal them the elite anymore because every time I call them that. I am giving them power and legitimacy they do not deserve.

 We are getting to point we cannot waste any more airtime talking about eugenics all the time. It is only a symptoms and not the problem. To take people down that rabbit hole is not the right thing to do. It is better to go out and defeat them instead of wasting time in the wheezer mode because we make these globalist out bigger then what they really are. I am not into scaring people.

If we learn not to study to close the ways of our enemies and focus on defeating the New World Order, is just taking care what is front of us taking back our local and state governments? If we do what is right in front of us. We will find out it is not futile to resist. Wasting time just talking about the symptoms is what is holding us back. It is time we stop being our own worse enemies defeating ourselves before the globalist do.


  1. "Study Not Too Close the Ways of Our Enemies Unless They Become Yours"

    George, George, George. What are you saying here?

    I think you mean to say "Study not too close....lest (or else) they become yours".

    or, "Study not too closely the ways of your enemy lest they become your own."

    But since this version incorporates the word "lest" you should probably shift "your enemy" into "thy enemy" to keep the whole quote in the biblical style.

    After the revolution you better be signed up for my adult literacy classes.

    1. (but until then, please keep up the good work)

  2. best post i have read from you yet.
    damn inspiring.